Singularity Trophy Guide
Written By C.J.

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title

Single Player ~ Start the SP on hard difficulty, compared to most games of this type it isnt that hard to get through. Quite a few of the SP trophies are missable if you don't aim for them, so i would suggest if you only want to do one playthrough that you follow a guide or atleast read all trophy descriptions before starting to play. (WARNING! If you do happen to miss a trophy and or a requirement for a trophy you will have to start a new save a replay the whole game up to the point of earning the trophy you missed.) (TIP! If you die all kills up to the point of dying are saved, this makes it possible to farm the kill/TMD specific trophies, once in a spot where you can farm kills just kill all but the last man. Let him kill you and progress with the farming from the restart point.)

Online ~ There are quite a few online trophies But non really that could be concidered hard to obtain. There are two game modes to play online "Creatures Vs. Soilders" & "Extermination." I would suggest starting with the "Extermination mode" as the "extermination Addict" trophy is the most time consuming trophy. Whilst working through this mode you should aim to net all beacon/kill specific trophies, Once you have the Extermination related trophies move on to "Creatures Vs. Soilders" for the 25 wins and mop up any kill specific trophies you didn't earn in the other mode.


Trophy Difficulty: Easy
Offline Trophies: 34
Online Trophies: 16
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 21
Known glitched trophies: 0

Platinum Singularity
You collected all the trophies for Singularity
Not a hard platinum to obtain really, While you are playing the SP on hard difficulty you will come to a few areas that will slow your progression. Although with a few retries, depending on your FPS skill you can easily overcome the area. There are some online trophies to deal with, but non really pose any problems but they may take a while.

Workers' District
Completed the Workers' District Mission
Simply complete the first chapter for this trophy. After crash landing on the island you are left with nothing but a pistol to defend yourself, not to long into the chapter you will come across your first creature. When you do make sure to aim for the head for a quick kill, if dont you will find yourself wasting alot of ammo and taking a hit or two off the creature.

To complete this chapter you will have to work through ten objectives ~
  • Rendezvous with Devlin.
  • Save the injured man and bring him to safety.
  • Find a weapon to shoot padlock.
  • Get to the radio tower to contact Titan One.
  • The door is blocked; find a way to open it.
  • Get to the guard tower to open the gates.
  • Take out the creatures near the radio tower before moving on.
  • Defend the Radio Tower.
  • Fall back from your position.
  • Follow Kathryn's instructions to escape.

Research Facility
Completed the Research Facility Mission
Simply complete the second chapter for this trophy. You will have the TMD at this point of the game and you will travel back in time, this faces you off against your first set of human soilders. They are alot easier to kill than the creatures so take this oppertunity to net a few of the kill specific trophies.

Towards the end of this chapter you will face your first boss, even on hard it dosen't pose to much of a problem. As you start the fight keep your distance from it, it will begin by throwing exploding barrels at you. Just catch them with your TMD and throw them back at him, repeat the process untill the blue circular membrane appears on his chest. Shoot this till it explodes, you will then be attacked by some normal Zeks deal with them as quickly as possible and take this time to get some of the pick ups that are laid round the edge of the battle area.

When it re-appears it will have a big club to try and hit you with. For this part of the fight move in close to it, when you see it start its swing of the club run to the side (not to far from him.) It will take him a second to lift the club off the floor so quickly run round behind him, and you will see the same circular membrane you shot before on his back. Shoot at it as much as possible before he lifts the club, repeat this process till it explodes. You will once again be attacked by the normal Zeks, deal with them quickly and refill health and ammo with the pick ups round the edge of the room (if you haven't used them all already)

For the final part of the fight when it re-appears it will throw exploding barrels at you again. Do the same as you did for the first part of the fight (catch them with the TMD and throw them back,) this time everytime you throw one back you will see a small membrane appear on its head shoot it as many times as possible. repeat this process untill you finally put it down for good.

To complete this chapter you will have to work through nine objectives ~
  • Search for the Lab of Dr. Barisov.
  • Search for the secret entrance to the vault catacombs.
  • Find Vault Entrance.
  • Use TMD on 1950's time rift in the lab.
  • Save Dr. Barisov.
  • Escort Dr. Barisov to the Lab.
  • Make your way to Barisov's tower.
  • Find the elevator to the administration building.
  • Escort Kathryn to Dr. Barisov's Tower.

Rail Line
Completed the Rail Line Mission
Simply complete the third chapter for this trophy. You will face another boss at the end of this chapter, the fight is simple like the first boss (just shoot at the coloured membrane) but is deffinatly a bit tougher this time round. This time you are shooting at orange membranes, in the first section of the battle there will be four to aim for on the underside of the tick. During the process of shooting them the tick will attack you in two ways, 1. the claw attack, pretty simple to avoid just strafe right to left (i found i got hit less on the left) 2. the bite attack, you will see the tick rear up then open its mouth just shoot the orange inside its mouth to make it rear up. Once you make all four membranes explode two more will appear one on each side of its head, choose a side and shoot at it till it explodes.

When it explodes three more appear on the ticks body, one in the center of it underside and one on the joint of each front leg (go for the legs first as there are the hardest to hit them being smaller.) During this section of the battle you will face the ticks third attack which is to disappear under the platform and appear on random sides (normally behind you) and try to bite you, same deal with this attack shoot the orange in its mouth after a couple of hits it will return to the end of the platform (the best srtatergy here is to keep moving up and down the platform.) After exploding the remaining membranes another will appear on the ticks head (the one you didnt shoot last time,) shoot this to knock the tick off the end of the platform.

Advance through the train carrages watching out for the mini ticks on the way, so far through the big tick attack the carrage you are in and rip its roof off. At this point it is as simple as shooting into its mouth to knock it off the train again, then run right to the end of the train to the TMD power generator. Once the tick attacks again just keep the reticule on the ticks head to finish it one and for all.

To complete this chapter you will have to work through six objectives ~
  • Escape the sewers.
  • Meet Barisov in the control tower.
  • Get to the docks.
  • Defend Kathryn.
  • Rescue Kathryn.
  • Fix the engine.

Central Docks
Completed the Central Docks Mission
Simply complete the fourth chapter for this trophy. Nothing to difficult here, along the way you will face mini Ticks, Reverts and Zeks. Make sure to aim for the head and clear them as quickly as possible.

To complete this chapter you will have to work through four objectives ~
  • Locate the Pearl.
  • Raise the Pearl.
  • Locate the Rear Cargo Bay.
  • Retrieve the E99 bomb.

E99 Processing Complex
Completed the E99 Processing Complex Mission
simply complete the fifth chapter for this trophy. As you progress through this chapter you will encounter two new enemies, one being a Zek with what looks like opticle camouflage (same strtergy as the rest just keep moving and aim for the head. The second is a fat Zek, these Zeks have the added power of being able to revive Zeks you have already killed (best stratergy with these is to take them out first therefore ensuring that you only have to kill everything once.

To complete this chapter you will have to work through ten objectives ~
  • Charge the E99 bomb at the cooker.
  • Locate and use theTMD platform.
  • Activate the hydro generator to supply powergrid.
  • Fight your way across the bridge.
  • Find a Gas Mask.
  • Traverse the abandoned tunnels.
  • Gain entry to the cooker.
  • Find the rail car.
  • Find rift to 1955 cooker / Get the Activation code from Dr. Petrov.
  • Charge the E99 bomb at the cooler.

Completed Singularity
Simply complete the sixth and final chapter for this trophy. At this point you will have the deadlock power and upgraded weapons so any weapon specific trophies you haven't picked up yet i would go for them now. At the end of the chapter you will be faced with three choices, each choice gives you a different end to the game.

To complete this chapter you will have to work through three objectives ~
  • Get to the reactor.
  • Find Barisov's Lab.
  • Stop Demichev.

The Good of the Many
You sacrificed yourself to stop Demichev
This is first of the three choices, by choosing this you kill Demichev, travel back in time and kill yourself whilst trying to save Demichev. Choose this one first, after reload your last save and this time make a different choice.

The Needs of the Few
You chose to live and join Demichev
This is the second of the three choices, by choosing this you just kill Barisov. Make this your second choice and again reload the last save to choose the final option.

One TMD to Rule Them All
You chose to live and rule the world alone
This is the third of the three choices, by choosing this you shoot both Demichev and Barisov. Make this your third and final choice.

Time Master
Completed Singularity on Hard Mode
If you followed the roadmap at the start of the guide you will have this after your first run through. Singularity really isn't a hard game even on this difficulty and the TMD makes things even easier, You will face two bosses and a few tough areas along the way that will prove frustrating for some (dependent on skill.) Just keep retrying and memorising where the enemies are attacking from and you will surly get it.

Pistol Whipped
20 Centurion kills in single player campaign
Centurion ~ You should get this pretty early on, it is the first weapon you have in the game. If you don't though you can always use it against the soilders by finding a weapons locker and farming the kills. When you are going for this make sure there is some distance between you and your target where possible and take your time and aim for the head, this will save on your ammo. Remember if you die the kills you have already got are saved so just rinse and repeat.

A Salt and Battery
40 AR9 Valkyrie kills in single player campaign
AR9 Valkyrie ~ You will get hold of this weapon as you make your way to meet Devlin, once you have it you will use this weapon more than any other playing through the game. This weapon certainly does the job, as long as you have enough distance between you and the creatures you can shoot them anywhere and they will go down. I suggest you aim for the head still though and go for the quickest kill possible. As you will use this gun more than any other there is no reason to farm the kills, the trophy should come not long after picking the weapon up.

Double Barrel
30 Volk S4 kills in single player campaign
Volk S4 ~ This weapon is perfect when the creatures get a little to close for comfort, 1/2 shots to the chest and they are done. I wouldn't waste ammo firing at long distance with this weapon. I used this weapon alot throughout the game and therefore this trophy came quickly and easily for me, but if you dont like this weapon and want to get it out of the way make sure you get as close as possible to the creature before firing to get a quick kill.

The Slower the Better
25 Kasimov SNV-E99 slo-mo kills in single player campaign
Kasimov SNV-E99 ~ This is one of my fave weapons of the game, throughout the game you will find youself in areas that are perfect for getting some sniper kills. Coincidently everytime you find yourself in one of these areas someone has left a sniper rifle lying around for you to have some fun with Whilst looking down the scope if you press and hold you can slow down time for a limited period, this is perfect for lining up those crucial decapitating shots. As mentioned you will come to a few places with a rifle and you can equip it at the weapon locker so there really is no need to farm the 25 kills, but if you want to just get to the first sniper area kill all but the last man, die reload checkpoint then rinse and repeat.

No Time to Bleed
15 Autocannon kills without reloading in single player campaign
Autocannon ~ This trophy can be quite tough, leave it till later in the game when you have upgraded the weapons clip size and damage. Your best chance to get this is when you are facing either the mini ticks or the soilders.

You're a Hit
20 Spikeshot kills in single player campaign
when going for this trophy use this weapon against close quarter enemies as it is less affective against long distance enemies. Another good tip is to aim for groups of enemies as the round explodes and kills/damages enemies around the target. As always with these trophies once you find a good area to farm the kills just keep restarting till the trophy pops.

Roller Derby
20 Dethex Launcher kills in single player campaign
This weapon is very simlar to a grenade launcher but has an interesting alt fire. Use this weapon against soilders as they are more likly to get behind cover giving you chance to send the ball there way, where as the creatures run at you to attack. Hold in the button then press to release the ball, keep held in and use the :ls: to direct the ball round the cover your enemies are behind. Once the ball is at the enemies feet release to explode the ball. Aim for groups of enemies where you can for extra kills and once in a good area use the restart trick to farm them.

Drive By
15 Seeker kills in single player campaign
I got this when i first encountered the weapon in the game and this is my fave weapon of the game. When you fire hold the button you can direct the round right towards the enemies, when the profeeor gives you the weapon position yourself just to the side of the door and keep firing out of it leaving you safe from enemy fire.

Return to Sender
Kill 5 enemies by grabbing rockets and launching them back in single player campaign
After collecting the TMD's gravity upgrade, there are only a couple of places in the game where you can net this trophy. As soon as you come across a soldier with an RPG you should farm the kills there. When you see a soldier fire his RPG press to catch the rocket with the TMD, then take aim and press to fire it back.

Put the Dead in Deadlock
Kill 10 enemies inside a Deadlock in single player campaign
You eventually recieve the TMD's deadlock upgrade, this enables you to fire a big blue ball towards a group of enemies. Anything caught inside the ball is slowed down giving you plenty of time to blow it away. Hold to charge the deadlock and to fire it. There should be no need to farm this trophy as you get plenty of oppertunity to use the deadlock throughout the game.

Up Close and Personal
Kill 20 enemies with Impulse in single player campaign
Get as close as possible to your enemy and press to fire the impulse with your TMD (only available once upgrade is found). It is not a guarunteed first hit kill so if you are facing anything other than soldiers it may be worth firing a few bullets into them first. I would get this out of the way by farming it when you find a good spot as i didnt tend to let the enemies get close to me before killing them.

Fire and Ice
Kill 10 enemies with Propane Tanks or Cryo Tanks in single player campaign
Throughout the game you will see red and blue tanks, these tanks can be used in two ways. First using the TMD's gravity upgrade you can grab them by pressing then to fire them at the enemies. Second you can wait till an enemy moves close to the tank then shoot it. There are plenty of oppertunitys throughout the game to use the tanks but once in a good spot i would farm it and get it out of the way.

Time Bandit
Grab 5 Shields from enemies in single player campaign
When you see an enemy with a riot shield sit behind some cover so he has to come towards you. As soon as he gets close enough press to use the TMD's gravity upgrade and grab the shield.You only need 5 shields so not really any need to farm these as you will see plenty of them before the game ends.

Ashes to Ashes
Age 15 soldiers to Dust in single player
To do this you aim at the soldier and press which activates the TMD's aging upgrade and turns your enemies to dust. No need to farm here you will get plenty of chances to do this.

Night of the Living Revert
Turn 15 soldiers into Reverts in single player campaign
You will eventually pick up an upgrade that gives you the power to turn soldiers into reverts. You do this by double clicking quickly, again no need to farm this as there is plenty of opertunity throughout the game.

Fully Armed
Fully Upgraded 1 Weapon in single player campaign
To buy upgrades for you weapons you collect weapon tech and find a weapon locker. To fully upgrade a weapon you will need 9 weapon tech briefcases, there are plenty to be found throughout the game. Weapon tech locations are as follows ~
  1. First weapon upgrade and weapon locker is in the building at the end of level 1 where you and Devlin get surround and shot on by the helicopter.
  2. At the beginning of the second level, you walk up some stairs being creeped out by a teleporter, walk into a room and the blue suitcase is on your right.
  3. Once you obtain the TMD, you revert a stair case and there will be a weight you can revert and age. Using this will give you a lift to a platform which contain another upgrade.
  4. Start of the level 3, after taking the elevator down and receiving deadlock powers. Go straight past the weapon locker, look to the wall on the left, hop in the duct and crawl out the other side to receive the weapon tech.
  5. Another weapon tech where you meet the Doc as he instructs you to go to the docks, same room as Medic blueprint.
  6. In the tunnel sewer system after the long crane ride. In the area where you age a vine to push up a gate to pull a crate to you so you can hop into a tunnel. You’ll see a dead body fall down inside the tunnel on the left with the weapon tech strapped to him.
  7. Stage 4 inside the boat after you run around outside after picking up the Dethex Launcher, you’ll drop down a staircase once inside and down a hallway, all the way down is a weapon locker and weapon tech.
  8. On the boat in the cargo hold area, you’ll reach a room where you’ll down 2 mutants and 2 soldiers and there’s an augmenter machine. Look out to the right through the grated walls and see a weapon tech kit on top of a container, pull it to you with gravity.
  9. Stage 5 in the Phase Tick passageways. Take a right at the first T-intersection then a left and crouch through the opening. Dive under water and surface in the next room to find your weapon tech.
  10. Once you get out of the Phase Tick passageways you’ll find yourself jumped by a huge crawler that shoots lasers, crazy! Shortly after killing the first one another will drop, after the second one is dead there is a weapon tech on the ground by them.
  11. After you kill the blob monster you’ll go in a building and come out in a walkway and water filled area. Find a switch to drain the water, then on the ground look for a tunnel. Follow that tunnel into a building which holds a weapon tech.
  12. After the abandoned tunnel, you’ll take an elevator to a room, TMD a switch to get past a red door then head down 1 set of stairs, turn around head outside and in the next room you’ll find the weapon tech.
  13. In Stage 6 after Barisov tells you that you need to split up and he stays back, you’ll walk into a room with a bunch of transparent still soldier, weapon tech is behind the console in the center.
  14. After grabbing the TMD upgrade which turns your device green, blast the vent behind the upgrade machine and crawl through and drop down to find a weapon tech.
  15. Once you make your way back to the vault room you go inside and past a central structure following a walkway and come into a room, head into the smaller room to the left once inside for another weapon tech.

E99 Tech Geek
Purchased 10 different Hero Upgrades in single player campaign
You must purchase 10 hero perks from an Augmenter, to make these perks available you must first find the blueprints scattered around the chapters. You only need to buy the first level of each perk to net the trophy (some but not all have more than one upgrade level). Blueprint locations are as follows ~
  1. Heartiness ~ After returning from 1950 you’ll find it on the desk near the first Augmenter.
  2. Iron Lung ~ After getting the Gravity upgrade for your TMD you’ll find this underground by the decapitated soldier.
  3. Energetic ~ After getting jumped by the brute, drop down to the outside, climb up some crates and you’ll see about 5 soldiers. Take care of them, then walk up the stairs, the blueprint is found in the corner after the first small set of stairs.
  4. Stamina ~ In the air ducts after the stage 3 boss throws you out of the tunnels. You’ll go past a fan with a container to the right after that. Collect that go to the other end and climb out of the air duct, the blueprint sits on a crate to the left.
  5. Medic ~ Right after Stamina, walk through a blue door, the desk directly in front of you has the blueprint.
  6. Inventory ~ Stage 3 sewer system after the weapon tech in the sewer. In the area where you lower the vine to reach a container. You’ll see a red door to the right, TMD the switch next to it to open the door, blueprint is in the room. Same area you get the Reversion TMD power.
  7. Defensive ~ In a side room to the left of the hallway after you rescue Kathryn.
  8. Forge ~ Same place as Defensive, they’re right next to each other.
  9. TMD Ammo ~ Stage 4 after you have to pull a crate out of phase and use it to jump over a wall, blast out some tripwire plants and as you proceed up a small set of stairs look left, it’s behind a grate for you to grab.
  10. Armor ~ inside the boat after picking up the Dethex Launcher, same area as a weapon tech, but make sure you pick up the tech first as the door will close behind you.

Time's on My Side
Purchased 5 different TMD Equipment items in single player campaign
As above these are bought at any Augmenter once you have found the relative blueprint. Blueprint locations as follows ~
  1. Tech Savvy ~ Underground room after you pick up the Iron Lung blueprint, use the crate to reach the highest ledge.
  2. Scientist ~ Room where you meet back up with the Doc, room also contains Medic blueprint and Weapon tech.
  3. Search and Destroy ~ After the long crane ride you’ll be inside a building and find this blueprint on a desk shortly inside.
  4. Energized ~ Stage 4 after you hop off the train, climb the broken platform then revert it and walk across to the next room, you’ll see the blueprint on the console as you enter.
  5. Healer ~ Posted on a wall in the area you grab the E-99 bomb at.
  6. Wrapper ~ After crossing the bridge to the cooker in stage 5, you’ll head in a side door, battle a dozen enemies, then enter a large room and take out a crawler. Next use TMD on the barrel to raise and lower a platform which will then let you drop into a building and the blueprint is found in a locker.
  7. Field Doctor ~ After wrapper head downstairs and further through the corridors you’ll reach a large room with lockers, it’s inside a locked locker.

Pen Pal
Used the TMD to find 15 Chrono-Notes in single player campaign
Throughout the game you will spot glowing blue paint on walls, aim with the TMD and press and that section of wall will be repaired reveling a hidden note. Most are very hard to miss and they are in great abundance throughout the game, making this trophy very easy to net.

Stay After Class
Used the TMD to revert 10 Chalkboards in single player campaign
As with the Chrono-notes above the chalkboards are in great abundence throughout the game, making this an easy trophy also. When you spot one aim the TMD and press

Revert Bomber
Killed 10 enemies by aging a Revert and having it explode near them in single player campaign
The easiest time to get this is against groups of soldiers. Turn one of the soldiers in the group into a revert by double tapping , then hit again to age the revert as it attacks the other soldiers in the group. Once this done either wait untill it explodes by its self or shoot it to make it explode, killing the other soldiers. This trophy is a pain to do so i would suggest once a good spot is found you farm the kills.

That Wheel?
Found the wheel. Will they ever explain this?
In the back of room where you collect the unlimited TMD energy upgrade you will find a vent grate. Knock down the grate and follow the corridor to the end where you will find a ladder, at the bottom of the ladder you will find the wheel.

Mother My Brain Hurts
Discovered the strange E99 specimen and what it morphs people into
Whist working your way through the pearl you will come across the Dethex launcher for the first time. In this same room there is a switch (dont pull this till you have the trophy) and a locked door with a briefcase behind it in plain view from the doors window. Go right from the locked door and you will see a metal grate running up the wall, at the foot of the grate there is a gap. Hold to release the dethex ball then use and (jump) to direct the ball into the gap and round the little maze that follows. Eventually you will get the ball underneath the locked, once there release to blow the door. On the right wall you will see the glowing blue paint that tells you there is a chrono-note, press to reverse time and net the trophy.

Extermination Expert
Play 5 public matches of Extermination
Singularity has two online game modes Extermination & Creatures Vs. Soldiers, Start by playing Extermination and you will pick this trophy up whilst working your way to "Extermination Addict" You don't need to win the match but you need to be part of it from start to finish, so jumping in a game half way through will not count towards it.

Extermination Addict
Play 100 public matches of Extermination
This isnt a hard trophy just time consuming, again you do not need to win just take part in 100 full games. If you start so far through a game or quit out before the end that match will not count towards this trophy.

Extermination Master
Win 25 public matches of Extermination
Depending on your team this trophy can be quite tough, you dont need to be the best player in the game, you just need to be on the winning team. A stratergy all depends on your team really, if you get a team that is activly going for the beacons then concentrate on defending them but if your team is getting wiped out then try and take a different route to the beacon and attempt to activate it yourself. No matter your skill on this game whilst playing through 100 matches of Extermination the chances of you being on the winning team 25 times is pretty high.

CvS Master
Win 25 public matches of Creatures Vs. Soldiers
As with Extermination the difficulty of this trophy depends on your team, the aim being to get the most kills before the time limit playing a round as both creatures and soldiers. You may be lucky and get this trophy quickly, if not keep at it as you will be dropped on the winning team at some point. A good stratergy i used whilst playing this (and most other nline shooters) is to flank the main battle area and take out the enemy from behind.

Creature Hater
Renew 25 beacons in Extermination (public match)
You should easily get this whilst working towards "Extermination Addict" Just approach the beacon press to start the repair, when you see a countdown appear that is job done and you can move to the next beacon. There are three beacons per round.

Creature Lover
Kill 15 soldiers with each creature (public match)
Very easy to net, you can keep track of how many kills you have had with each creature in the stats menu. You arn't restricted to a game mode with this so you will more than likly have this before finishing "Extermination Addict" The four creature types are Zek, Radion, Phase Tick and Revert.

Kill 15 soldiers with a Zek barrel (public match)
Whilst using the Zek press to make an exploding barrel appear then aim and press to throw the barrel. Make sure to aim a bit above your target if throwing them a good distance.

Zekky Style
Kill 15 soldiers from behind with the Zek (public match)
Another easy one to pick up, best stratergy is to sit in a quiet corner on the edge of the main battle area and wait for an enemy to walk/run past you, then hit him before he even knows your there.

Hot Lunch Special
Kill 25 soldiers with the Revery puke (public match)
Hold to use the puke attack, no stratergy here just charge the main battle area and start puking and you will net this trophy quickly.

Bombs over Katorga
Kill 25 soldiers with the Radion's lob attack (public match)
Again used by pressing , this attack is handy at long distance and it shouldnt take long to aquire 25 kills with this weapon.

In yo Face
Possess 15 soldiers with tick leap attack (public match)
Charge the soldier and press to leap at his head, you can either risk getting shot before you get chance to leap by charging the main battle area or use the above stratergy of waiting in a quiet corner and leaping at passers by to make it a bit easier.

Talk to the Hand
Kill 25 creatures with the Bruiser's Impulse Power (public match)
The impulse power isn't much use unless used against weakened enemies or ticks, therefore making this rophy a bit of a pain. Best stratergy fire your gun whilst charging the enemy to weaken them, then when close enough hit them with the impulse by hitting .

Dr. Time
Use the Healer's power to restore 25 soldiers to full health (public match)
Concentrate on following your team mates around and wait untill they get injured, you heal them by pressing . You need to heal them till there health is back to 100% for it to count towards the trophy.

Don't Touch Me!
Kill 15 creatures with the Lurker's reflective shield damage from a melee attack (public match)
You press to activate the shield, the shield only last a few seconds so you have to time it right. Get in close to an enemy so you give them no choice but to melee you, when you see them go for the melee hit the shield. This is a tricky one to get but as they say practice makes perfect.

The VP Treatment
Possess a soldier, then shoot another soldier in the face (public match)
You can get this in conjunction with "in yo face" after exacuting the ticks leap attack use the gun of the soldier you have possesed to shoot another soldier. Its a bit of a pain but again a bit of practice and luck and you should get this quickly. Best stratergy would be to move away from the main battle area as there will be less people to interupt your leap attack.

Travel 585 meters using the Blitzer's Teleport power (public match)
This is a very easy one to obtain and will probs be one of the first online trophies you get. When you press you teleport a short distance, you can also teleport through solid matter ie walls and closed doors. You can get this quickly by spamming it.

Get highest number of kills in a public match
Your skill comes into play majorly with this trophy, but hopefully by the end of getting "Extermination Addict" you will have enough skill to pick this up. You need the highest kill count of both teams to net the trophy.

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