Sims 3 Trophy Guide
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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


Trophy Difficulty: Easy
Offline Trophies: 51
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 0
Known glitched trophies: Click the spoiler.

Master of Simology
Unlock all other Trophies
You must know how to get a by now . It isn't hard, but will take a very long time and can be quite monotonous near the end.

Baby Steps
Create a household
First trophy you will get. Just start the game and make a sim, then choose a house to live in and the trophy is yours.

Complete the in-game tutorial
When you first start a new game, there is an in game tutorial. Just follow this through until the end (it comes in handy) and the trophy will appear after about 20 minutes.

How You Doin'?
Learn the Charisma Skill
There are several ways of learning Charisma.
- Talking in mirror
- Talking to other people (positive responses help)
- Read a Charisma book

There are a few others but these are the easiest and quickest. It will no doubt come through the course of your first game.

Wishful Thinker
Complete 10 Wishes
Wishes are options that come up saying what your sim fancies doing like going for a walk, or learning guitar.. You can choose to accept them, but you can only hold 4 at a time. Complete 10 of these to get the trophy. Very easy.

What Goes Around
Use a Karma Power
Karma powers are found in the menu. They are "godly" interactions you can choose to do to you sim. Some are good and some are bad. They use karma powers which you get at the end of each day plus you get 1 karma for every fulfilled wish. Use the karmas regularly as there is a limit of 100 karma points.

Make a best friend
You have to talk to someone quite a lot to get this. Basically choose someone you want to be friends with and start chatting with them. Always be nice, don't be overly friendly eg give hugs, as it’s got a chance of annoying them, and keep inviting them over for chats. Eventually the will become your best friend.

NOTE- if you are struggling and you have a decent level of charisma, maybe choose someone else as some of the AI sims have a bad personality.

Sim About Town
Attend a town event
If you pick up a fresh newspaper and choose the option of Town event, it will let you know what is on in the coming week. You can choose amongst Olympics, Chess, Eating Contest, BBQ, Meet and Greet and Musical Day. If you go to one of these the trophy will appear.

It's a Date
Go on a date
For this to work you need to be in a romantic relationship with someone. Now choose an area in town like the stadium or food places and choose ... here with. Now select the sim you are with and go there. As long as you both go there at the same time the trophy is yours.

You Never Forget Your First
Have a first kiss.
If you keep talking to a best friend (either sex) they will start to find you attractive. When this happens, a new option for kiss comes up. I'd recommend not going straight to it but keep sweet talking the sim for a bit longer, then go in for the kiss.

Woo Hoo!
Make Woo Hoo.
Woo Hoo is sex. If you hadn't guessed that though, I would be worried. After you have kissed someone keep chatting them up. Keep choosing romantic but different options until they love you. Then it will give you the opportunity to make Woo Hoo. Choose that and you will get the trophy.

Climbing the Ladder
Reach level 5 in a career
This isn't too hard but does take some concentration on the job. Always look to improve the skills needed for the specific job. E.g. improve cooking if you are in the culinary career. Read books and take classes where possible. It will all help. Plus always try to go to work in a good mood and get to know your colleagues. Plus ALWAYS do an opportunity if one comes up (you wont miss it when it does).

I found electricians and cooking were the easiest to improve on due to there being an abundance of chances to improve these skills.

That New Car Smell
Buy a car
You need a drive way for this trophy so press and go to Build and Buy. Now go to the vehicle section and build your driveway. Now select what car you would like to buy and you will unlock the trophy.

Not Twice, But 10 Times
Complete 10 Opportunities
Opportunities are random challenges presented to you that have good outcomes. They are either to do with your job or skills. (There is a third, special that you get from wandering about town, so are much rarer). Once you get one there is usually a time limit to complete them so check up on them on your sim menu (press ). Although they might not always be ideal to do, they are always worth it with a cash and skill increase. So get going.

This is so Meta
Experience the Meta
To get this you need to watch 10 hours of TV and play 10 hours of computer games. It doesn't have to be simultaneous so you don't have to worry about it too much. You can get one sim to sit and watch TV while another plays the PC. That way it will come quicker.

I Double Dare Ya
Explore the catacombs after dark
The catacombs are to the North west of the map, and look like a cemetery. I went there about midnight, and let him explore them by constantly choosing the option that doesn't lead to him running (you will know what I mean when you get there).

Just keep looking about (you can’t actually control the sim), and eventually he will come out, and you should have the trophy.

Write a book
If you have a PC then you are ready to go. Choose writing and then choose write a book. Choose whatever genre you fancy and get going. It takes a very long time to write a book, so you might have to come back to it. If you want to write better quality books, choose refine writing, and that way the book should be better quality and you should have more genres to choose from.

Once a book is written, you will be told what royalties you should get. They are a set number of weekly payments, and do come in handy.

Epic Party
Throw an awesome party
Easiest way to ensure a good party takes place, is have a sim have Party Animal as one of their traits. If your sims don't have that, try get in a relationship with a sim that does. Try move in with them, so you can control them. This saves you starting a whole new game.

Now buy the lifetime award of Legendary Host. This is done in your sim profile and going to Lifetime Rewards and buying it for 5000 points. Now buy a good music player, and some entertainment accessories. Make sure you have a games console, and lots of food. Now go to your telephone and choose throw a party. At the end of the party you should have the trophy.

Partners in Crime
Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse
Press and go to the town map. In the top left there is a place called Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse. If you have §15,000 then an option to be a partner appears. Once a partner you can collect money from the business every week.

Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style
Press and go to Build and Buy. Now press and go to Create a Style. Choose a piece of furniture in your house and change something on it (pattern is easiest). Save this and then rinse and repeat 19 times for the trophy.

The Big Proposal
Get engaged
By the time you have made Woo Hoo, the attraction bar will be almost maxed out. Keep going at it and max it out as much as possible, then choose "get engaged". The trophy will appear.

Movin' On Up
Move into a new home
You can pretty much move anytime you like as there is always another house of the same value to yours so this trophy can be achieved anytime you so fancy.

To move go to your phone and select move from the bottom. Now choose who is to move to the new household and then select what house. The amount you can afford is the combined value of your house and your personal wealth. Remember to save stuff you want to keep in the inventory.

Reach level 10 in a Skill
This will take a bit of time and dedication but there isn't actually anything hard about it. The best skill to improve is the one directly linked to your career as there is minimum level needed for each new career ladder. that is what the white box surrounding one of your skill levels is. Remember that the library is very good for learning new skills, and free.

The two easiest skills I found to level up were cooking and handiness. Cooking you do all the time, just invest in a good cooker, and never choose quick meal. The handiness skill is useful as you improve all the plumbing and electrics in the house. Never found a repairman if something breaks, and tinker with stuff.

Once a Parent, Always a Parent
Welcome a child into the family
Strangely enough you can't actually get pregnant from making Woo Hoo. You actually have to choose make a baby. Think hard about this before you do, it is a bit of a challenge to look after the baby.

Working Friends
Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers
To find out who your work colleagues are press and go to the relationship tab. The far right section with the picture of the person at a desk is your work mates. There should be two people there. These are the people you need to be your best friend. Use the guide for the trophy BFF to work out how to do it.

If there isn't two people there, next time at work, get your sim to "get to know colleagues" and that should sort that out.

Be Excellent To Each-other
Reach the maximum potential Karma
The maximum potential Karma is 100. Since you get a random amount at midnight each day, this comes pretty easily. Just remember to use a karma power as once you reach 100, any karma earned after that is lost.

Dream Big
Complete a Lifetime Wish
This can be either very easy or very hard. Choose your lifetime wish at the start very carefully. It pretty much determines how you will play the game at the start. Just remember that the lifetime wishes are centred around what traits you give your sim. Whatever the wish is, keep working on it. Do everything you can to improve the areas needed for the wish.

I found the two easiest skills to improve were handiness and cooking. So try and center the wish around them, and it shouldn't take too long.

NOTE - Once you have completed your lifetime wish, you cannot choose another.

Home is Where the Simoleons Are
Raise your household's value to §35,000 or more
Everything you buy for the house extends the houses value. So keep buying things when you have the cash. Extending the house also adds value, but is a more costly way of doing it.

To find the value of your home press and go to the build/buy option. It will tell you the value furnished and unfurnished. Once the furnished value is over §35,000 you will get the trophy.

Not Dead Yet
Resurrect a Sim
Firstly you need to unlock the Divine Intervention karma. To do this you need to have unlocked the "I double dare ya" trophy. Use the guide here to know how.

Now buy the karma for 150 challenge points by pressing and choosing the far right option.

Once that is done you need your sim to die of old age (accidental death doesn't work). You can speed up the ageing process on the Main menu settings. Once they are dead head to the catacombs on the town map, and look for your dead sim. Use the Divine Intervention on them for the trophy.

Power Overwhelming
Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points

You can buy Karma from the Challenge shop by pressing and going to Challenges. You need to buy the 5 karmas locked.
They are
Stroke of Genius - available from the start
Good Times - available from the start
Divine Intervention - Unlocks after "I Double Dare Ya"
Get Lucky - Unlocks after "You Never Forget Your First"
Giant Jackpot - Unlocks after "Home is Where the Simoleons Are"

950 challenge points are required, you should get these no problem.

Mad Skillz
Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones
First thing is to work out what skill journal milestones you can go for. Every skill has milestones, so as soon as you have that skill, you have a milestone. To find out what they are press to bring your sim menu up. Go to the skill page. Press and you will see your achievements on that skill. Now scroll down and it will tell you.

They all take quite along time, but since you don't have to actually choose one, they will come without you really trying. Preparing 50 dishes, or fixing 10 plumbing items are both common and will happen given time.

Leet Skillz
Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones
This is the same as Mad Skillz. It will take a pretty long time, but if you get some skills up to 10 then you will no doubt be halfway to completing some. As it stays over all your profiles, then it doesn't have to be done with one household.

Just make sure that if you want to start a new household, you have completed all the milestones you are close to. No point wasting ones you are 90% of the way there with.

Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points in one Sim
This will take some but will come on the way to "Miracle Worker". As with "True Wealth", just keep spending the points and don't worry about having to accumulate 150,000 all at one go. If you want to know how to do wishes better, look at "Wish-Master" for some simple tips.

But it's Inflammable!
Extinguish a Sim on fire
This is a really annoying trophy. And can be slightly tricky.

First things first, save your game before attempting this!! It can end up destroying your house if it doesn't go as planned, or killing your sim. A fire can naturally start but it is fairly rare for your sim to get caught in it. So the best thing to do is use the Firestorm karma. Make sure you have another sim in the house, preferably with the brave trait. Now close up the door so nobody can get in and remove the fire alarm. Set the sim on fire. Now select the other sim and use the extinguish sim option on the one on fire. It might take some changing about to make it work. But once it does, reload your save and pretend as if nothing happened. You can try get "Pyromaniac" at the same time.

The Reviler
Become a public menace
This trophy is almost impossible with a nice sim, so I recommend starting a game with an evil sim just for this trophy. Also make them a kleptomaniac to help you out. Here is the list of things needed done for the trophy.
  • Steal candy from a baby 5 times (click on a baby with an evil sim)
  • Use mean social option 10 times.
  • Become enemies with 15 different sims (be mean with an evil sim a lot)
  • Steal 20 items from other sims. (your sim must be a kleptomaniac)
  • Return an object previously stolen. (go to the post box after stealing an object)
This can be a pain as it's pretty boring but shouldn't take you too long.

Epic Fail
Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family
The epic fail karma costs 25 karma points to use, and can be used on ANY sim, not just one from your household (which isn't recommended). Once you use it on a sim, you can't use it again until the karma has worn off. It shouldn't take too long. Going to the park will give you an abundance of unlucky sims to choose from.

Start 5 romantic relationships
You don't actually need 5 different relationships as getting engaged counts as 2. So start by becoming good friends with a sim (see "BFF!") and then start flirting with them. When the option of woohoo comes up, you know you are almost there. Now ask them to marry you, and when they say yes, dump them. And do the same again. After dumping them, all you have to do is get another best friend, and flirt with them until you are in a "romantic" relationship. The trophy will appear.

Fit For a King
Prepare a perfect meal
This will take time, and a lot of cooking and improving your cooking skill. I got this at cooking level 9, just by cooking a hamburger. You get a rating on all food (even cookies) so the better skill you have the more likely for it to happen. You can help yourself though by upgrading your cooker and fridge to the best you can buy. Also, if you are OK at handiness, go to your cooker and choose to improve its meal quality. It will replace fireproof or self cleaning, but is worth it.

Buy out a commercial property in town
This requires a lot of spare cash to do. Before you can do this you have to become a partner in a firm. If you are unsure how to do this look at the guide for "Partners in Crime". Once you are a partner, you need even more money before the option of buying the company becomes available. Scowned! Bakery, is the cheapest total cost at §24,000 in total. Once owned you get a lot of money weekly, just visit the shop every week to see what you get.

Get an insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power
Note that the Firestorm karma has to be used. Natural fires don't count. Also the more expensive the house the easier it is to get due to the value of stuff that is flammable.

First things first, save your game before attempting this!! No point destroying your house just for a trophy so as long as it's saved you can reload.

Now get all the most expensive stuff you have and group it close together. Use the firestorm karma on the centre and it should spread quickly. Taking away the fire alarm helps as you can let it grow longer before phoning the Fire brigade. Once you feel you have done enough damage, get the fire service to put it out. After a notice in the top right will tell you the insurance payout. If it isn't enough, try again.

Now reload and pretend nothing happened!

Botanical Perfection
Grow a perfect plant
I hated gardening so therefore hated this trophy. Having a high gardening skill is a must. Also to plant seeds can be a bit confusing. If you collect seeds from around your house. Now they are in your inventory. Now press and go to Build and Buy. From here, go to your inventory and drop the seeds where you want to plant them. Go back to Live mode and get your sim to plant them.

Now gather a few seeds so you have less of a chance of having to start from scratch. Plant the seeds close by. About 3 times a day get your sim to "tend" the garden. Easier since tend does everything you need. Once the plants are harvestable they should give you a better quality seed. Plant these seeds and keep going, improving the seed quality every time.

Here is the list of how the plants should improve.
  • Nice
  • Very Nice
  • Great
  • Excellent
  • Outstanding
  • Perfect

Trophy Fish
Catch a perfect fish
Pretty simple trophy. Just get your sim to fish a lot. You don't actually have to be very good at fishing (lowest level I've heard is 5) so just keep going and you will catch one eventually. It doesn't really matter where you fish either.

Happiness... It Stacks
Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim
Moodlets are basically how they are feeling at that point and how it is currently affecting them. They are viewable in the far left tab of your sims mini menu.

Getting 5 can be slightly tricky as usually your sim is cheesed off about something. However, when a baby is born into the family the sims go on a power trip and you are pretty much guaranteed this trophy then.

Master Architect
Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot
Large sized lots are §100,000 and above. And then you need to have a house furnished with §350,000 overall value. It will take some time. the best thing to do is have four sims working full time in once household and the money will come flying in. Also writing books is great at pulling money in. I would advise leaving moving out until you have a huge amount of spare cash since items depreciate in value. It will not be a hassle to get while going for "Wish-Master" so just have some patience.

Child Prodigy
Complete Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult
A new baby or toddler will not have a wish since its not until Child they get the chance. However when they are a toddler, if you teach them how to walk, talk and use the toilet it gives them a boost when a child. Once a child you will get your lifetime wish. Reaching level 10 of a skill is probably easiest, but choose wisely.

To make it easier, at the main menu option set the ageing to the slowest, giving you a considerable amount of time to complete the wish.

True Wealth
Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim

This will take some amount of time, but will come while going for the "Miracle Worker" trophy. Basically every time you complete a wish you get Lifetime happiness points. Once these accumulate, you can spend them on "perks" for your sim such as reducing the amount they need to go to the toilet. These perks are a very good way of making your sim easier to keep happy.

Do not hesitate in spending them, you don't need to get 250,000 all at one go. It is in total for that sim. To find out how much you have (if you are interested) you have to do some maths. Work out the value you have spent already on your sim, by looking in the perk shop, and add that to your current points, and you will have your trophy.

Complete 50 Challenges
This shouldn't take too long and you will get this without trying. just keep improving your sims skills and collecting things and you will be sorted. They are found by pressing and scrolling to the far right. See Uberchallenging for a more detailed explanation.

Very Challenging
Complete 100 Challenges
This will take a bit of time. There is a chance you will get this without actually looking at the challenges, but to make sure you do, just keep an eye on them. They are found by pressing and scrolling to the far right. See Uberchallenging for a more detailed explanation.

Complete 150 Challenges
This is quite time consuming. Basically while playing you will be completing challenges. These range from cook a perfect meal to collect rocks. They are for pretty much anything. Nearly every trophy you go for is part of a challenge. When just playing through the game, you will pick up the majority needed. just keep an eye on the challenges and complete ones you think you are close to. They are found by pressing and scrolling to the far right.

Complete 100 Wishes
I wouldn't worry about this too much. Chances are you will get it while going for the other trophies in the game. If not then you might as well just use the tips for Miracle Worker, since you need 10 times this trophy

Miracle Worker
Complete 1,000 Wishes
There is no point worrying about this until you have done the other trophies first. But this can take a long time. While playing, complete as many wishes as possible. you can track how many you have done by going to the challenge menu. Easy ones like order pizza are good to do as they require no time.

There is a way to speed this up. Make a house with 6 sims in it. Now have them sell everything so the house is bare. Put the sim self awareness to puppet and leave it on for a while. Save the game. Wait until all 6 have 4 wishes. They will all be wanting to buy furniture. Buy the furniture they want, completing all 30 wishes. Save the game on a different slot. Now reload the old save and do it again. The amount of wishes will still increase due to the saves being made.

Like I said, leave this until later since if you were to do this from the off you would have to do it 33 times. So just let your sims get as many before you do this.

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