Noby Noby Boy Trophy Guide
Written by remaldinio

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


Trophy Difficulty: Easy
Offline Trophies: 12
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 0
Known glitched trophies: 0

Eat Your Words !
Eat the words NOBY NOBY BOY within the manual or in the staff credits.
One of the easiest gold trophies ever ! Simply open up the manual by pressing select and scroll down to "About Noby Noby Boy" then press triangle to bring you up to the same level as the writing. then very carefully use L2 to eat the words "NOBY NOBY BOY". you have to eat them exact words and not eat any more or any less.

This is a easy-ish trophy to get. You will find it very easy if you have a steady hand, by pushing right on the left analog stick and pressing start you open a screen which measures your unreported length and your current length. keep stretching and shrinking until you get to exactly 765 and then use up (on left analog stick) and start to report your length.

The Prince
Take the Prince for a ride.
There is two ways of doing this trophy but I am going to tell you the easiest one, push up on the left analog stick and press start to open the menu with the sun. Use the change planet to change the planet to "The Moon" and keep changing level until you come to the level displayed in the video, everyone in the whole level is a prince and so you only need one of them to ride you to get the trophy.

Make BOY's body grow thicker while keeping his head small.
This is a quite difficult trophy. I ate for about 8 minutes until I was big enough to eat a house and most things on the map and then quickly pressed L3 to make my head shrink back to normal size and to stay on the safe side I held L2 to make it even smaller

Combined Character
Create a combined character by eating an animal and a human or a fruit and a human.
This is an easy trophy to get. You need to stretch the boy until he's long enough to store about two items and then eat a fruit/animal and a human. When they are stored inside you you need to hold down R2 and he will poop them out as a mutated person with either a fruit or an animal as their head.

Take 10 inhabitants for a ride.
This is one of the hardest trophies of the game (bearing in mind that none of the trophies are that hard). Its simple enough to do, you have to get 10 people to ride on your back at once. The best place to do it is the same place where you do "The Prince" trophy as for the people (except one) being very small, so stretch yourself out and move slowly around the map and hopefully they jump on. If you come to a group that simply refuse to jump on then no worries just keep on moving around, slowly.

Eat 20 inhabitants.
This is another difficult trophy as for you need to stretch yourself alot to store 20 people inside the boy. The aim of this trophy is to eat 20 humans and so it is a waste of time and space to eat anything else, there is not much to say about the trophy apart from to find a level with alot of people in (Earth has more human inhabitants than the moon.) The video may not help you that well so just stretch out and get munching !

Stretch BOY to a length of 100m.
A very easy trophy to do. Simply pull the left and the right analog sticks away from each other and the boy will start to stretch, keep stretching until you are 100m long to get this trophy. If you want to know what size you are then push the left analog stick right and press start to open your length menu and the figure your looking for is the one that has "Boys Current Length" as a title.

Bye-Bye BOY
Meet up with Bye-Bye BOY.
A very easy trophy to do. Whenever you are playing and you've had enough rather than quitting the game straight away by using the PS button go into your house and tilt it to the option that says "Quit Game" and press X then tilt again to the option that says "Yes, Quit" and press X again. You should get the trophy straight after you do this.

The BOY House
Rotate the roof of the BOY House.
This is another easy trophy to do and can also be done at the same time as the "Bye-Bye BOY" trophy. Simply walk into your house tilt it on its side by using the left analog stick and then rotate its roof by pushing the right analog stick in a certain direction (varies at what angle the camera is facing on the house) after you do this you should get the trophy.

The Space Squirrel
Find the Space Squirrel.
You get this trophy more or less as soon as you finsih the BOY quiz. The Fairy comes and takes you to see how girl is and then the space squirrel appears. If you don't get the trophy for some reason another way of trying it is by pushing up on the left analog stick and start and then reporting your length to girl.

BOY Quiz Expert
Answer all questions correctly in the BOY Quiz.
One of the first things that happens on Noby Noby Boy when you first play is that you get quizzed about features in the game (how to move, zoom in and out, change camera angle etc.) it is impossible to get a question wrong but if you want to get it over with straight away then here are the answers (blue) in order.

1. Move the left and RIGHT sticks

2. Hold the L2 or R2 button

3. Tap the L2 or R2 button

4. Hold the L1 button and TILT the controller forwards or backwards.

5. Tap the L1 or R1 button

6. Press the SELECT button

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