Monopoly Streets Trophy Guide
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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title
If you are looking for an easy platinum or just a lover of monopoly you have come to the right place theres two ways of going about getting these trophies simply just play the game as normal and most will come over time or use the below guide to help you achieve the platinum in little to no time there really is nothing challenging about this list and the only ones with minor difficulty is the trophies based on luck other than that have fun and enjoy this revamped addictive board game.


Trophy Difficulty: Very Easy
Offline Trophies: 32
Online Trophies: 9
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 1
Known glitched trophies: 0

Platinum Trophy
Win all trophies

Like every other platinum unlock all other trophies to obtain the platinum.

Win your first game of MONOPOLY® Streets
A nice easy one simply play any game of monopoly and win the game to obtain this trophy.

Lucky Threes :
Rolled Triples
First to be able to roll 3 dice at one you must go into custom rules and turn on 'Use Speed Die'. now when playing the game it will be down to luck of the dice and hopefully you will throw a triple.

Building the Empire
Won 10 offline games
The Quickest way to achieve this is to set up a 2 player game and half the second player declare bankruptcy at the start do this 10 times to complete this or play the game naturally until the trophy unlocks.

No Ground Untouched
Player has built 100 houses
this trophy is accumulative and you will get over time once you have built up 100 houses you will unlock the trophy.

Player has built 500 houses
the same as No Ground Untouched another way of achieving this quickly is to set up a 2 player game where you start the game and all the properties are auctioned off at the beginning off the game. Buy all of the properties for as cheap as you can and then build all the houses that you are able to build save and exit out of the 'Build and Mortgage' screen then renter and sell all houses save and exit and repeat the process until you have done 500 houses.

Expensive Property
Acquire the most expensive property in the game
Simply buy or trade another player for the property Mayfair which every one should know is the last dark blue property on the board.

Eviction Notice
Replaced your houses with a hotel
Another simple one simply upgrade your set of houses into a hotel. An even simpler way of doing this is to set custom rules 'Houses Per Hotel' to 1 then you will only have to purchase one house before you upgrade to an hotel.

Bypass Bail
Rolled doubles to get out of Jail for free
Another trophy based around look when you land in jail roll the dice and hope that you hit doubles to get out of jail for free.

Needs a New Challenge
Successfully won against 3 hard AI
The best way of doing this is to use the Bull Market rules. when the game begins all of the properties will be auctioned off you will need to try and get full monopolies of as many colours as possible without trying to spend all of you cash. once the auctioning section has finished start building house on your properties this way while playing the 20 rounds you will get the AI players to pay out as much as possible and have you come out on top with the biggest net worth.

Finished a game with total worth greater than 9000
A very easy trophy to obtain set up a 2 player game and go to custom rules set starting money on the maximum option that you can and have all properties dealt out at the beginning of the game now get player 2 to trade you all his cash and properties the total will exceed more than 9000. now get player 2 to declare bankruptcy and u will win the game and earn the trophy

Completed a trade that gave another player a color group
Start a 2 player game and have custom rules set so that all properties are dealt out at the beginning. on your turn simply set up a trade with player 2 and give them the properties they need to make a full set. once the deal is done the trophy will be yours

Flea Market
Bought a property cheaply
Start a 2 player game and have the 1st property that comes up available to buy go to auction now bid just $1 on that property and let the time run out of the auction.

Celebrating 75
Acquired your 75th property
Again Start a 2 player game and have all the properties dealt out at the beginning. now get the second player to trade you all of his properties and accept the trade. now trade him all the properties again on your turn an repeat the process until you have the trophy pop.

Quick Win
Won a game in under 20 minutes
As like before just start a 2 player game and get the second player to declare bankruptcy and the trophy will unlock.

Repeat Offender
Went to jail for the 3rd time in one game
Another one based on the luck of the dice get thrown in jail 3 times during one game either by landing on go to jail or rolling 3 doubles in a row.

So Big and Shiny
Get the largest upgrade to your corporate HQ
For this trophy you must play on the monopoly city board . start a 2 player custom game and have all properties auctioned off at the beginning and put up starting cash to $2500 and also make it so passing go will pay out $500. travel around the board until you pass go then have the second player trade you all his money and properties this should give your total worth of $11,000 and you will get the trophy.

Property Magnate
Own 3 color groups at once
for this just do like many of the trophies already before and start a 2 player game and trade the other player the streets and you will get this trophy.

Glad its not my Bill
Received 120 on a utility rent
Based on luck you have to get a opponent to land on either the water works or electric company by rolling a double six. ( you must own both utility's for the amount to be worth x10 of the amount on the dice)

This Plan is Better
Completed a trade that gave you a color group
engage in a trade with another player that will give you a full monopoly I.E have all the properties of one colour and you will unlock this trophy.

Rolled a 15
Player rolled a 15
First to be able to roll 3 dice at one you must go into custom rules and turn on 'Use Speed Die' now you will need to keep rolling until the total amount on all 3 dice equals 15 to unlock the trophy

Better than Free
Received more than 200 when landing on Free Parking
start a game and go to custom rules and set it so that free parking deals out $500 when you land on it now all you need is lady luck on your side to get you to land on free parking and unlock the trophy.

I Like Trains
Own all the railroads
Simply collect all 4 of the train stations that are available to collect. I:f you have been using the 2 player boosting method this you will either have or easily obtain.

Own one of each color group at the same time
Again set up a 2 player game and set up a custom game so that everything is auctioned at the beginning buy all properties for $1 and the trophy will pop when you have bought one of each colour

Great Start
Someone pays you rent before your second turn
For this you must be the 1st player to move. after setting up a 2 player game again buy all properties and with a little luck on your side when the second player rolls he will land on one of the properties paying you rent and earning you a trophy.

Concierge Service

Provide the best Hotel Service on the most expensive property without a player going bankrupt

start a 2 player custom game up and set starting cash to the highest possible, buy all properties at the beginning of the game especially the dark blues Mayfair and park lane. Now build up a hotel on Mayfair. you also might find it easier to mortgage all other properties on the board so player 2 wont run out of cash before he lands on Mayfair. keep playing until he lands on Mayfair and pays you a nice $2,000 and a trophy as the tip.

Hotels Maximus
See the bank run out of hotels in a game with Official MONOPOLY rules
for this you will need to play a standard game of monopoly using the official rules. buy as many properties as you can and keep building up your houses and turning them into hotels as soon as the bank runs out of hotels you will get the trophy

Market Inflator
Get an opponent to pay double the price during an auction
Start a 2 player game and when you land on your 1st property send it to auction have the other player bid the double amount of what the property is actually worth.

Now that is ROI
Collect more than a 1000 in rent
this trophy can be obtained while doing Concierge Service see that trophy for more info.

I'm Keeping this Card
Player paid to get out of Jail when they had a Get out of Jail Free Card
Play the game until you have a 'Get Out Of Jail Free'card and the aim to get yourself thrown in jail. when your next go comes around opt 2 pay instead of rolling doubles or using your card.

Tax Audit Nightmare!
Paid 1200 in Taxes in one game
for this you will have to land on either Income tax or Super tax to help make this trophy come easier go to custom options and increase the amount each tax charges you once you have paid 1200 the trophy will pop.

All Your Eggs in One Basket
The only properties owned are part of a single color group
simple gain only the same properties of any colour of your choice and have nothing else on you and the trophy will unlock.

Doesn't hurt much
Paid the smallest rent in an online game
The smallest rent you can pay on monopoly is of course Old Kent Road. keep playing the game while your opponent has this property and land on it pay up and get the trophy.

Plays Nicely with Others
Finished an online game
Easy as the description says finish and online game doesn't matter if you win or loose.

Better Luck Next Time
Bankrupted another player online
Easily done by setting the game up with a friend who also has Monopoly Streets start the game and get him to declare bankruptcy.

I Want a Rematch
Lost to another player online
start a online game and declare bankruptcy to loose the game to the other online player and earn the trophy.

How We Played Back in my Day
Finished an online game using custom house rules
Set up a custom game online using whatever rules you like and play the game the out come of the game win or loose doesn't affect getting this trophy.

Player has won 50 online auctions
again set up a game with a friend so that all properties are auctioned off at the beginning and have your friend let you win all auctions until you have done 50 easy done.

I can do this without Houses
In an online game, own all the railroads and utilities
whilst online obtain all the 4 railroads and both utilities to obtain this trophy. easiest done if you are playing with a friend who will let you win the auctions if they land on them.

Taking Over the World
10 online game wins
again another nice easy one keep setting up online games with a friend and have them declare bankruptcy for 10 games and you will unlock the trophy

Next Rung on the Ladder
Bankrupted a higher ranked player
play a friend who has a higher rank than you online and get them to declare bankruptcy to earn this trophy.

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