Tired of Avast thinking your games are the enemy? You can take control and prevent those frustrating blocks. By tweaking a few settings and making some exceptions, you can reclaim your gaming experience.

But what if the issue persists despite your efforts? Stay tuned to discover some advanced techniques that might just be the key to uninterrupted gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Customize Avast settings for optimal game performance.
  • Add games to exceptions list to prevent blocking.
  • Adjust firewall settings to allow specific games.
  • Exclude games from Avast scans to avoid interruptions.

Identify Avast Game-Blocking Settings

To understand and address Avast’s game-blocking settings effectively, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific configurations that may impact game performance.

Game compatibility is a key factor when it comes to Avast potentially blocking games. Certain games may not work well with Avast’s security features, such as Behavior Shield and Game Mode.

Behavior monitoring is another critical aspect to consider. Avast actively monitors game behavior for any suspicious activities that could trigger blocking.

It’s important to toggle Avast’s gaming mode on or off depending on your gaming needs to prevent any interference with gameplay.

Add Games to Avast Exceptions List

Adding games to the Avast exceptions list allows them to run smoothly without being blocked by the antivirus software. By specifying the file path of the game directory in Avast settings, you can ensure game compatibility and minimize antivirus impact.

Games added to the exceptions list are granted access to system resources without restrictions, preventing interruptions during gameplay. This management of exceptions in Avast is crucial for maintaining a seamless gaming experience on your computer.

Adjust Avast Firewall Settings

If you want to ensure specific games or applications can bypass Avast blocking, the next step is to customize your Avast firewall settings.

To do this, navigate to the Avast settings and find the Firewall section for customization. Within the firewall settings, you can add games to the allowed list, preventing Avast from interfering with them.

By specifying trusted applications or game directories, you can optimize performance and ensure uninterrupted access to your favorite games. Customizing permissions in the firewall settings allows you to tailor Avast’s blocking behavior to suit your gaming needs efficiently.

Take control of your firewall settings to enhance your gaming experience without unnecessary interruptions.

Exclude Games From Avast Scans

Consider adding your games to the allowed apps list in Avast Antivirus settings to exclude them from scans and prevent interference with your gameplay. By specifying the directories of your games as exceptions in Avast’s scanning settings, you can ensure that they aren’t blocked during gameplay.

Customizing Avast’s Blocked & Allowed apps feature allows you to grant games unrestricted access to system resources, leading to game optimization and performance enhancements. If Avast has quarantined any game files, you can restore them and add them to the exceptions list to prevent future blocking.

This tailored approach will help you enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions while ensuring that your games aren’t disrupted by Avast’s scans.

Temporarily Disable Avast Protection

To temporarily disable Avast protection and allow uninterrupted gameplay, access the Protection section in Avast Antivirus and toggle off the Firewall. By turning off the Firewall, you can enhance your gaming performance by preventing Avast from blocking games.

Remember, this action exposes your system to potential security risks, as the protective barrier is temporarily lifted. Setting a specific duration for the firewall to remain disabled ensures that you can enjoy your games without interference for a set period.

It’s crucial to re-enable Avast protection once you’ve finished playing to safeguard your system against any threats that may arise. Balancing gaming needs with security measures is key when temporarily disabling Avast protection.

Troubleshoot Specific Game Blocking Issues

Identify the specific game that Avast is blocking to effectively troubleshoot the issue.

Check Avast’s quarantine or blocked apps list for the game in question. Verify the game’s compatibility with Avast by ensuring it meets system requirements and doesn’t trigger security features.

Add the game’s executable file or folder to Avast’s exceptions or allowed apps list to prevent blocking.

Temporarily disable Avast’s shields or firewall to test if the game runs without interference, indicating a potential conflict.

Restore any blocked game files from Avast’s quarantine and add them to the exceptions to prevent future blocking.

Conduct thorough Avast troubleshooting steps to resolve specific game blocking issues efficiently and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.


In conclusion, by following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively stop Avast from blocking games on your system.

By identifying and adjusting Avast’s game-blocking settings, adding exceptions for your games, adjusting firewall settings, excluding games from scans, and temporarily disabling Avast protection when necessary, you can ensure a smoother gaming experience without interruptions.

Troubleshooting specific game blocking issues will also help in resolving any lingering problems.

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