Tekken 6 Trophy Guide
Written by GhostBabel23

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Platinum Path/ Tekken Fanatic:


Trophy Difficulty: Hard
Offline Trophies: Of course.
Online Trophies: Yes, there are 4.
Time To Platinum: Around 20-40 hours depending on skill level.
Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 2 full playthroughs and at least 2 half playthroughs
Miss-able Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None.

Tekken Fanatic
Collect all trophies.
Collect every single Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophy for Tekken 6 to get the Platinum trophy.

Friend Or Foe?
Reunite with your allies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Part of the main story line. You will get this at the end of the cut scene after you beat the level Container Terminal 7.

Locate The Target
Learn the whereabouts of Heihachi Mishima in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Part of the main story line. You will get this at the end of the cut scene after you beat the level Industrial Highway 357.

It's All Coming Back To Me
Recover your memory in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Part of the main story line. You will get this at the end of the cut scene after you beat the level Mishima Estate.

The Key To Victory
Obtain the boot-up key in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Part of the main story line. You will get this at the end of the cut scene after you beat the level Tekken Force 4th Special Forces Operational Group Compound.

That's No Hero
Defeat the hero in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Part of the main story line. You will get this at the end of the cut scene after you beat the level G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport.

The Destroyer Has Fallen
Defeat the Destroyer of Worlds in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Part of the main story line. You will get this at the end of the cut scene after you beat the level Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower.

Win the Final Battle in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Part of the main story line. You will get this at the end of the cut scene after you beat the level Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor.

Wooden Warrior
Clear the Subterranean Pavillion stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
This is one of the three secret areas in the Scenario Mode. To unlock this stage you must first have beaten Jin the second time and beat the game. After that you are given a choice to play Scenario Mode on Hard difficulty. Set it to Hard, then go play and beat Leo's stage (it will not be easy). After you do this you will unlock this secret stage. Beat it for this trophy.

Note : You do not have to beat the secret levels on Hard to get the trophies, you can switch back to Medium if the going gets rough (and it will).

Eastern Explorer
Clear the Kigan Island stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
This is another one of the three secret levels. After unlocking Hard, play Steve's stage on Hard and as soon as the level begins, break open the crate next to you to reveal a ninja with very high health. Defeat him and he will drop several goods, one being a map. You DO NOT have to beat Steve's stage after you collect this map, just simply die and go back to the world map and you will see the new level unlocked. Yoshimitsu's stage is extremely difficult, mainly Yoshimitsu himself. Defeat him and the trophy is yours.

Note : You do not have to beat the secret levels on Hard to get the trophies, you can switch back to Medium if the going gets rough (and it will).

What A Nightmare
Clear the Nightmare Train stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
This level does not count as one of the three secret levels, this is because as soon as you beat the game and unlock Hard mode, the new stage opens between Lee and Christina's stages. You do not have to play this level on Hard, and I suggest you don't, because this is claimed to be the hardest stage in the game. My only advice is to level Alisa up to her highest AI and equip some of the best items you can get a hold of (preferably health, attack strength, defense/ damage reduction, and restore health items). A useful tip is to save the gatling gun for when the boss appears. Use it two or three times and you'll have it made. When you defeat the boss, Devil Jin, you will get this trophy. Now that wasn't so hard was it?

Note : You do not have to beat the secret levels on Hard to get the trophies, you can switch back to Medium if the going gets rough (and it will).

Give Your Fists A Rest
Defeat an enemy using a weapon in Scenario Campaign Mode.
The best times to do this are either in the first stage after the tutorial where you face Bryan Fury (there is a minigun in both back corners), or on the second stage (there is a minigun in the second breakable box, you can't miss it). Simply press to aim and mow down a line of enemies and the trophy is yours.

Night At The Movies
Unlock a movie in Scenario Campaign Mode.
You do this by beating all five opponents in the arena with a character you've unlocked (which would be one of your choice and Bryan Fury by the time you unlock the Arena, since beating a boss in a stage unlocks them). You will have to face both Jin and Azazel. After you beat Azazel, watch the end movie all the way through and the trophy is yours. Good luck.

If you have any problems with Azazel (which only very skilled and patient players will not), refer to the spoiler in the Arcade Addict trophy description.

Item Connoisseur
Obtain an S rank item in Scenario Campaign Mode.
S Rank Items are very rare to come by. You will get this trophy upon picking one up in an item chest. Equip yourself and your partner with an item that will increase your chances of having items drop to make this easier. The best levels to play and get these items are any of the secret levels on hard mode. Just play until you find one and it will come to you eventually. I got mine from Yoshimitsu when I defeated him.

Treasure Amateur
Collect 50 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode.
These are a simple, but very time consuming set of trophies. You will most likely get the first two by playing through the story line, and Treasure Master while hunting for your S rank item in the harder levels of the game on Hard mode.

Treasure Enthusiast
Collect 100 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode.
See Treasure Amateur.

Treasure Master
Collect 200 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode.
See Treasure Amateur.

Enemy Hunting Amateur
Defeat 300 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
These is a simple, but very time consuming set of trophies. You will most likely get the first two by playing through the story line, and Enemy Hunting Master while hunting for gold, items, and combo chain scores.

Enemy Hunting Enthusiast
Defeat 1000 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
See Enemy Hunting Amateur.

Enemy Hunting Master
Defeat 2000 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
See Enemy Hunting Amateur.

Playing With Fire
Defeat 100 enemies with the Flamethrower in Scenario Campaign Mode.
This is a pretty straightforward trophy, albeit a little time consuming. The best place to rake up enemy defeats with a flamethrower is on the level where you face Raven. There will be many, many flamethrowers dropped by the giant robot enemies each time you defeat one. Play through the level at the most three times and you should get this trophy as long as you use nothing but the flamethrower.

Heavy Artillery
Defeat 100 enemies with the Gatling Gun in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Also referred by me as the minigun, this weapon you will find laying around throughout the entire game. It is a very narrow shot, but is effective in killing enemies. The best levels to use this are on Bruce's stage (where it appears randomly, but for some reason more often then the other weapons), Nina's stage, and Eddy Gordo's stage. It is also a life saver on Nightmare Train. You'll know you have killed 100 when you hear that precious ding!

Ready For Action
Pick up 300 health recovery items in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Enemies and crates drop health items often, so this trophy should be no problem. Health items include eggs, chicks, and chickens. Over the course of the game you'll need to heal a lot, so you'll get this without even trying.

Brute Force
Defeat 100 enemies with the Lead Pipe in Scenario Campaign Mode.
The lead pipe is the most common weapon to be dropped. You will get this trophy without even trying if you use them every time you see them. I got this trophy around Lee's stage, which is about 3/4 through the main campaign, and I didn't use the lead pipes as often as I could have.

Thirsty Fighter
Pick up 50 drink items in Scenario Campaign Mode.
The yellow, red, and green bottles that are sometimes dropped by enemies and out of crates are the drink items this trophy refers to. They generally power up your punches with an elemental attack or boosted strength. The best place to get a bunch of these items in a single round is Roger Jr.'s secret stage (see Scenario Expert for how to unlock this stage), since every other Roger enemy drops a yellow drink throughout the whole level.

Crate Breaker
Destroy 100 wooden crates in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Crates contain items, money, health, point multipliers, special flags, and (rarely) little aliens. You'll see them scattered throughout just a bout every level. You'll want to break them anyways, so this trophy should come before you know it.

Alien Hunter
Defeat 10 aliens in Scenario Campaign Mode.
The aliens usually only appear after a certain condition happens in game. When you see them they hop away from you and disappear after a short while. They drop loads of money and sometimes rare treasure. The best place to get a bunch of aliens together at once is in the Research Building right after you beat Lee's stage, seeing as how three aliens pop out in the middle of a narrow hall unconditionally every time.

Scenario Expert
Clear all of the stages in Scenario Campaign Mode.
This is a very straight forward albeit one of the hardest trophies in the game. You must bet every stage in the main game, unlocking everyone in the arena, as well as the secret stages described in Made Of Wood, Eastern Explorer, and What A Nightmare. There is one more stage still hidden, but thankfully you can unlock and beat this hidden stage on your first play through. When you reach Christie's level (called Seahorse Gran Hotel), keep to your right the entire time, only making left turns if you have no option to go right. When you get to the end of the stage you will face a Roger Jr. mini boss. Defeat it and you will face Christie as you have had you gone left like the in game camera wanted you to. Beat the level and you will unlock Roger Jr.'s level. It is easily the least challenging of the secret levels.

King Of The Hill
Knock 10 enemies in the water in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Most of the earlier stages take place with a river running down the left side of the screen, blocked off only by an invisible wall. Any time you get an enemy near the edge, you must hit them upwards so that their feet are no longer touching the ground and then hit them into the water without falling in yourself. Do this ten times over the course of the game and the trophy is yours. Best place for this is Jack 6's level.

A Friend In Need
Rescue your downed partner 3 times in Scenario Campaign Mode (single player).
Considering how often your AI partner will be dying in the later stages and secret stages, this will be an extremely easy trophy to pick up. When your partner is defeated, run over to her (or him if it's Raven) and hold . They will get back up for one more go with only a small amount of their health back. You can only revive your partner once per stage.

Combo Amateur
Perform a 10 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode.
You gain a point in the combo chain (displayed under your character's health) every time you kill an enemy within a given time limit, the combo counter will grow. Later levels yield more and more enemies to fight, making it possible to build your counter all the way up to 50. I'm certain the amount of time you're given between each kill before the counter resets, but I do know that crates and aliens count toward your chain combo points. Just build up the counter and the trophy will come. I got both this trophy and the Combo Enthusiast trophy on the third level before I fought Jack-6.

Combo Enthusiast
Perform a 30 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode.
See Combo Amateur.

Combo Master
Perform a 50 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode.
See Combo Amateur.

Upgraded Assistant
Upgrade Alisa to the highest possible level.
Alisa levels up when she completes a level on Scenario Mode that she has yet to complete. You must get her to level 10 in order to get this trophy. This requires you to play and beat every stage in the game including the secret stages. Refer to Scenario Expert on the secret stages.

What's So Special About It?
Obtain in Special Flag in Scenario Campaign Mode.
The special flag is a very rare item that only appears on certain stages. The first place you encounter the flag is on Fujian Tulou (where you face Wang). It appears during the boss fight after you hit the gong in the back on the floor near the center of the area. You can also get a flag from defeating the alien on the next level before you face Xiaoyu. If you want one for free, there is one not to far into the level just laying on the ground in North Nature Park (where you fight Kuma). There several other locations and since you can replay any level you want, I found that these three levels are the easiest to make the flag appear. You can also force spawn the flag on certain levels to appear as a reward for defeating a certain number of enemies.

No Key For Me
Clear the Millennium Tower stage without the boot-up key in Scenario Campaign Mode.
When you reach the Millenium Tower (Anna's stage), you are given a choice to play with or without the NANCY-MI847J. Beat the stage without the massive robot (which is easier then the secret levels as long as you keep your partner alive and are equipped with high level items) and the gold trophy is yours.

Learning Is Fun
Clear the tutorial stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
After a very long session of tedious cut scenes, you'll get this trophy upon completing the first area you play in with Alisa at your side. A very easy trophy to obtain, you can't miss it if you play Scenario Mode.

Moving On Up
Win a Ranked Match in Online Mode.
A fairly easy trophy, considering it is not demanding more then a single win against someone online. My suggestion would be to play the game for at least an hour to get a feel for it before you aim at online competition, because it can get pretty rough. However, if you're impatient like me, just go to the ranked matches and hope your opponent is on your skill level or lower, because players (especially people playing as Law, Yoshimitsu, that @%#^ Steve, and Hwoarang) will have no problem dishing out some brutal cheap shots and juggle combos on you. Learn to guard or be prepared to get beaten repeatedly the second you fall to the ground.

No Pressure
Win a Player Match in Online Mode.
This is basically the same thing as the Moving On Up trophy, but you are given the chance to play with a friend who will let you win. If you go that route, the voila, easy trophy. If you go my route, see the description in the Moving On Up trophy above.

Fighting Amateur
Play 3 matches in Online Mode.
The beauty of this trophy is that you do not have to win a single match to obtain it. Just simply play three rounds, going all out to prove something to yourself and to others, or simply take a beating like a drunk disorderly until you've complete a total of three rounds. Another easy online trophy.

Fighting Enthusiast
Play 10 matches in Online Mode.
See Fighting Amateur.

Fighting Master
Play 30 matches in Online Mode.
See Fighting Amateur.

Arcade Addict
Clear the Arcade Battle in Offline Mode.
While this may sound easy, you have no idea how big of a ass the final boss Azazel is (unless you fought him, then you know exactly how much). Here are a few pointers with the final boss to help hamper some of that frustration:

1. Do NOT charge attack him unless he has jumped in the air and is dropping back to the ground (usually after getting hit once by a heavy attack). Even then your success rate is small and he will obliterate you if you fail.
2. Do NOT attempt to chain combos, for his size allows him to take little recoil from your attacks and will counter after only a few hits.
3. If you see him preparing to fire a laser at you, you have two options, A) take the hit and suffer a lot of damage, or B) charge and single strike in the matter of a second in which he leaves himself open to attack. There is a small success rate of ducking the laser, but it is not reliable.
4. If you fail to block his tail swipes (which is highly possible), he'll stomp on you while you're down and take out about half of your health.
5. Never attack after he spins into you, you will always fail.
6. Just because he appears open doesn't mean you're free to strike. Keep to single, fast moves with good reach and wait until he begins executing an attack to strike, otherwise his guard will be up.
7. try to keep your distance when he glows dark red, he will grab you and deal about 50% damage to your life bar with this cheap, unavoidable attack.
8. Block, block, block, and block some more. keep your guard up and walk away from him. If you're fighting on a timed match, do this and take a shot at him whenever he leaves himself open (which is not often) and then keep your guard up until the timer does him in. If you're fighting him with infinite time like I did, then follow the same process and be patient and conservative with your attacks.

What I did was play as Asuka, because her speedy attacks pack a descent punch to where he actually finches a lot. If he jumps in the air, take the running kick shot, because he tends to fall on your attack before his stomp attack actually delivers damage. Otherwise keep up your guard and let him come to you.

Team Toppler
Defeat 3 teams in Team Battle in Offline Mode.
This is pretty simple. Just set up a team match against a friend or the CPU and win three different times. I'm fairly certain they must be three different teams of enemies you defeat, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Survival Of The Fittest
Earn 10 consecutive wins in Survival in Offline Mode.
A fairly easy trophy for those who have played the game for awhile, though a real pain for novice players. Practice with a character you really like and take on the Survival mode. Beat 10 enemies without dying and the trophy is yours. All I can say is make sure you know the ins and outs of your character, such as counter moves, guard, sidestepping, and combos in order to make this a piece of cake.

Practice Makes Perfect
Inflict a total of 1000 damage in Practice Mode.
This is a short and sweet trophy, since 1000 damage is about the amount of five different opponents. Simply wail on a dummy for about five minutes and you should get this trophy.

Gallery Completionist
Complete the gallery.
Unlocking the movie galleries require you to have completed everything in Scenario Mode, including all the secret stages, as well as the prologue and ending to each character (minus Lars and Alisa) in the Arena. I have noticed that after playing extensively, I would unlock several character ending movies without having to play as them in the arena. If and when this happens, your time can be cut in half by simply starting a round in the arena and viewing your character's prologue. Once you view the prologue you can exit back to the world map. Simply unlock everything on in the movie list and this tedious trophy is yours.

Note: Kuma and Panda are considered two separate characters, since each have their own prologues and their own endings.

Ghost Vanquisher
Defeat 30 Ghosts.
A ghost is a CPU character that takes on the physical alterations and estimated difficulty (based on wins and loses) of someone who's profile is registered online. If you've been online at least once you will have automatically downloaded a load of ghosts. You fight ghosts in Arcade Mode, but the best place to fight them is Ghost Battle Mode in the Offline Mode section. They are stack able wins, so you do not have to fight thirty ghosts in a row to get this trophy. I obtained this trophy after only about three hours of straight arcade, survival, and Ghost Battle play time.

Love That Money
Collect more than 5,000,000 G.
You will get this about half way into the story mode, since you get around 300,000 G just for completing a level, not counting replaying the levels if you fail or want to go an alternative route. You can also earn gold by playing Arcade mode, Online, selling items you don't want, and the like. You do not have to have 5,000,000 G on hand to get this trophy, just your total amount through out the game, whether you spend it or not.

Machine Crusher
Defeat NANCY-MI847J.
To do this, you must defeat the NANCY-MI847J in Arcade mode. It appears right before you face Jin as a bonus boss battle, being that if you lose you can still continue on to battle Jin. This leads a lot of people to be unable to get any good practice against the massive robot because if you lose you must battle through Arcade all over again. Take the following tactics into consideration:

1. Side step constantly. Each second spent directly in front of the robot is another step closer to death.
2. Take advantage of each open shot to deliver some fast, heavy blows. Do NOT try and string combos because the robot rarely flinches from your attacks. It can not block, so every attack will always amount to some damage.
3. Duck the gatling gun attack just as you would Azazel or Devil Jin's laser. If you get hit by it, use the opportunity to roll on the ground to a safer location.
4. Keep up your guard when you stand close to it, for you can block it's fists and stomp attacks.
5. Side step when it fires the missiles into the air to drop on you until the they stop (usually after about 10 missiles).
6. When it creates a hole in the ground, side step away and what ever you do, do NOT fall through the hole, for it is instant death.

Be patient and do not break your TV. Remember, NANCY-MI847J is beatable, just insanely difficult. One thing I find useful is to keep your distance and blast the robot with Devil Jin's laser. There are so many strategies I really can't post them all here. Just find what suits you best and it'll come to you.

It is wise to have a second controller plugged up, so when you're about to loose, simply press to start a Vs. Player match. Knock out the player and you'll be given another shot against NANCY-MI847J.

Note: Another method I found (that I was actually successful with) was to spam + as Jack-6 constantly while dodging attacks.

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