Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challange Trophy Guide
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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


Trophy Difficulty: Moderate
Offline Trophies: 24
Online Trophies: 2
Minimum number of play throughs: 1 (not even one)
Number of miss-able trophies:
Known glitched trophies: 0

Collect all other trophies.
Same as always. Get the rest of the trophies.

Take down one opponent.
You will no doubt get this without trying. It can be achieved at the same time as "Stomped" and only requires you to knock the driver off his sled, while staying on yours.

Take down three opponents in a row without crashing.
You might get this while playing through the campaign. If you do, Id advise ignoring the race and really concentrating on getting one more takeout to get Rampage. Best trick is to hit them on the corners and brake hard straight after. Always attack from the side.

Take down four opponents in a row without crashing.
Can be slightly annoying but not awful. You don't need to boost either. Once you get a really good sled, it becomes simpler. Hit the guys side on at corners, and brake hard so you dont crash into the sides.

Also, if you're pulling up next to an opponent, start nudging them out the way. They sometimes lose control on the edge of pats, which counts to your four takedowns.

Perform a two stunt combo.
This is fairly easy and can be done with even the most basic of snowmobiles. On a bigg jump, quickly fire out a trick. Once its been fully executed (your driver isnt moving about, quickly pull a different one. Then let go of the tricks.
On the bigger jumps, this is fairly simple.

Wire Fu
Perform a three stunt combo.
Not too hard. Better with a good sled, and easier on the stunt courses because of the huge jumps. Either that or the second last race in Canada on the list, " WhiteHorse XC. That has a huge jump. Just choose 3 different tricks and make sure they are ones that don't take too long. You only have to hold the trick for a split second. You have to land the jump for it to count.

Adrenaline Junkie
Stay in adrenaline mode for 30 seconds.
Easiest in Snow Show. THe hardest part of this is learning to not let go of since yo lose your boost. Build your bar up to fiull and start boosting. Stick to the outside of the course. At the side with only 2 jumps, perform two tricks in the air. You don't need to press jump, the momentum will carry you. On the side with three humps, Perform one trick and dont jump. Just let the speed carry you. You should land short of the third jump. If you can, jump and perform another single trick. Repeat this twice and that should be the 30 seconds.

Stay in adrenaline mode for 60 seconds.
The same as the tip above but you have to do it for 1 minute. Note when you start the boost run, and keep an eye on it. Took me four and a half circuits to get roughly one minute 10 seconds.

Unlock half of all unlockables in career mode.
Just play through the game and you unlock these. It isn't too hard but there can be the odd tricky race. If your struggling make sure you are using the best available snowmobile and look to upgrade.

Pack Rat
Unlock all unlockables in career mode.
This is the same as above. But note that there are a few unlockables that aren't just for winning races. There are three for completing the stunt runs in under 2:30minutes. So don't panic if you get gold on all races but this doesn't appear. Go to select sled, and see what you haven't unlocked.

Collect $50000 in career mode without spending them.
This isn't too difficult. You can actually start aiming for this from the very start. It is fairly easy to win the races without buying new parts to improve your sled. You will win quite a few new sleds too, so just keep going and winning and you will have this trophy beforehalfway through your career.

Hold a stunt for 2 seconds.
On any big jump, try and pull a stunt as quickly as possible. Leave enough time to land the jump however, it does take a bit of time for your driver to sort himself out. You have to land the jump for it to count.

Hold a stunt for 4 seconds.
Choosing an aggressive rider and having a fast sled will help. You will probably get this during the career, but a good jump is at the Whitehorse XC in Canada. It has a massive jump (you wont miss it). Very easy to hold any stunt for 4 seconds.

Big Air
Stay airborne for 3 seconds.
You will get this fairly early on just by doing the races. Just press at the lip of a big jump and you should be soaring through the air for 3 seconds. You don't need to actually land the jump properly either.

Stay airborne for 5 seconds.
This might not come naturally as you do require a fast sled and a fast character. Without a doubt, it is easiest on Whitehorse XC. Just hit it fast and hit and you should get this.

Win a career race with your sled intact.
It might take you a few attempts at this, but it will come. Just take your time, and learn the course. If you manage to get an early lead, then it helps as you dont have the sometimes aggresive AI making life difficult.

Perform a backflip.
You don't really need a good driver for this as they are fairly easy. Hit a good steep jump fast and instantly hold and on the left analog stick. Make sure to let go before you land, and keep it straight. Backflips have an annoying tendancy to go off centre.

Double Backflip
Perform a double backflip.
Same as a single but you need a very fast sled, a strong and aggressive character, and I highly recommend Whitehorse XC in Canada. That jump is your token for a hassle free . Hit it straight and fast (no need to boost) and keep it straight. This trophy can be a bit picky on what it classes as a dounle backflip, so keep trying and you will get it... eventually.

Perform a frontflip.
Exactly the same as Backflip but press and on the left analog.

Double Frontflip
Perform a double frontflip.
Exactly the same as Double Backflip, but this time press press and on the left analog. This isn't as hard to land as Double Backflip.

Head Splat
Land on top of another player in an offline match.
This isn't too hard if you are not looking for it. If you purposely try to get it, it could become frustrating. Basically just play through your career and it will come. Its awarded for landing on another player. The game is generous on what it believes to be a head stomp.

Collide with 3 trees in a race.
Nearly every course has trees. Easiest thing to do is aim straight for a tree from the get go. As trees are in a cluster usually, you can usually hit another in the same section after your rider has reset. Hit again...and again. Once the trophy pops up, I recommend restarting the race, you will struggle to win it now.

Collide with the spectators.
You will probably get this without trying. As there are crowds of people all around the course, you are bound to collide with some of them eventually. If you are in a rush, just make a beeline for them, and you will get the trophy.

Online Acrobat
Achieve 20,000 stunt points in a single online match.
Worst trophy of the game due to the entirely dead online. You will have to resort too boosting. People say that its easier to just do a race and take out your boost partner loads, but I found that boring. If you have a good sled and are decent at tricks you can pull this off on a Stunt run. Go to Snow Park, and choose the right side (3 jumps). Do just one trick without pressing and you should land on the downslope of the second slope. Do another trick off the third jump, again without pressing . Now turn around, keeping as much speed as possible. Do the same in the opposite direction. Never use boost. At the start your points are lucky to get over 200 for a jump, but if you keep the momentum up and never break or crash, you will soon be earning well over 500 points a jump. You should easily reach the 20000 target.

(special thanks goes to Mattas22 for giving me these tips, and for helping me with this trophy)

Invite someone to a race.
Go to Multiplayer and select host. Go to racers and choose select a friend. Highlight anyone on your friend list (they don't have to be online or have the game) and invite. Easy.

Lead a race from start to finish.
Strangely enough this is actually pretty easy on the right event. On the uphill races (HX) this seems so simple. Any other style of race and it can be a grind. The first uphill event to unlock is the first race in Norway. You can do this easily with a basic model sled. Just try and avoid any jumps.

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