Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Trophy Guide
Written by Simmy_82

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Trophy Difficulty: Easy
Offline Trophies: 16
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1 or 2 (your choice)
Number of miss-able trophies: 5 (Secret of Agrabah, Game Master, Sand Collector, Master Of Time and Sands Of Time)
Known glitched trophies: 0

Prince of Persia
Obtain all other trophies
Simply get all other Trophies for this game. Same as any other Platinum.

Sand Bearer
Obtain the Dagger of Time
This is a story related. So you’d need to be pretty rubbish to miss this one.

You pretty much get this after you have learnt the basics and scaled to the top of a very large room. The dagger is on top of a very large statue. Walk up to it and you’ll pick it up and earn the trophy.

Secret of Agrabah
Find and drink from all hidden fountains
There are 10 of these fountains hidden throughout the game. The fountains, when drank from increase you health slightly. You can find them in the list below:
  1. After the save point "Had I really seen her?" 7%
  2. After the save point "A booby-trapped courtyard" 14%
  3. After the save point "Climbing the tower" 21%
  4. After the save point "A bove the baths" 33%
  5. After the save point "I'll meet you at the baths" 52%
  6. After the save point "Un underground reservoir" 60%
  7. After the save point "The hall of learning" 69%
  8. After the save point "A prisoner seeking an escape" 79%
  9. After the save point "At last we're here" 81%
  10. After the save point "Farah, come back!" 90%

Thanks goes to TheXxgoddessxX for providing the video guide. You can find their channel .

Hidden Trophy

Hidden Trophy

Sands of Time
Play the game for over 10 hours
For this you simply need to be playing the game for 10hrs. This is easy enough. They need to be “active” hours (by this I mean in gameplay when you enter the pause menu the counter stops). One playthrough can take from 5 to 10hrs (depending on if you have played it before on PS2 or not). Either way you’ll probably get it easy enough.

Hidden Trophy

Hidden Trophy

Hidden Trophy

Hidden Trophy

Prince of Sand
Finish the game
I think this trophy is pretty obvious. Simply complete the main story of the game and this trophy is yours .

Sand Apprentice
Kill 150 enemies
For this you simply need to kill 150 enemies. This is easily done in one playthrough as long as you kill every enemy you come across.

Master of Time
Rewind time 200 times
For this trophy you need to rewind as many times as possible. But to avoid two playthroughs there is an easier method.
  1. Play the game as if you are trying to get the trophy Game Master.
  2. Once you are around 50% through the game make a New Save
  3. Continue the game as if you are still trying to get Game Master.
  4. Once you have completed the game and haveGame Master, reload the save you made earlier and then spam the hell out of the rewind ability.
This method should allow you to get the two trophies in one and a half playthroughs

Sand Warrior
Kill 300 enemies
Similar to Sand Apprentice you’ll get this for killing 300 enemies. If you kill everything that you see including sand creatures (bats, rats etc) then you’ll probs get this around 50-60% through the game.

Game Master
Complete the game rewinding the time less than 20 times
For this trophy you basically need to get through the game using rewind a minimum of 20 times (this is similar to the Prince of Persia DLC trophy ‘I Only Need a Hand or Twenty’). Its best to keep a track of how many you have used with a tally chart. All you need to do is when you die or fall to you death, don’t use the Sands of Time, and you’ll restart at the previous check point. Just do this through the game and you should get the trophy. It can be annoying restarting at checkpoints, but you do have 19 rewinds to use if you cant be bothered to go back lol.

Sand Collector
Collect all 48 Sand Clouds
For this you need to collect all the Sand Clouds in the game. The are basically glowing fountains of sand scattered around the game. You can see the locations in the video’s below.

Note: If you die before getting to a checkpoint after you have collected a Sand Cloud you will need collect it again as it is not saved once you get it!

Thanks goes to rayserx98 for providing the video guide. You can find their channel .

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