Truth or Lies Trophy Guide
Written by DjDhiraj1

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title

The game is very short and should take you an hour at most to 100%. Follow the following steps for the quickest way that i know of:
  • Create a new profile;
  • Select "YES" when you are given the option to calibrate your voice and complete it. You have to answer 3 true answers and 3 false answers in a row here. Make sure to have distinct difference in the voices for such answers. For eg: Give True answers in a loud voice and give False answers in low hushed tones;
  • Play "Hot Seat" mode until you get "Chief Investigator" trophy;
  • Create 7 more profiles (no need to calibrate voices for these);
  • Start a 8-player game (you dont need to play the game, because you get the trophy as soon as you start the game, after which you can quit);
  • Start a game with 2 players. Make sure one of these players is the one you calibrated your voice with. Hopefully you can mop up all 5 standard game trophies in 1 game. If not, just start another game and concentrate on the remaining trophies and you can quit as soon as you get them.


Trophy Difficulty: Very Easy
Offline Trophies: 13
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1 Standard Game + 7 Hot Seat Games
Number of miss-able trophies: None as you can just replay a game (which takes a few minutes) to get anything that you may miss.
Known glitched trophies: 0 but you do need a microphone in order to play this game.

Sweaty Palms
Register your name
In order to play any game, you will need to create a profile. As soon as you input a name and speak it out on the microphone, you will get this trophy.

Is it Getting Hot in Here?
Calibrate your voice
After the previous trophy is attained, which means once you have said your name and the Host gives you a name, you get a option to "calibrate your voice". Select YES and complete the 6 questions, which include to have 3 true answers and 3 lies. Once this is done, you will get the trophy.

Original Sinner
Register a lie in a standard game
This can ONLY be attained in a Standard game. This is done by selecting "Start game". Pretty simple, just give one answer which turns out to be a lie. It doesnt matter which player gets the "lie", you get the trophy for a "lie" answered in a standard game.

Coming Clean
Register a truthful response in a standard game
Just like the "Original Sinner" trophy, but this time you have to get a answer which turn out to be"true".
This can ONLY be attained in a Standard game. This is done by selecting "Start game". Pretty simple, just give one answer which turns out to be a "true". It doesnt matter which player gets the "truth", you get the trophy for a "truth" answered in a standard game

Full House
8 players register for a game of Truth or Lies®
You can do this with only 1 microphone. Just make 8 profiles by going in "Options" and selecting "Profiles", and then choose "Create". You dont need to calibrate voice for each one. Now just start a standard game and choose 8 players. As soon as the game starts, the trophy will ping, after which you can quit the game.

You Can Breathe Out Now
Complete a game of Truth or Lies®
This trophy takes around 15 minutes. Start a standard game with 2 players. The game consists of 3 rounds. Each round has 3 questions for each player. So 18 questions later, the game will finish, after which you get the trophy.

Judge and Jury
Answer a Hot Seat question
Start "Hot Seat" mode, and after you answer your first question, you will get this trophy. It doesnt matter if its true or a lie, just answer the question.

Close to Home
A player answers a Hot Seat question truthfully
Exactly like the "Coming Clean" trophy, but this time it has to be done in the "Hot Seat" mode.

Name Here
A player answers a Hot Seat question with a lie
Exactly like the "Original Sinner" trophy, but this time it has to be done in the "Hot Seat" mode.

Senior Interrogator
Answer 10 Hot Seat questions
Similar to "Judge and Jury" trophy, but this time you need to give answers to 10 questions. 1 "Hot Seat" round consists of 3 questions, so you will get this trophy in your 4th game of "Hot Seat". Just keep selecting the same profile and keep on starting Hot Seat again and again until you get the trophy.

Chief Interrogator
Answer 20 Hot Seat questions
Exactly like the "Senior Interrogator", but this time you would need to answer 20 questions. You will get this trophy in your 7th game of "Hot Seat".

A Bad Bunch
A player wins a round with a score of 1000 points or lower
This can only be attained in the Standard Game. Easiest way to do this is, answer the first question for both the players, and for the next 2 questions, just leave your microphone and dont say anything.
So both players just answer 1 out of 3 questions, and not the rest. Answering 1 question would not give you more than 1000 points, and by not answering the rest, is a guaranteed way of getting this trophy easily. The computer just needs 1 answer per round for analysis, so dont worry about being disqualified.

A player receives most truthful and least truthful in a single round
The only slightly trickier trophy of the game. The trophy description isnt very clear, but what it means is that the same player has scored the most points for a "true" as well as a "lie" answer in the same round.
After every round finishes, the computer provides details of who had the most truthful answer and most untruthful (lie) answer. This is where you will get the trophy if both of these is the same player.

It doesnt matter who this player is, as long as its the same player. As suggested by the Roadmap, you would have 2 distinct voices for the "truth" and the "lie". Also, this trophy should be attempted after the "Hot Seat" trophies, so you would have had practice for saying the "truth" and a "lie".

Do this for 1 player, and for the other player just answer the first question with as few words as possible (so he doesnt get many points). Then for the rest of the 2 questions for the other player, just dont answer anything, thus, reducing the risk of his points going higher than yours in "truth" or "lie". Might take a couple of attempts for this trophy.

OR you can simply play the game and you would get this trophy sooner or later anyways. You can try this in ANY round of a Standard game. If you dont get it, then just start a new game.

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