Just Cause 2 Trophy Guide
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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


Trophy Difficulty: Moderate
Offline Trophies: 51
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 2 - Play on the hardcore difficulty to avoid missing Top Agent and Heroic Agent
Known glitched trophies: Invincible Warrior

Before you start: Play the game on Hardcore from the very beginning. The game really isn't hard, and it will save you having to replay the story again after you complete it.

Winner Takes All
Earn all the trophies.
Same as always, get all the other trophies in the game. It isn't too difficult but might take some time to get them. Enjoy it though, the game is a lot of fun.

Welcome to Panau
Complete story mission 1 on any difficulty.
This is the first mission, and is more a tutorial than a mission.


Casino Bust
Complete story mission 2 on any difficulty.
This mission is available straight after the next.


The White Tiger
Complete story mission 3 on any difficulty.
From here on in, the next story mission isn't garaunteed. Basically, to unlock missions you need to create chaos. Chaos is done by pretty much anything. The best way to cause it is set out to do races, or stronghold takeovers or faction missions. These will cause chaos as you blow things up or complete them. Once you have enough, the next main story mission will appear.


Mountain Rescue
Complete story mission 4 on any difficulty.
As before, you may need to cause some Chaos before unlocking this mission.


Three Kings
Complete story mission 5 on any difficulty.
As before, you may need to cause some Chaos before unlocking this mission.


Into the Den
Complete story mission 6 on any difficulty.
As before, you may need to cause some Chaos before unlocking this mission.


A Just Cause
Complete story mission 7 on any difficulty.
This mission starts straight after the last one, so you don't need to build up any more chaos.


Once complete, you enter Mercenary Mode which you can continue every other aspect of the game, and clean up any trophies you still need.

Top Agent
Bonus for completing the game on Normal difficulty.
Very easy to do, shouldn't cause any problems. I'd recommend going to hardcore from the start, as this trophy and "Heroic Agent" will unlock anyway.

Heroic Agent
Bonus for completing the game on Experienced difficulty.
Easy enough to do, shouldn't cause any problems. I'd recommend going to hardcore from the start, as this trophy and "Top Agent" will unlock anyway.

Legendary Agent
Bonus for completing the game on Hardcore difficulty.
I recomend playing on hardcore from the start. The game isn't the most challenging so it would save you completing the game more than once.

Use the slingshot when in trouble - (thats when you grapple and parachute for maximum speed). This can get you out of sticky situations.

Upgrade the Assault rifle
- You will find upgrade resources dotted around everywhere. Spend them all on the assault rifle as it is easily the best weapon.

Upgrade the Rowlinson K22
- It may not be the best vehicle, but when fully upgraded this thing owns everything. Very handy for flying over bases and picking off people.

Dont be scared to spend cash. - This game throws money at you for everything, so although to begin with you may feel loathed to splash the cash, don't worry too much about it. You will find more money.

Gaining a Foothold
Complete 3 stronghold takeovers.
When you cause enough chaos, you unlock things called Stronghold Takeovers. You will unlock three at a time (one for each faction). Complete these. They are similar to just overtaking a settlement but have some added enemies and objectives. Once you complete the first three you get the trophy.

Conqueror of Panau
Complete 9 stronghold takeovers.
Similar to "Gaining a Foothold" however, you need to complete all 9. Once you complete three, go to the map to find out how much chaos you need to cause to unlock the next batch. Complete them and repeat to get all 9, 3 for each faction, and you get this fairly easy silver trophy.

A Trusted Ally
Complete 49 faction missions.
These will take a long time, but make up the majority of the game outside the story. There are 49 in total, so you have to complete them all. The missions vary from maybe stealing a car, blowing up a base, to a plain and simple(ish) assassination. You might find some are more difficult than others so always try and be well stocked with weapons.

Enjoy them, there are some realy fun missions in amongst them.

First Taste of Chaos
Cause chaos for the first time.
Probably the first trophy you will get. Chaos is awarded for nearly everything, so this will come on the first mission. If you see something bright red, shoot it, as this will cause a major explosion, therefore causing a lot of chaos.

Complete 150 sabotages.
No point worrying about this trophy, it will come without you even trying. A sabotage is basically when you destroy anything thats government owned. This is basically all the fuel tanks, or radio masts. Basically anything with a white star on it is government owned.

Complete 1000 sabotages.
Same as above, this will come to you without trying. if you are eager for it, take over the military bases and radio mast settlements, to raise the number quicker.

Professional Hitman
Assassinate 25 colonels
These guys are well protected but are usually in an open area, not a settlement. When you are walking/driving/flying around, you will notice there is markers on the screen with a funny triangle type symbol in the middle. These guys are the Colonels. Kill them as soon as you see them. You shouldn't struggle too much but having a full arsenal of weapons or even an armoured vehicle, and take them out.

Here is the co-ordinates for the colonels.

Up to the Challenge 1
Complete 10 challenges.
Challenges are races. They can be in planes, by car, boat or parachuting. Most of them aren't too hard, but you might find the odd one that really is a challenge. There are 75 to choose from though, so don't worry if you can't complete one. You can miss it out. The parachute ones are the easiest since they are short. They are found mostly in the big cities.

Complete 10 for the trophy.

Up to the Challenge 2
Complete 50 challenges.
As with the last trophy, these are just races. To unlock more you need to complete strongholds to "discover" newer areas.
Complete 50 for the trophy.

Leaving No Rock Unturned
Acquire 1000 resource items.
These are packages lying around anywhere on the map. They give you one of four things, armour, weapon parts, vehicle parts or cash. When you are walking about, you will get a signal on your HUD on the top left hand corner of the screen. When you get closer to the resource items, the signal gets stronger. When it starts flashing, you are very close, and there now should be a marker on your screen.
There are 2700 in total over the area, so getting 1000 isn't too difficult.

Finders Keepers
Acquire 100 resource items.
This is the same as Leaving No Rock Unturned, but you will get it very quickly.

Remember, there is 2700 resources so you have plenty to get the trophy.

Faction Benefactor
Collect 150 faction items.
Every faction has 100 collectibles called faction items. So you need to get at least half of them for the trophy. They are marked on the map as blue items, and look different for each faction.
  • Roaches drugs - No real set pattern.
  • Ular Boys skulls - Usually very high up in mountains.
  • Reapers boxes- always underwater.

Remember, there are 300 in total, you only need 150.

NOTE - you get no special reward for collecting all of the boxes.

Discover 100 locations.
There are 368 locations in total so more than enough to get this trophy. The best thing to do is play the game normally doing other stuff as you will discover a lot of locations that way. Then to mop up, or if you want the trophy quickly, the easiest way is fly a plane fairly low over locations to discover them. That way you can discover all 100 in a matter of minutes.

Freeroamer 1
Reach 100% complete in 15 locations.
What you need for completing an area is described below, but getting 15 locations really won't take long.

Freeroamer 2
Reach 100% complete in 100 locations.
This will take some time. Obviously, for getting the trophy quicker, stick to smaller places, but since the bigger settlements get your % up quicker, it's really up to you.

To complete a location you need to do a few things.

Blow up everything you can - gas tanks, water coolers, electric transformers (easily missed). Anything you can blow up!

Find all resources - use the signal strengh indicator on your HUD.
Avoid the big cities - you can try them if you want, but its not easy completing the 4 big cities. (the ones with the skyscrapers!).

Sometimes one of the things you need might be right on the outskirts (almost to the point of not looking like it's in the area), so keep looking. Getting 100 locations will take a while but isn't really hard/.

Body Count
Kill 750 enemies.
You do not need to actively seek this. By the time you finish the main story you will most likely have it. just keep killing, and take over settlements like army bases. You can see how many you have in the stast menu.

Unarmed and Dangerous
Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks.
just get the final killing blow with the button. Softening them up is a good idea, before hand.

Gravity is a Bitch!
Kill 30 enemies by using the grappling hook and making them fall to their death.
The easiest people to do this too is the guys in the gaurd towers. Grapple them and they should fall over the edge and die. It's a fairly easy trophy to get, just keep grappling people that are higher than you.

Follow Me!
Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.
Quite a funny trophy. When you are close to a vehicle and enemy, grapple them with but hold onto the button. Don't let go of it and now aim for the back of a car. Once attached jump into the vehicle asap before they break away and drive. You don't have to hit him off anything, he will die eventually.

Hang 'em High!
Kill 30 enemies while they're suspended in the air with the grappling hook.
Aim at an enemy and grapple him with but hold the button down, now aim for an area above the grappled enemy and let go. Now shoot the guy to his death. Rinse and repeat 29 more times.

Wrecking Ball
Kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to your vehicle with the grappling hook.
Probably the most annoying trophy in the game. Get a helicopter that is capable of lifting a car. Now attach a car to it and start flying the helicopter. You need to find a group of enemies that you can kill. Lower the helicopter so the car is just touching the ground and start flying over the group, trying to pick up a kill. It will be a case of trial and error, but you can get it. Try groups around the colonels for an easy kill.

Piñata Party
Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they're suspended with the grappling hook.
Same as Hang 'em High! but this time you need to use to kill him. Thnakfully you only need to do this 5 times.

Kill 30 enemies while they're falling through the air.
When you see an enemy above you grapple him to pull him over the edge, and start firing at him to kill him. You can also get it by just grappling guys on the ground next to you as they slightly raise off the ground, but it isn't as easy.

Road Rage
Kill 30 enemies by mowing them down with vehicles.
Very easy. When in an army base, jump into one of the army vehicles and run over all the enemies. You should get it in no time.

Kill 50 enemies with headshots.
if you don't get this while going for the 750 kills, then you have some very bad shooting skills. Everytime you kill someone you should be always aiming for the head, it's the quickest way to kill them.

Killing Frenzy
Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds.
There iis a good chance you will get this without trying. On the challenges and stronghold takeovers you will have great chances to get it. just make sure you are well stocked on ammo.

Invincible Warrior
Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.
Can be a difficult trophy to get. But not awful. When you get shot, you lose health, but after a few seconds your health will increase slightly. So if it increases back to full, that does not count as getting hurt. So if you get shot, don't give up.

Take your time, use a sniper from afar. If the heat gets too much, get out and try and calm it down. Also, while going for it, under your HUD it will come up with updates on how you are doing. If it says Perfect kills, that means you are doing it right. Get 50 for the trophy.

Destruction Frenzy
Destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.
not as hard as it sounds. Have an armed helicopter, go to a base and jsut keep shooting at everything. The trophy will pop up probably. There will be a running total under your HUD every 5 objects so it's easy to see how you are doing. Trees, crates, cars. Anything that looks to explode or break counts.

Test Driver
Drive 30 different vehicles.
You will get this just by playing the game naturally. Just always jump into a car you don't recognise.

Trying Anything Once
Drive all 104 vehicles.
This could have been almost impossible, but thankfully it isn't. Basically there are 104 vehicles in the original game, but you can download for free more vehicles from the store. And as they count, it helps you get that magical total.

For a list of vehicles and locations I recommend this site.

Road Trip
Travel 75 kilometers by land vehicle.
This might take longer than you expect for a couple of reasons. Flying is ten times faster and doesn't count. Parachuting is just too much fun. But don't worry, it will come. When looking for all the vehicles you will do plenty of driving to get your mileage up.

Please Step Out of the Vehicle
Hijack 50 enemy vehicles.
Any enemy vehicle counts except motorbikes. They do not count towards the trophy. To hijack a car or boat, grapple to the vehicle and take out the passengers with your gun. Once they are cleared a mini QTE will appear so press in the code and you should hijack the vehicle.

For a boat, you need to grapple the passenger off the boat then grapple to the boat to start the hijack sequence.

Do this 50 times for the trophy.

Stunt Driver
Get 100 stunt driver points.
very easy trophy since you don't need to get them all at one go. To get stunt points you can do one of two things.

Drive fast - Don't crash and just drive fast and you will rack up the points. Easily the fastest way to get this trophy/

Do jumps - there are ramps dotted about, if you hit one and don't blow the car up you should get this.

The trophy is easily boosted by driving fast but it will come naturally through just playing.

Halfway There
Reach 50% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.
This is basically the same as "Perfectionist" but you should get it not too long after completing the main story aspect. Just keep going for the other trophies and this should be yours eventually.

Parachute Climber
Open the parachute and then land on foot 300 meters above the starting height.
Can be a bit of a pain to do. You need to be accustomed to the grapple and parachute. No find a mountain with a a climb that isn't extremely steep, but does gradually go up. You now need to approach it from an angle, and start climbing it. Be patient, if you run out of area don't give up. Swing out and approach from a different way. You might lose some height, but will still have gained some.

I Believe I Can Fly
Base jump 1000 meters.
[I]Go to the blimps in the sky at X: 29584 Y: 11435. Its a night club really high in the air so you need a plane to get there. Now jump out and land ontop of one of the blimps, not the decking. Jump off (make sure you don't just fall off) and soar down. Next to the HUD it will tell you how far you have fallen every 50 meters. Once you see 1000m pull the parachute. If you don't, you won't get the trophy. /I]

Bridge Limbo
Pass under 30 unique bridges in Panau.
The only hard thing about this trophy is trying to remember what bridges you have gone under. It needs to be done in a plane, so get one you can fly well. There are plenty of bridges dotted around, so just keep going under them when you see one. Choose a river and follow it along going under any bridges you can.

Stunt Flyer
Fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds.
This works over water, which is the easiest place to do it, since the ground level doesn't change. Just get a plane, fly low and avoid boats. It has to be done all at once. You will be told under your HUD every 5 seconds how long you have managed.

Reach 75% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.
Your percent goes up for nearly everything. And this will take some time. Basically all the races, missions, collectibles all count towards your percent but they account for a very small part. Play through the game going for the other trophies and don't worry about this.

Once you complete the game you enter Mercenary Mode which will tell you in the bottom right hand corner your percent, so it is easier to keep an eye on it.

If you have completed all other trophies, the quickest way to up the % quickly is completing areas 100%. the Oil rigs are the easiest since they are all exact copies of each other so once you learn where everthing is on one, you will know them all.

Avoid the big cities as trying to get 100% in them is really difficult.

Enjoy, this will probably be the last trophy you need for

Top of the World
Stand on foot at the highest point of Panau.
This is achieved by standing at the top of the mountain at coordinates: X: 20541 m Y: 11836 m by foot. Best and easiest way is just jumping in a plane and flying there and jumping out. Stand for a few seconds at the peak and the trophy will unlock.


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