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Thread: International Cricket 2010 Trophy Guide

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    International Cricket 2010 Trophy Guide

    International Cricket 2010 Trophy Guide
    Written by DjDhiraj1

    1 7 8 10 0

    Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title
    There are essentially no missable trophies in the game, as they are all related to either winning a tournament or performing certain related feats. You can achieve these feats in almost any match, so there are no strict guidelines to these.
    There is no particular roadmap to go for this platinum, as any trophy can be achieved anytime you choose. But i recommend doing the tutorials trophies first, in order, to get used to the controls of the game.

    A few tips to make this game even easier than it already is:

    • You have a "Save" option, which you can use after every delivery. Use it when you are attempting certain gaming feats.
    • Use any good team except England or Australia, such as India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc. Reason being, that as these teams are not licensed, you get points whilst playing the game. These points are for various in game basic stuff and are quite easy to gain without even thinking about them.
    • England and Australia are licensed teams and thus their stats are fixed. However, you can still customise the skill points for individual players.
    • Go in "customisation" option and reduce fielding skill points and maybe some batting skill points too of your key bowlers. You can use these points (and the points that you gain in matches) to maximise the bowling skill aspects. This will make your bowlers take wickets even more easily.
    • Stick to one team for all matches and tournaments, so you can gain and use more skill points.
    • Play on "easy" difficulty, as there are no difficulty related trophies.
    • Choose "Save Match" after every match is over, while going for the any of the Champions cups.
    • Do NOT simulate ANYTHING, as it disables the trophy.

    Trophy Difficulty: Easy
    Offline Trophies: 26
    Online Trophies: 0
    Minimum number of play throughs: Multiple tournaments/matches
    Number of miss-able trophies: 0
    Known glitched trophies: There are no glitched trophies, however if you choose the "simulate" option while playing matches/tournaments, then the trophies won't unlock.

    Best of the Best
    Earn all of the Trophies in the game
    As all platinum trophies go, achieve the rest of the trophies for this one to unlock automatically.

    Master of the Blade
    Successfully complete all of the batting lessons.
    Go in "tutorials" and finish all the "batting lessons". This is easily the longest of all the 3 tutorials. There are many objectives that go towards completing the batting lessons. You have to do ALL batting lessons for this trophy - Basic and Advanced.
    Dont skip the isntructions, because they are very particular in what you need to do. The lesson wont progress unless you do exactly what it wants you to do. If you mistakenly skipped the instruction, you can always pause the game and see the summary of what needs to be done

    Master with the Ball
    Successfully complete all of the bowling lessons.
    Similar to the "Master of the Blade", you need to complete all the Bowling lessons (Basic and Advanced) for this trophy. These tutorials are shorter than the batting ones, but are still very particular.
    The only objective people seem to have problems with is "to bowl a yorker". A yorker is bowled right up to the stumps and between the bat and closer to the batsman' legs. Once you know the position, its quite easy to bowl it.

    Dynamite in the Field
    Successfully complete all of the fielding lessons.
    The easiest and quickest of the tutorials. Basically the same concept of the previous 2 trophies related to tutorials. Remember to click when the symbol in middle of screen becomes green, while trying to catch a ball.

    Raise the Bat
    Score 50 runs in an innings with a single batsman in single player.
    Check "The Triple Ton" trophy guide for details.

    The Big 100
    Score 100 runs in an innings with a single batsman in single player.
    Check "The Triple Ton" trophy guide for details.

    The Double Ton
    Score 200 runs in an innings with a single batsman in single player.
    Check "The Triple Ton" trophy guide for details.

    The Triple Ton
    Score 300 runs in an innings with a single batsman in single player.
    This and the other runs trophies mentioned above have to be achieved by any ONE batsman in a single innings, without getting out. Use my tips mentioned at the start of the guide and use the "Save" option regularly (in case you get out before completing the runs).

    To make it easier, use a good team with one of the earlier batsmen (as their aggregate for batting prowess is much higher) against a weaker team such as Scotland or Bermuda.
    If you are good at the game, hitting fours and sixers every delivery, then this should take you atleast 10 overs, if you rotate the strike at the end of the over. This will enable the same person to be on strike at the start of each new over.

    I would recommend going for this as well as the "Double Ton" while playing for the "Test Series CHampion".

    Power Hitting
    Hit 6 fours in 6 consecutive deliveries in an innings in single player.
    A four is "the ball being hit by the batsman and bouncing atleast once before reaching the boundary." I find this slightly more trickier than "Blazing Blade". This is because once you learn the game, playing lofted shots and getting sixes becomes quite easy. Moreover, many a times, a ground shot needs exact perfect-timing, in order, for the ball to reach the boundary.

    My advice is use lofted shots but use your analog for the shot to be just inside the boundary. This can be achieved due to the 360-degree batting control that the game introduces. Also save after every delivery, so you can just load the game back up if you dont manage to hit the boundary.

    The Blazing Blade
    Hit 6 sixes in 6 consecutive deliveries in an innings in single player.
    A six is "a ball hit by the batsman and doesnt bounce at all before reaching the boundary and is essentially a lofted shot". Similar to "power hitting" trophy above, use the save option in case you miss a six. Just tilt your left analog all the way in the direction you want to hit the shot to and press for a lofted shot.

    A perfect-timed shot would almost always gain you a six. If you try this with any of the starting batsman, then its much easier. This is because the perfect-time bar is bigger and the shot-power is more, thus, easier to hit a six.

    The Hat Trick
    Take 3 wickets in a row from one bowler in a match in single player.
    A pretty simple trophy to attain, especially with the "save" option. I got this a few times during my normal playthrough of the entire game, but you may choose to go for this trophy anytime you wish.

    Trying to attain this amongst lower-order batsmen would be easier, as their batting skills are comparatively less. Moreover, combine that with a bowler with "full confidence" and increased bowling skills, and this trophy wont give you much bother. I prefer to do this using spinners, as they are my preference. However, you can use any bowler of your choice, as long as 3 consecutive wickets are taken by the same bowler in the same innings.

    Raise the Ball
    Take 5 wickets in an innings with a single bowler in single player.
    You will get this quite naturally as the trophy is pretty easy. All it requires you to do is take 5 wickets at any time, by the same bowler within the same innings. Combine this with the trophy "If you want something done right", in order, to save yourself some extra work.

    If You Want Something Done Right
    Take 10 wickets in an innings with a single bowler in single player.
    Just be slightly careful in this trophy and its pretty easy. The same bowler needs to take ALL 10 wickets in an innings for this trophy. A run out too would spoil this.

    My advice would be to attempt this in Test matches, as there are no restrictions in them and you can use the same bowler for as many overs as you need. Use your preferred bowler and attempt for this trophy, and remember to save after every over of this bowler. This would help to make sure that you can start from where you were, in case, any errors are made while bowling the other bowler's overs. My recommendation would be to try for this trophy while attempting "Test Series Champion".

    Nought and Nought
    Dismiss a batsman for a duck twice in a Test Match in single player.
    Another trophy you can combine while going for "Test Series Champion", in order, to save time. You might get this quite naturally while playing test matches though. A duck is "when a batsman has been dismissed before he has scored even a single run in an innings".

    With a couple of bowlers with high bowling stats, you will dismiss batsmen on a duck regularly. For this trophy the Same batsman needs to be bowled for a "duck" on both innings of the same match. You will automatically get this trophy while going for "King Pair".

    King Pair
    Dismiss a batsman for a golden duck twice in a Test Match in single player.
    Similar to "Nought and Nought" trophy with a slight difference. The batsman needs to be dismissed on his very first ball, in both innings. Again go for this, while playing for the "Test Series Champion".

    What i do is bowl my first innings normally, as i get 1-3 batsmen out for a "duck" on the first delivery they face. Write down the names of these batsmen down. Now when you bowl for the second time, save the match as soon as any of those batsmen come out. Try to do it to the lower-order batsmen to make chances more easier. If you dont get the batsman out, just reload and repeat until you get it.

    Demolition with the Ball
    Bowl the opponent out in 10 overs or less in single player.
    You would definately get this while playing any of the matches, when you go for the series championship trophies. To bowl an opponent out basically means you need to get all of their 10 batsmen out. You have to do this within 10 overs for this trophy and should come pretty naturally. Although you wont need it, but you can use my tips mentioned at start of the guide as well as try against a weaker team for this.

    20 Overs Domination
    Score 200 runs or more in an innings of a 20 Overs Match in single player.
    You can only do this trophy when you play matches that last for 20 overs a side. Thus, you can go for this trophy while trying for "World 20 overs champion" or "20 overs super league champion".

    I never came across the computer making more than 200 runs in a match, so you have to elect to bat first for going for this trophy. You just need 10 runs per over, in order, to make the 200 runs required for this trophy. But i reckon you will be easily making 25-36+ runs per over, once you get used to the batting. This has to be done in the same innings and use the save feature if you find it difficult. You can loose batsmen if it so happens, as long as you attain the 200 runs before loosing all 10 of your batsmen.

    ODI Domination
    Score 300 runs or more in an innings of an ODI Match in single player.
    You will have to do this seperately from a competition series, if you are following my guide. This is because 20 over matches do NOT count towards this trophy, and we wont be playing a ODI competition with more than 5 overs (in which its impossible to score the 300 runs).

    Just start any regular match and choose a ODI game mode with 50 overs. Choose to bat first, and if you loose the toss and are put to field, then just quit and start afresh. Then just follow the tips listed in the "20 overs domination" trophy above, but instead aim for 300 runs.

    Remember it doesnt matter if you loose some wickets on the way, however, save often if you want to be safe. You may choose to do this against a weaker team, though it doesnt make much difference.

    Test Match Domination
    Score 600 runs or more in an innings of a Test Match in single player.
    Pretty similar to the 2 trophies mentioned above - "20 overs domination" and "ODI domination". However, this can be done only in Test Matches, thus, i recommend doing it while going for the "Test Series Champion". As its a test match, it doesnt matter if you choose to do this trophy batting first or second, as atleast one of the teams has to bat twice.

    Be sure to save often as this can take around 20 overs, if not more, to attain this trophy. As before you can loose wickets along the way, as long as you dont loose all 10. Remember, all 600 runs have to be done in the SAME innings. A weaker team would help in this process as the bowlers tend to bowl more easier deliveries, as well as, the fielders seem to drop catches more regularly.

    10 Wicket Defeat
    Win a Test Match by 10 wickets in single player.
    Again i would advise to do this, while going for the "Test Series Champion" trophy. Concentrate on one of your matches to be won in the way required for this trophy.

    In order, to attain this trophy, you need to bat last. This basically means that the opposite team needs to bat first, followed by your innings, followed by opposite team second innings and finally your second innings..

    Playing against a weaker team and with couple of bowlers with high bowling stats, would almost guarantee that you would be able to get them all out under 50 runs. Try to score around or just over the required target and either get all out/or declare your innings (by choosing it from the start menu and "tactics").

    Now bowl the opposite team all out again, so you get to bat again to chase the target. Make sure to attain the target, usually only a few runs, without loosing ANY batsman. This will give you the trophy. You can just play this naturally, until the final innings of your team while batting last (where you may choose to use the save option), so that you can be sure you dont loose any batsman.

    Innings Defeat
    Win a Test Match by an innings or more in single player.
    Again i would advise this to be tried while going for the "Test Series Champion". With the above trophy "10 wicket defeat", you chose to bat second. Now for this trophy, you have to choose to bat first.

    As stated before, playing with a weaker team as well as saving often would help. You should be aiming for the required runs trophies while going for this one too. So make 600 runs while batting first (as that will give you all batting-runs related trophies) and then choose to "declare the innings".

    You will surely get all of the opposite team batsmen dismissed under 100 runs (i usually get them out under 20 runs) and then choose the "follow on" option. Make sure you are not spamming here, as you get one and only one chance to choose the "follow on" option. After this, just get all the opposite team batsmen dismissed again before they reach the remaining target set by you (which i am sure they wont be able to achieve), and this trophy is yours.

    Champions Cup Champion
    Win a full-length Champions Cup in single player.
    The quickest of the championship trophies. Go in "Tournaments -> select Easy -> Champions Cup -> select 5 overs". There are only 5 matches that you need to play in total, in order, to win this tournament. Although sometimes you can afford to loose a match in tournaments, i would advise win ALL matches in this tournament. Once you win the final, you will get the trophy.

    It doesnt matter if you bat first or second, as its only a 5-over match, it won't save you much time either way.

    World 20 overs Champion
    Win a full-length World 20 Overs in single player.
    Go in "Tournaments -> select Easy -> World 20 Overs". Unlike the previous trophy, you are not given the option to be able to shorten the length of the tournament. However, the tournament consists of only 7 matches, thus, its not very long.

    As my tips state, save before start of any match. Try to win the toss,so that you can choose to field first. This is because, you would usually get the opponent all out well within 20 overs, and have a smallish target to chase.. This will ensure you achieve the target in a handful of overs.

    Going the other way around, takes much longer, as you would most probably last the whole of 20 overs and the computer lasts longer while chasing a target. In case, you loose the toss, just reload your save and try again. As before, winning the Finals will gain you this trophy.

    20 Overs Super League Champion
    Win a full-length 20 Overs Super League in single player.
    Easily the most time-consuming trophy of the game. Go in "Tournaments -> select Easy -> 20 overs Super League". The tips mentioned in "World 20 overs champion" apply here too.

    Moreover, the team that you have been playing with for the rest of the trophies, cannot be chosen here as this is only a "league-team" tournament. Basically, its a selection of custom-made teams made by the developers consisting of players from different international teams. However, you can go in "customisation" option in the main menu and swap the players of a league team <-> with the players that you have been increasing stats of.

    I would recommend using "Thunder", as they have 4 spinners, which make taking wickets a breeze. Though, if you are swapping players prior to the tournament, then it really doesn't matter which league team you choose.

    However, this tournament requires you to play 14 league matches, followed by a semi-final and then a final match = 16 matches consisting of 20 overs each side. There is one tip to bear in mind to make this a bit more quicker.

    The first 14 matches require you to be in the Top 4 of the league, in order, to progress to the semi-final stage. Thus, you can easily purposely loose 3-4 matches while playing your first 14. You can do this by electing to bat first, and by simpling throwing your wickets away/getting your batsmen out on purpose. Then the computer can come in to bat and win in 1-3 deliveries, making the match a quick breeze.

    You can constantly check your progress from the tournament statistics, which you can select once the match is over. If you aim to loose the match against teams who are at the bottom of the tournament, then you stand a chance of maybe loosing more matches and still be in Top 4. I have been in Top 4 by loosing 6 of my 14 matches once.

    As before, winning the finals will net you this trophy.

    World Trophy Champion
    Win a full-length World Trophy in single player.
    Go in "Tournaments -> select Easy -> World Trophy -> select 5 overs". Though, you can shorten the overs in this tournament, its still the second-longest tournament to play and consists of 12 matches. The tips mentioned in the "Champions Cup Champion" as well as the "20 overs super league champion" apply here. Win the finals and this trophy is yours.

    - Doesn't matter much who bats first;
    - Save before every match;
    - You can loose 2-3 matches, depending upon the tournament points-board.

    Test Series Champion
    Win a custom Test Series in single player.
    Go in "Tournaments -> select Custom Tournament -> select Test Series-> select Easy -> select 2 matches". Win both the matches or win one and draw the other (highly unlikely), to get this trophy. Playing against a much weaker team like Bermuda or Scotland will help you to dismiss them on a low score in a few overs.

    However, follow the steps below, for combining several other trophies along with this one.

    One Match: Elect to Bat first -
    * Hereby get 600 runs in your innings, thus, netting you all the run-related trophies (except "20 overs domination" and "ODI Domination"). You can even combine the "Blazing Blade" and "Power Hitting" trophies here.
    * While bowling, try the first innings to bowl the batsmen out within 10 overs, thus, netting you the "Demolition with the ball" trophy.
    * Now while bowling for the opposite team' second innings while following on, try for the "If you want something done right trophy. This will also net you the "Raise the ball" trophy. Finishing this match, will net you the "Innings Defeat" trophy too.

    The other match: Elect to field first -
    * Here you may try to get a hat-trick (and in turn get the "Hat-trick" trophy), and bowl atleast one batsman out on the very first ball.
    * Score around or just over your opponent' score while you are batting.
    * Now, you need to get the same batsman out on the first delivery again. This will net you the "King Pair" and "Nought and Nought" trophies.
    * Just chase the target score without loosing a wicket/batsman and you will get "10 wicket defeat" trophy.

    You can choose to do the above matches in whatever order of preference you have. Just save after the first test match and reload your save, if the coin toss doesnt go the way you want for the second match. Also the bowling and some of the batting trophies can be done in either of the matches. Like i try for the King Pair & Hat-Trick naturally in the first match, and if unsuccessul, i do the save method for the second match.

    After the second match is won, you will pick up the cup and get the trophy. Following my method above, will net you most of your trophies and thus, you can play the rest of the tournaments without thinking about them much.

    Legal Notice

    Copyright © 2000 - Present and iEntry. All rights reserved.

    This Guide cannot be republished without the consent of
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