Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Trophy Guide
Written by Wright316uk

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Going After The Smoke Mirror
First i recommend just plaything through the game picking up any artifacts weapons ect. as you find them until the game completes either on your own or with a friend. you can even do the multiplayer trophies with just one person as its not hard to switch between two controllers.

After the game is complete revisit the different levels and complete the challenges one by one some may take several attempts but try thinking of what bonus's you are using from your artifacts try looking for ones that give you + speed and what eva boost you need.


Trophy Difficulty:Moderate
Offline Trophies: 12
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 0
Known glitched trophies: 0

A Friend in Need
Play Co-op Mode
A very easy trophy simply start a multiplayer game and the trophy will unlock.

Leap of Faith
Catch Totec with the grapple while he is jumping over a death fall
During a Multiplayer match find a ledge on any level where it will be possible for you to die if you were to fall. Now position Lara at the edge of the drop and have Totec run and jump into the gap by pressing while running near the edge, at that moment with Lara press and hold to grapple Totec and pull him up to safety.

Return to Sender
Reflect an enemy's projectile back to him using Totec's shield
Start a Multiplayer game and select the second level Temple Grounds. right near the start there are some enemies that will fire balls of white light at you . While you are Totec wait until the enemy fire it at you and press to raise your shield and hopefully reflect it back at the enemy who send it. if it kills another enemy instead of hitting the sender it will not count.

Three birds, one stone
Kill 3 enemies with one bomb
This Can easily be done get to an area where there are 3 or more enemies. to drop a bomb press now wait till there are 3 enemies within the bomb radius and press again to detonate if it doesn't kill the group of 3 enemies simply drop another bomb and blow the 3 up again until they die and the trophy will unlock.

Jump Jump
Jump from Totec's shield while he is jumping
During a multiplayer game get Totec to raise his shield over his head by pressing . Now have Lara jump on his shied and stand on it. Now press with Totec to make him jump and at the same time have Lara press and jump of his shield. The trophy will now be yours.

Beat a Better Mousetrap
Activate all of the spikes at once in the Spider Tomb spike field
During level 3 you will come across a challenge that you have to activate all the spikes in one go.For this i have drawn a very simple picture that can be viewed in the spoiler below simply start in the top right hand corner and follow the green line on the picture until you get to the safe tile to unlock this trophy.


Earn the top score objective in any level
Each level has three score objectives which you can view by pressing on each level for the trophy you have to earn the top score that is presented to you on each level. There are certain things you should factor when going for this trophy:

When you are killing enemies your power bar increases when you get the bar half way full your kills are worth x2 the amount of each enemy kill if the power bar is full you will receive x3 per kill which all racks up more points. You should also note that if you get hit by an enemy you power bar will go down to zero again and you will once again have to fill it up to get your x3 bonus back.

If you die within the levels you also loose some points. if you are dying multiple times i doubt you will receive enough points to get the top ranking score.

Also check every area including the orange glowing tombs you may have already done as there could be gems or enemies for you to kill that will all add up to getting the high score.

Finally gems are worth 1200 points each and are usually scattered around the levels also they sometimes drop from enemies so be sure to pick up any that you see along the way.(Please note that not only do gems give you 1200 points they all add power to the power bar)

Seeing Red
Collect all 10 red skulls in any single level
In each level there is a challenge to find 10 red skulls simply find all 10 skulls on any level to unlock this trophy.

Complete any level-specific Reward Challenge
While playing through the game you will have numerous challenges on every level that you must complete. you can view each levels challenges while playing that level by pressing . All you have to do for this Trophy is to complete any challenge, The first one you come to is to jump on the 7 pots without touching the ground you will know when you reach this challenge as it will pop-up on screen. simply do this easy challenge and the trophy is yours.



Tomb Raider
Collect all relics, artifacts and weapons
This Trophy is the most time consuming of the entire trophy list you will need to acquire all relics, artifacts, and weapons for this you must Complete all top score challenges. Complete all level time challenges. Find every Relic,artifact and weapon that are scattered in the different levels and also the other different challenges that each level presents you with.

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