Flower Trophy Guide
Written by Richie

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


Trophy Difficulty: Very Easy
Offline Trophies: 14
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1 + replaying some levels.
Number of miss-able trophies: 0
Known glitched trophies: 0

Beyond all flowers lies another room.
Ok, for this trophy you need to know something about the game - each dream has 3 bunches of 'secret flowers' to pick up. These are either hidden in the level or require you to do a certain action before they grow and you can collect them. They shine a bright blue and are always in bunches.

You can see how many of the secret flowers you have got in a dream when you are back in the room by looking at the number of petals in that dream's pot. The position of these petals also indicates whereabout in that level you picked up that secret flower, either towards the beginning, in the middle area or towards the end.

You need to grab all 18 bunches of secret flowers in the game to get this trophy. The following is a full location guide of the secret flowers.

Dream 1

* Right at the start of the first area. Fly around the edge of this region collecting all of the pink flowers around the edge. Once you've collected most of them, a cutscene will trigger, showing the first secret flowers growing out of the ground.
* Next is in the second area, with the stone monument in the middle. Fly around the edge picking up all of the pink flowers. Once you grab the last one another cutscene will show you the location of the second secret flowers.
* Final one is behind a rock in last area with tree. As you're flying around, look behind the rocks, it is the one that is directly opposite you as you enter the area.

Dream 2

* Head down the first valley picking up each flower as you go, they'll head up to a hill with a stone circle. Collect these and trigger the rocks, then follow the flowers back down the hill. You'll see a line of yellow flowers. Once you collect this line, a bunch of red flowers will grown between you and the next yellow line. Work your way all the way down and you'll find after collecting the final bunch of red flowers a cutscene will play showing you the first secret flowers.
* The second is just past the rock face that you'll have just opened. Go down collecting all the red bunches to cue a cutscene showing you some yellow flowers. Follw this back the way you came, then when you come to cross over the path, head slightly more to the left, there are some yellow flowers on a small hill. Grab these and more will grow, follow these round to the left collecting all the red flowers and you'll pick up the next secret flowers on top of the hill.
* The last lot are found as soon as you enter the final area (with the three stone monuments around the edges and a collection of rocks in the middle. As you enter, head immediately around to the left to find a little mountain path up to the last secret flowers.

Dream 3

* The first are triggered in the first area. There's a load of flowers around the edge, bunches of pink which propel you down certain paths. Make sure you pick up all of these around the edge, then head into the little dips and pick up all the flowers in them. Once you have most of them the secret flowers will grow on the center platform. You don't need to activate any of the windmills to get the secret flowers.
* The second is when you take the cave route in the valley (detailed in the 'flOw' trophy). The first time through you'll be taken through, and there's a little patch of grass in between sections of the cave, it is here.
* The last is just as you come out of the valley. Turn around and stick to the right and you'll see them just where you leave the valley.

Dream 4

* The first of these is gotten after you have lit up the hay stacks - instead of following the lights, turn around and look at the road, it splits into 2. Take the left hand path all the way to a hay bale, the flowers are growing to the right-hand side of it.
* The second is gotten once you have lit up the spiral - beginning from the spiral and facing towards the new streetlamp, head towards it but veer slightly to the right, theres and old cart in the field. A fly-by will trigger the flowers so pick them up.
* For the final one, you need to light up both ponds, which will also net you the 'Illumination' trophy. The first is just past the first circle you have to light up - take your lit petals and fly towards the circle of rocks, there a little pond which will glow once you've flown over it. The second pond is by the final field you have to light up, check by the fence for the second pond, the flowers will grow here once you've lit it up.

Dream 5

* The first flowers are right at the start. Rise up high and head round to the left from the start, you should see a small valley with the flowers at the end.
* The second is in the big area with the 3 towers you have to deactivate. Upon entering, head around to the left to the very first tower you see, there will be a bunch of white flowers underneath it. Collect these then get far enough aay from the tower, it will collapse and show you where the secret flowers are.
* The final one is in the maze after you've deactivated the three towers. Upon entering, stay high and stick to the right and you should be able to see them glowing on the ground once you're part way through. Just stay to the right as much as possible and you'll find them.

Dream 6

* The first set of flowers is in the large area where you light up the buildings and the playground equipment, just before the highway. Activate either of the two fans which will take you to some flowers on a building, keep following these which will take you to the tallest building. There is a hole in the top and you can fly down into the building, the flowers are on a ledge halfway up.
* The second are gotten just when you get onto the freeway. The freeway will split into 3 paths, taking the right hand path will take you to a small area near the start of the freeway. There are lots of flowers to be had here and the secret flowers are just at the end behind the central pillars.
* The 18th secret flower in the game is just after you get off the freeway. After clearing some of the buildings you'll enter an area with 2 sets of fans. Ignore the first and head round to the right for the second, the flowers are just behind it.

Bloom 10,000 flowers.
This is an accumulative trophy - in that as you play through the game, each flower you open adds to this total. So just play the game enough, pick up as many flowers as you can and repeat some levels again and you'll soon get this trophy.

If you complete everything else and are still short of this trophy, I recommend playing through Dream 6 - it has by far the most flowers of which most are very easily unlocked and recieved. A quick playthrough takes roughly 5-10 minutes so a couple of these doesn't take too long and will ensure you build up your flower count as quickly as possible.

Completely awaken the city.
This relates to Dream 6, where you enter the city. As you'll see, it's a dark and dreary place and you need to completely free it of the darkness. Throughout this level, keep rising up and taking a look around - if you see any dark areas, chances are you've missed something there you need to do in order to brighten it up.

In the first area you get a load of flowers which you'll need to pick up. When the cutscene shows, bust through the scaffolding into the next area. Take out all the remaining scaffolding in this area, and make sure you collect the red tulips at the bases of the newly-risen buildings in order to shine them up.

In the next area there are a few key areas. Firstly, as soon as you enter the area (where the cutscene played) take an immediate left. There's a little hole between the buildings to some tuplis which brightens up that corner. It's very easy to miss first time around.

Apart from the main flowers, make sure you fly through the 3 pieces of playground equipment, activate both fans and pick up all the flowers on top of the buildings. After this, take to the highway, following it round till you come to a fork. Take the right-hand route to brighten up that side, and that takes you to the beginning of the highway. Go around again then take the middle route, taking out the scaffolding all the way along. Once thats clear, take the left-hand route to continue to the next area.

Okay, now you can tell whatever this force is is pretty pissed now, but it can't hurt you. Make sure to take out ALL of the scaffolding, which will light the buildings up one by one. Use the 2 fans to reach some higher spikes and keep looking around the dark buildings to locate any you've missed. They should all be lit up except the ones nearest the big tower.

Final stretch, just head inside and up the tower taking out all the scaffolding spikes as you go. There's some bunches of flowers inside which will speed up your demolition but just make sure you get them all. Finish off the level and return to the room for your trophy.

Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room.
When you complete a dream, a little cutscene will play, usually of the environment being completely healed. After this, there will be a little rest period which will show you shots of the environment and will give you a start prompt to continue. Just leave it and enjoy the views it gives you for three minutes and you'll get this trophy.

You can also enter reminisce mode by pressing select when playing, or by leaving your controller alone for a few moments. Again, just wait three minutes for your trophy.

Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors.
This is achieved in Dream 2. As you enter the last area (you'll know it when you see it as it is huge) you'll see you're tasked with opening the three stone monuments. Pick up the flowers around the first one and it will open up, prompting you to the next monument. Fly through the one you just opened and your petals will turn blue. Fly through some of the grass and you'll see you'll be painting it blue.

Open the other two monuments the same way and fly through them to turn yellow and pink respectively, and be sure to fly through some of the grass while you're in these states to paint in the other 2 colours, then head into the whirlwind to finish off the level and get your trophy.

Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times.

In Dream 3, after activating all 7 of the initial windmills, a valley will open up. You need to fly through this 7 times for your trophy, so enter it and the wind will propel you along. Work your way through and when you come out at the end, turn around and rise up as high as possible. You can work your way mostly back to the beginning from this height so do so and enter the valley again. Do this as many times as you need for the trophy to register, it should register while you're in the level.

Light a darkened pool.
There's 3 areas you can do this. 2 of them are in Dream 4 and 1 is in the credits. By the first streetlight in Dream 4, once you light up your petals, rise up and look around for what looks like a circle of rocks. Go nearer and you'll find its a little pond, fly low over it to light it up and if you look at it, light will be slowly rising from it. This means it's registered and you should get your trophy after you complete the level.

The second is by the last streetlight where you have to light up the field. Rise up and look for some rocks by the fence which is to the right of the road. Again, there's a pond so you can light this one up. If you already lit the other one in the level then a bunch of secret flowers will grow from the edge of the pond so be sure to pick them up.

Or you can do this in the credits. There's one area with a streetlight and you can relight your petals after if you wish, unlike Dream 4 where you can only light your petals from each lamp once. Around the side of the same area is a raised bank, fly around this and there'll be another pond so you can light this one up to grab your trophy.

Journey to the city unscathed.
This is for Dream 5, which is the only level you can recieve damage in. You only need to hit 4 sets of purple flowers to get through the level, so its not worth going for the rest and risking damage. To begin, fly high up and over all the initial obstacles. You'll see a power pylon with some purple flowers at it's base, you need to pick these up to get through so do so carefully without touching any of the metal (you can touch the metal afterwards once you've deactivated the electricity by picking up the purple flowers).

Fly through to the next area and there'll be 3 big power pylons with sets of purple flowers at their bases - you need to deactivate these three towers to continue, so again do it carefully. Once you've done all three the next area will open.

Progress through this area by rising up as high as possible and not holding any buttons (ie going as slow as possible) - neither the falling metal or rising spikes will hit you if you do this and you can progress through the hardest area extremely easily. Once through, head towards the whirlwind to finish off the level.

You can also get through that last area by staying low and picking up the bunches of pink flowers - this gives you a speed boost and you'll miss the falling debris, but I found it hard to track the flowers in order to miss the spikes that come up from the ground. There is that route though if you find it easier.

Release all of the names to the sky.
This is pretty simple. In the credits level, each flower indicates a person or set of people, whose names will appear above the flower. Collecting the flower will release the name, so all you need to do is go through the level picking up every flower and you'll get it after the level ends. The good thing is it's not hard to see any flowers you've missed, as when you get anywhere near a big name appears so it's easy to spot.

Life could be simple...
This is in Dream 3. Once you've opened the valley, there is a little cave on the second-to-last bend that if you manouvre your petals towards you'll get pulled in. Once inside, there's multiple routes but stick to the far right, if done right you'll stay to the right and you'll go past some little glowing markings on the walls. This is a little reference to the developers previous game flOw, hence the trophy title.

You will not get this the first time you go through the cave as the wind will blow you straight through - you exit the cave as the beginning anyway so you have to enter the cave for a second time to see the markings and get your trophy.

Welcome Back
Play the game after a week long break.
This one's pretty obvious. Don't play the game for a week, then go back on and the trophy will register.

Or, if you're an impatient person, you can set the time on your PS3 to a week in the future then enter again, the trophy should register.

I'd advise you to leave this one till last - heard rumours that doing this then putting your time back will cause you to return to your previous save when you reload the game. Nothing too big but annoying if you managed to get a load of secret flowers between your last saves.

(NOTE: It seems doing this will cause a minor glitch in the system - nothing too serious, just after you do this and check your trophies, something will happen along the lines of your console freezing. A restart will fix this but I'll warn you now, you do this at your own risk.)

Healthy Play
Take a ten minute break between any dreams.
Another simple one, when you're in the room/menu, just leave the controller for 10 minutes. It will register once you've waited long enough.

The dream has just started...
You'll get this after the first time you get all 3 secret flowers in a dream - see the 'Dream' trophy above for all secret flower locations.

Find and bloom a secret flower.
You'll get this once you grab your first secret flower, which are a bright turquoise colour and usually involve you searching around or triggering an event to find.

See the 'Dream' trophy above for all secret flower locations.

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