Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Trophy Guide
Written by Viperking27

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Trophy Difficulty: Easy
Offline Trophies: 30
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 4 - Larry Scores, Three Bulls, Suits you Sir & Speed
Known glitched trophies: 0

Movie Mogul
To unlock this trophy you must unlock every other trophy in the game

A Fistful of Larrys
Complete the game's Wild West Dreamscape
Story related - Get this after beating the boss

Complete the game's Horror Dreamscape
Story related - Get after beating the boss

The Ship of Dreams
Complete the game's Bytanic Dreamscape
Story realted - Get after climbing the boat and saving Lily

The End
Complete all the game's main story missions
Just beat the game

Cupid Sniper
Complete the Larry Get Your Gun mission
Story related - This is one of the missions in the Wild West Dreamscape. In this mission, you have to shoot women and horses with the love rifle. It is an easy mission.

Dead Beat
Complete the Army of the Dead mission
Story related - One of the Horror Dreamscape missions. This is the mission where you have to hit a bunch of zombies with a shovel. Always go for the powerups and try to hit the zombies as fast as you can or you will get outnumbered quickly.

Shuffle the Deck
Complete the Shuffleboard mission
Story related - This is achieved in one of the Bytanic Dreamscape missions For tips see Larry Scores and Three Bulls

Larry Scores
Achieve a score of 2800 on Suffleboard
This is one of the 3 trophies that are missable in a playthrough of this game. I actually did not find this trophy that hard. If you do not have a chance of getting this when on the last round, I suggest restarting the mission so you won't have to play through the game again. I pulled back the stick so that the thing was level to Larry's knee and then shot it from there. That seems to get right at the middle of the Bullseye. Just focus on getting points every round.

Networking Socialite
Meet every principle character in the game
Story related - Happens very early in the game

Best Newcomer
Collect a total of 10 Larry Awards
See Best Actor

Best Supporting Actor
Collect a total of 50 Larry Awards
See Best Actor

Best Actor
Collect a total of 100 Larry Awards
For this trophy, collect all 100 of the Larry Awards in the game. List is under spoiler. This should be done after finishing the story. Also, to save the awards you have collected, you have to complete a mission. Just do a race or seduction mission.

Gymnastic Larry
Perform 3 consecutive wall jumps
Happens while going through the game.

Well Hung
Perform 3 consecutive ledge jumps
Happens while going through the game.

Fashionista Award
Accumulate a wardrobe of 6 outfits
Story related - You get the last outfit after finishing the Bytanic director game.

Broadcasting on Top of the World
Reach the highest point in Laffer Studio
Just get to the top of the Broadcasting tower.

Old Silver Tongue Award
Complete 4 Director games successfully
Story related - Get this after finishing the Bytanic director game.

Hot Foot Award
Travel 100 miles on foot
By the end of the game, you should have around 60+. Get this while looking for all of the Larry Awards.

Road Tripping
Drive 400 miles
Just drive everywhere. Nothing else to say.

Three Bulls
3 consecutive Bulls-eyes in the Shuffleboard minigame
This is the second of the three missable trophies. This is probably the most annoying trophy in the game. Just focus on getting bulls-eyes. I suggest following the same strategy listed in Larry Scores. Remember to restart mission if you realize you won't make it or else you will have to play through the game again.

Car Surfin'
Stand 50 seconds on the roof of a moving car
Easy trophy. Just find a person driving a car and jump onto their roof.

Mr Lover-man
Complete all seduction minigames
Another easy trophy. There are seven women to seduce in all. When talking to the women, just keep pressing buttons until you get the right response. You can't fail these so don't worry about getting it wrong.

Hijack 50 vehicles
Find a person driving a car and press to get into the car. Repeat this 50 times. Note- You can enter and exit the same car 50 times to get the trophy.

Pedal to the Metal
Complete all races
None of the races are exceptionally hard. Just follow the path and you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Demolition Boy
Destroy three vehicles within 60 seconds of each other
The best way to do this is to drive three cars into the Bytanic lot where there is a hole in the backround with a ramp leading into the pool. Drive the cars into the pool one by one. They blow up within a few seconds.

Le Manns
Drive in vehicles for a total of 3 hours while playing the game
You will get this while going for Road Tripping.

Complete the game in under 8 hours
This is the last of the missable trophies. I suggest doing this in a second playthrough because you will have a good feel for the game. Only focus on the story missions.

Suits You Sir
Use all unlockables during the same mission
This can be achieved after the story. This is easiest to do during a seduction mission because there is no time limit. Just go to the trailer and put on all of the other clothes.

Rookie Award
Complete the game's first mission
Easy trophy. Just clean up all of the grafitti at the beginning of the game.

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