Bejeweled 2 Trophy Guide
Written by Ardjoe

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


Trophy Difficulty: Moderate
Offline Trophies: 12
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 0
Known glitched trophies: 0

Classic Rock
Complete Level 5 in Classic Mode
Very straight forward, all you have to do is reach level 6 in the stress-free Classic verrsion of the game. Just be aware of the dreaded 'NO MORE MOVES', to guarantee this doesn't happen, make a hyper cube early on and only use it when you have no more moves available.

Action Hero
Complete Level 5 in Action Mode
Keep chaining as many moves together as possible and as fast as possible to reach level 6. Be aware in Action Mode, the level progress bar at the bottom drains quicker the higher the level you get to. Levels 4 and 5 are near impossible to pass without using a Hypercube, so it may be an idea to make and keep hold of any Hypercubes you create in levels 1, 2 and 3. A lot of luck and quick thinking is required to get this trophy so if you are in a good position, exit to the main menu (saving your game) and then quit the game via the XMB and when you reload you will be at the point you were when you saved, just make sure you do this before time runs out.

Complete puzzle mode
Quite straight forward for a gold, all you have to do is complete all 80 puzzles in the game (that is all of them, so not 4 per planet). To complete a puzzle you must clear all the gems of the screen, if you don't want to cheat take close note of the tutorials and use a lot of trial and error. Like most people, I decided to basically select a hint at almost every possible availability. There is no penalty for using hints. There is one puzzle that disables hints and that one just requires a little thinking ( the one with a whole screen full of blue and white gems), powergems are key to it.

Casual Carat
Complete Level 10 in Endless Mode
Easy trophy to get as it is Endless Mode and you cannot run out of moves, very straight forward. Unlocks when you reach level 11.

Destroy 12 gems in a single move
You should get this as playing through the game normally, it is hard to do this on purpose as it is all about cascades and any explosions from Powergems. If you are stuck, pile a lot of Powergems together and set them off - this should cause a big cascade. Alternatively, get a Hypercube and destroy 11 gems with it.

Diamonds are Forever
Make 3 Blue Matches in a Row
Another trophy that is really about luck. When there are a lot of blue gems on screen, simply make 3 matches, one after the other.

Jewel Keeper
Clear 5000 Gems
Should be yours with a moderate amount of play time. You can see how many you have cleared after each game and in the leaderboards screen. With around 10 hours playtime I had cleared almost 23,500.

100K Club
Score 100,000 in Action or Classic Mode
Score piles up quicker in Action mode than Classic mode, you should reach the 100K mark at around level 3, 4 or 5 in Action Mode. If you struggle with Action Mode, then just take your time and gradually build up your score on the lower levels of Classic Mode.

Six Shooter
Get a 6x Cascade
Should be yours with a little luck, a cascade is basically a chain reaction clearance of gems. If not, pile up 3 or 4 Powergems, within the explosion radius of each other and explode them, this should cause more gems to fall and increases the liklihood of more cascades. Endless mode is the most ideal for this.

Create 200 Powergems
A powergem is created when you match 4 gems of the same colour together. 200 is an easy amount and this trophy should be quite easily achievable.

Hypercube Hoarder
Create 50 Hypercubes
Hypercubes are a lot harder to create than Powergems as they require a match of 5 gems, which is quite rare. My tip is to get to the position where one move will make a Hypercube, save the game (via exitting to the main menu), quit the game via xmb, reload. Then make all the remaining Hypercubes you need with just one move. Rinse and repeat and the trophy will eventually be yours.

Dimensional Rift
Have 5 Hypercubes on the Game Board
The most difficult trophy in the game. Requires you to have 5 Hypercubes on the screen at one moment. Not reccommended on any mystery modes or Action as it is too easy too lose. I found Classic the easiest mode to do it on - helpfully, when you complete a level you do not lose your Hypercubes or Powergems, they are just rearranged. It is important not to rush this, be patient and keep an eye out for any Hypercube possibilities. Also make sure to not use them up by mistake or explode them with a powergem, for this reason I recommend regualry saving. Hard to do in one playthrough so be aware of saving your game and coming back to it later.

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