Deathspank Thongs of Virtue Trophy Guide
Written by Wright316uk

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On The Path of Virtue
As with the other Deathspank game you will find that most of the trophies will come with natural progression through the game. the only thing that you might have to mop up at the end is the 3000 kills as there alot less groups of chickens like there was in the first game. Other than that have fun and enjoy!


Trophy Difficulty: Easy
Offline Trophies: 12
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 1
Known glitched trophies: 0

Orque Imposter
Convince an Orque Guard you are an Orque
This will be the first trophy you unlock during your adventure. you will need to gather the necessary items to make a fake I.D. which consists of a pen which can be found from the giant chicken to the right of the POW camp. Ink what you can gather from the Jungle octopus and toilet paper which you can get by following the patch round from where the jungle octopus is. after you have killed the blobs in this area you will over hear 2 Orques talking and he will tell you the password to get over the bridge so remember it.You can now combine the pen with the ink and then the ink with the paper in your key items to make your fake I.D Just north of the POW camp you will pick up a Orque uniform off the mobs once u have all 5 pieces equip them. head to the bridge just north and talk to the Orque across the other side, he will ask to look at your papers and then ask for the password. Choose the correct password in which u learnt earlier and he will lower the drawbridge. Simply go across it and the trophy will be yours

Death of a Penguin
Kill the Evil Nun
To get access to kill the nun you first need to get into the catacombs which can be found in the sanctuary.To gain access to the catacombs you will need to burn 5 forbidden (red) books on the altars the 1st one is already in the altar room. the second one you have to kill Mr.Frangtangle to receive his book. the last 3 can be found in the library.stand in the middle of the books and you will descend into the catacombs. when you reach the area where the nun is you need to deactivate the 5 beams that is shielding her

Altar of Beatrice
Altar of Lucy
Altar Of Susan
Altar of Walter
Alter of Albert

once you have done all 5 talk 2 the nun in the middle after a little dialogue she will attack you.She will take the forms of all the statues around you starting with Beatrice. this form is easy the move she uses is that she will knock inventory from you such as weapons and items and you will have to pick them up again in order to use them.Next she will become Lucy who will take your money and will also shoot lasers at you. the next form will be Susan, Susan will spit poison at you and slow you down with green goo.the next form will be Albert who shoots red beams at you which makes you turn tiny and become confused for a few seconds.the last form is Walter, who will switch around your weapon slots for a limited time so be careful on what your pressing when they change or you may just blow yourself up. After all that you will fight Mother Maria etcetera who will you all the powers of the previous 5 forms. once you have killed her the trophy will be yours.

Please note that if you die during fighting any of the forms you will have to start from the 1st form again.

Primp V.I.P.
See all 20 of Madame Primp's Outfits
This Trophy is missable if you kill madame Primp before you have done this.When you reach the town of Strumfuquel you will find Madam Primps Brothel.Go inside and talk to her she will offer you her services but if only if your in the armed forces.To prove it you will need a dog tag ( you should have picked up more than one by now) give it to her and use her services each time it will cost you $1 go through the list below and take note of which positions you have done until you have done them all:

The Saucy Sasquatch
Purple Pagoda
The Plaid Bagpipe
Make Heroic Whoopie
Double Von Prong
Bishop's Scepter
The Isosceles Inversion
The Twirling Fantastic
The Forbidden Planet Dance Party
Patty Cake
Gorilla's Wheelbarrow
The One-Eyed Pirate
Spider Monkey
You Must Be This High To Ride.
The Birds and the Bees
Rubber Chicken with a Pulley in the Middle
Chunky Peanut Butter
The Skillful Zombie
The john Galt Railway
Totally Traditional

$20 lighter you should have now unlocked the trophy

Well Educated
Get an Engineering Degree

This trophy is story related.When you get to strumfuquel you will do a quest for a train engineer that spans over several parts by clearing different blockages along the way for the train to get through when you reach the last engineer you will receive a cut scene and the trophy will unlock.

Raise Your Mast
Go Sailing in a Pirate Ship
For this Trophy you will have to complete 3 tasks for the pirate in Scurvyville. He asks you to bring 3 items to him before he will let you use his pirate ship they are a lemon a bottle of rum and the keys to the ship.
You can find a lemon from the lemon tree outside strunkens house to the north west of the destroyed city.

For the rum you will need to go to strumfuquel and the haunted crotch. However before the barkeep will sell it you you will have to get his licence back from Wortten (see To Serve Men)once you have it head back to the Haunted Crotch and buy a bottle of rum

Finally the keys were stole from Plaid Pete. Head back to Plaid Pete's Outhouse and you will find him in the cave just above it. defeat him 2 get the keys. Hand in all 3 items and he will let you use his ship head up north press to board the ship and set sail . The trophy is now yours.

Learn to Speak Japanese
This Trophy will be unlocked whist doing the mission that you have to kill Wortten . Please see To Serve Men for more details.

Dispenser of Justice
Kill 3000 enemies
This trophy will be gained while playing through the game simply kill 3000 enemies to unlock this trophy

To Serve Men
Kill Wortten
To get to Wortten you must first become an employee of T.G.I.W for this you will need to do three parts

Firstly go inside worttens factory and kill the ninja orques for there vests and flairs. once you make it to the employee break room you will will find a Untorn vest on the Wall (Also you will find the Liquor Licence on the wall as well for the Haunted crotch so u can buy the rum towards the trophy Raise Your Mast) when you have 6 flairs combine them with the untorn vest.

Next you will need to head to the infirmary and get a drugs test which can be found south of the factory.

finally head out of the factory and go back to the strumfuquel and next to the Haunted Crotch is a newspaper stand Pick one up and read what date is on it it will be either Febtober, Octember, Marple or Steve. if you've already picked up a library card check the date to see if its the same as the newspaper. If not head back to the library and get a new card with the matching date to the newspaper. Head back to Strumfuquel and speak to Tina The Taco Wench ad ask for the Birthday Cake Special . She will then sing you a song you must remember what she sings.

Now that you have all 3 parts done equip your new employee vest and head back to the factory. talk 2 the receptionist once again and hand in the 3 quests including singing the birthday song correctly and she will give you a employee card that lets you access the closed off area, make your way through this new area until you reach worttens office.Talk to Wortten in the middle of the room and you will be soon apart of a cooking competition. after talking to wortten talk to the judges at the top of the room . You will find that you cannot understand them as there speaking Japanese.leave the factory once more and go back to the library check the 1st bookshelf to find a new book Learn to Speak Japanese( this will also unlock the trophy Konichiwa). head back to wortten's yet again and speak to the judges what will tell you there favourite dish is. talk to the orphan and tell him the ingredients the judges just told you. feed the judges with the item you have just picked up and they will get the ninjas to attack Wortten. Simply now hack and slash away at her until she is defeated and the trophy will be yours.

A True Hero
Reach Level 20
If you are progressing through the game doing all of the quests this will come naturally to you and you should become level 20 before you hit The North Pole.

Mystic Transport
Discover all 44 Teleporting Outhouses
Here is a complete list of all the Outhouses as i found them during the game there is one that is easily missed but i have let you know below the location of it
  • First Teleporting Outhouse
  • Battlefield Outhouse
  • Navy Dock Outhouse
  • Poque La Tete Outhouse
  • Beaux Kuckelle Outhouse
  • Blizbane's Outhouse
  • destroyed outhouse
  • Ima Strunken Outhouse
  • Field Outhouse
  • Jungle Entrance Outhouse
  • Jungle Outhouse
  • Mountain Base Outhouse
  • Mountain Pass Outhouse
  • Plaid Pete's Outhouse
  • Piratey Outhouse
  • Mountain Detour Outhouse
  • Snowy Mountain Outhouse
  • Dark Forest Outhouse
  • Sanctuary Outhouse
  • Tricore 7 Outhouse
  • Haunted Farm Outhouse
  • Strumfuquel Outhouse
  • Dino Graveyard Outhouse
  • Oily Outhose
  • Desert Outhouse
  • Oasis Outhouse
  • Red Orque's Outhouse
  • Blood Mountain Outhouse
  • Shack Outhouse
  • Wortten's Outhouse
  • Crazy Husband Outhouse
  • X Island Outhouse
  • Skeleton Island Outhouse
  • Chicken Island Outhouse
  • Greem Island Outhouse
  • Spider Island Outhouse
  • Frost Outhouse
  • Cave Island Outhouse
  • Shamrock Outhouse
  • Hot Island Outhouse ( This island is not on the world map but can be found directly south of Spider Island)
  • North Pole Outhouse
  • Christmas Outhouse
  • Reindeer Outhouse
  • Launar Outhouse

Ruin Christmas
Kill Santa Claus
There is also 3 parts to this Quest before you can even get to the north pole to fight Santa. The Army General in Fort Discharge wants you to get 3 things for him he wants a chunk of gold , Gun Parts and he also wants you to map out the North Pole for him

For the chunk of gold you will need to kill Madame Primp(make sure you have done the PRIMP V.I.P trophy before you kill her other wise you wont be able to get it). Tell her that you want to use her services doesn't matter which one and while she changes check out her treasure chest and take note of what the key shape is. Head back to the locksmith in LE Beaux Kuckelle and get him to make you a key to fit the chest. Head back to Madame Primps and use her services again, while shes is changing open her chest. She will then attack you , killer her and take her heart made out of gold.

Gun parts can be gained from the Monks below the sanctuary in the catacombs . just keep killing them until you have enough parts.

To map out The North Pole get in your Pirate Ship and sail around the north pole, you will see 10 Buoys in the way round sail past them to activate them.

once you have done all 3 tasks go back to the Army General and hand them in. He will then ask you to speak to him once your ready to leave for The North Pole. Talk to him and watch the cut scene. make your way through The North Pole and you will encounter Santa whoever he will Stun you and you will awaken in a new area. Escape this new area and you will find Santa's Reindeer's kill them to Receive reindeer earmuffs and then equip them. Head back to Santa Once more and he will try the same trick again but this time it wont work and so he will summon his Coal Monster defeat him and the trophy will be unlocked.

A Tale of Two Endings
Watch Both Game Endings
When you have killed Santa Sandy will give you another package give it to the Thongalith on the North Pole in return he will give you a Miniature Outhouse. Use it and it will teleport you to Sandy's Lunar base. Make your way through the new area until you reach Sandy who will give you two options. it doesn't matter which one you choose. After the cut scene has finished and credits have rolled press continue and it will put you back at the start of the Launar Base , once again make your way through the base and talk to Sandy but this time choose the option you didn't choose last time.

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