Flight Control HD Trophy Guide
Written by Dhiraj1

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title
The game is quite easy to 100% in a short time. The quickest way to approach the 100% would be:
- Tutorials;
- Play once on each map;
- Mop up any remaining trophies on any of the maps of your choice.

PS: This game can be played via the normal controller as well as the MOVE controller. I recommend playing this with the MOVE, as i personally found it much easier.


Trophy Difficulty: Easy
Offline Trophies: 12
Online Trophies: None
Minimum number of play throughs: 1+
Number of miss-able trophies: All trophies are missable in essence, however most of them are gained naturally while playing the game and some you would have to consciously try for.
Known glitched trophies: 0

Safety Card
Read the game tutorial

Quite a simple trophy. Just go in the "Tutorials" when the game starts. Now just keep pressing "Next" until all pages are finished, and the trophy will pop when you reach the final page.

First Flights
Land an aircraft on each airfield

As the title says, just choose a map and land atleast one aircraft (jet/plane/helicopter) on each one. It doesnt matter if you crash after landing 1 aircraft.

You can see the stats on each map, after you have played once on them if you want to check the progress. Once you have landed atleast 1 aircraft on each and every map, the trophy will pop after you have done the last remaining map.

Jet Power
Land 10 jets in a game

Jets are the slightly bigger planes than the normal ones. They move doubly fast too. For the trophy to unlock, you need to land 10 of these in any 1 game.

PS: There have been rumours that the trophy is easier than the description. Couple of people have reported that it only requires Any 10 aircrafts to land in 1 game for the trophy to pop.

Reach 100 'Total Aircraft Landed'

Simple enough trophy and one you would get quite naturally. Its a cumulative trophy and just needs a total of 100 aircrafts to be landed in the game. All maps count towards this trophy and it doesnt need to be on one map alone.

Helicopter Love
Land 3 helipoters in a row
For this trophy you need to land 3 helicopters in a row. What it means essentially, is that you cannot land any other aircraft in between these. What i would recommend is to wait for 3 helicopters to accumulate on the field, and then just land these. Keep landing other aircrafts in the meantime, until 3 helicopters appear.

What the trophy description fails to add is that these 3 helicopters have to be landed on the Same helipad. I did this on the first map, as that has only 1 helipad and is pretty easy.

Rush Hour
Land 5 aircraft within 10 seconds
There are basically 2 ways of earning this trophy.
Firstly, just dont land any aircrafts when you first start a stage. As soon as 5 aircrafts have appeared on the map, land these one after another and you should get this trophy.

Alternatively, if you just play a map long enough, the aircrafts come quite quickly and in order to manage them you will have to land them rapidly too. Thus, this trophy would just come naturally whilst doing so.

Holding Pattern
Keep the same aircraft in the sky for 3 minutes
When you load up a map, Dont press any buttons. By doing this, no other aircraft would come on screen for almost a minute. After this, just keep landing other aircrafts that appear and dont touch your first aircraft which you started the map with. By keeping this aircraft in air for 3 minutes, you will attain this trophy.

You can also go for this trophy while trying for the "Restrainer" trophy.

Land no aircraft for 3 minutes
Similar to "Holding Pattern" trophy, only difference being that you cannot land Anyaircraft for 3 minutes. I would suggest trying this on a larger map which would give you more room to maneavour. Again, dont press any buttons when you load up a map, due to which no other aircraft will enter the airfield for a minute.

With the large space on a map, you can just move the aircraft around without landing and dont let them crash onto one another. Try to keep them off the edges, so that you dont hit any oncoming aircrafts. After 3 minutes of landing no aircraft, you will attain this trophy.

Perfect Timing
Land 3 aircraft at the same time
Trickiest trophy in the game, but thats not saying much in terms of difficulty. I would recommend the bigger maps for these, as again you would have more space for your trying your tactics. Try to keep 3 different coloured aircrafts remaining on the map, whilst landing the others.

Draw circular routes along the respective runways for these 3 aircrafts, until all 3 are hovering above their runways. Now land these precisely at the same time, and once this happens you will get the trophy. This might take a few tries to get the hang of the timing.

I got this trophy naturally whilst attempting the "Wings" trophy.

Crowded Sky
Reach 20 'Most Aircraft on Screen'
You get the warning "Most Aircraft on Screen" when the airfield is crowded and there is no more space left for any new aircrafts to enter. I got this naturally whilst going for Wings, Perfect Timing and Restrainer trophies. You can get this naturally whilst playing the game too, as later on the stages, there is a tendency of the airfield getting totally crowded.

This is a cumulative trophy and doesnt need to be done on the same map.

Play 200 games in total
You can get this naturally by playing 200 games in total, but that will easily take you a few hours. Quickest way is:

- Load up a map;
- Initialize the "fast mode" option;
- Crash the first 2 aircrafts that enter the airfield onto each other;
- "Game over" occurs;
- Reload the same map;
- Rinse and repeat!

Using this method, you will have the trophy within an hour, as each attempt takes only a few seconds.

Land 200 aircraft in a game
Map 5 is easily the best map to attempt this trophy. Once you get the hang of the changing airfields due to the wind, you should attain this trophy with relative ease. Note that this has to be the Same map, and is Not a cumulative trophy.

I would advise to land the red jets as soon as they appear on the map. These move quite quickly and thus are harder to move around with the slower aircrafts. Keep an eye out for the runways changes. Many a times it gives you the option to re-route you aircraft, as a closer runway option opens up. This saves having more clutter on the airfield and will help you land aircrafts easily.

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