Call Of Duty Classic Trophy Guide
Written by llewdiskram

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap

Playthrough 1: Complete the game on Hardened, see trophy for tips on this mode. The difficulty trophies are not stackable. The reason for starting on Hardened is it's only slightly easier than Veteran, but will give you a guideline of what's to come on Veteran.

Playthrough 2: Complete the game on Veteran, see trophy for tips on this mode. The difficulty trophies are not stackable. After playing on Hardened, you will have an idea of what's to come and be aware that this playthrough gives you no health pick ups. So be careful not to get hit too much.

Playthrough 3: Complete the game on Regular, will be very easy after the above. The difficulty trophies are not stackable. This playthrough will be a piece of cake, although quite tiresome after the first two playthroughs

Clean Up: This is for trophies like "Bulletproof", "Golden Club", "Gunslinger" and "Pea Shooter"


Trophy Difficulty: Hard
Offline Trophies: 38
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 3
Number of miss-able trophies: 3
Known glitched trophies: 0

Dutiful Soldier
Unlock all the other trophies.
Collect all the other 37 trophies and you get this one free .

Complete Training, Camp Taccoa.
Story based trophy – The first mission is a tutorial/training level, just follow instructions and it will be done in 2-5 minutes .

First In – Last Out
Complete St. Mere Eglise – Pathfinder 1.
Story based trophy – First mission of the game, it is really easy, you kill the first man, grab the beacon (it will flash), then kill two men in the bunker, place the beacon. This will start an attack and your guys will come parachuting in and do some damage. From there, go along and let your team mates kill most people. But be on guard as some enemies are missed and they come after you. Again a 5 minute mission.

Hot LZ
Complete St. Mere Eglise – Pathfinder 2
Story based trophy – This is another go through with team mates and let them do the work mission, if you keep pushing up and checking your corners, the other men will run through and draw fire and hopefully kill some people. There are various parts to this mission, mainly with men stationed in houses. You need to also blow up out 3 anti aircraft guns in the process.

Longest Day
Complete – St. Mere Eglise, France (Day)
Story based trophy - Now it’s time to defend a town, once the mortars have stopped, enemies will spawn and try and kill you. But stay in cover and let your team mates take most of the action and just kill as many without getting hit. Once you have entered the church and used the Panzerfaust on the first tank, *Important tip* Make sure to take another Panzerfaust with you, as you will get bombarded with another tank a bit later. Once both tanks are down, you head back near the church and end up near a sniping ground. The best thing is to stay to the left side of the wall and snipe from right to left and beware as some enemies spawn on the stationary gatling guns.

Operation Overlord
Complete Normandy, Route N13
Story based trophy – This is the first car mission of the game, your main priority is to kill the enemies in the cars chasing you, whilst crouched. You may get hit now and again, but in general you should be ok. Once you are trapped, enter the building on foot and get into the second car etc.

Winters Hero
Complete Brecourt Manor, France (Day)
Story based trophy - You will have some support, but the game starts getting harder now. You will blow up some Artillery guns and kill lots of enemies as you go along. Main tip - This mission you need to go slow and stick to cover

High Hopes
Complete Bavarian Alps, Germany
Story based trophy – For this mission, you will be breaking into a building. This mission is quite long. At first, stay in cover and take out the men as they come, once inside the building, watch your corners, the enemies love to swing round corners when your back is turned. Few trouble parts in this mission. But is doable.

Complete Strasshoff, Germany
Story based trophy – you will have 10 minutes to break into a camp, rescue Major Ingram and get the hell out of there. Be careful on this mission for behind every door is 5 enemies. Hug walls and cover, there is no rush even though it is timed.

The Recce
Complete Benouville, France (Night)
Story based trophy – in this mission you will have loads of help from buddies, especially on Veteran, follow them and go prone on the furthest piece of cover. Then just crawl to the sides and take out the men from there, but be careful they will still shoot you. It will take a little while for that battle to end, just keep at it.

Complete Benouville, France (Day)
Story based trophy – this time you are defending the bridge, this mission can get quite tricky, after the first gunfight, you and your team mates will fall back to the other side of the bridge, as soon as you go back, run straight into the little room to the left, where the gatling gun is. Once your there, go prone and point at the door. A timer will start of about 4-5 minutes, just rest here and be ready to shoot any guys that make it through. Also beware of some people to the back of the field, shooting at you. When they ask you to destroy the tanks, don’t even bother, because you WILL die.

Complete Eder Dam, Germany
Story based trophy – If you thought the missions so far have been hard, think again! This is a solo mission, which requires you to enter a dam, blow it up and escape by yourself with loads of difficult gunfights. At first, you should use the sniper rifle and take out the 5 or so men around you. Once you start blowing up the artillery guns, keep your eyes forward for men to appear and snipe them. Once inside the dam, keep on your guard at all times, take it VERY slow and hug your corners. When you get to a room with some grenades on the table, it looks like a communications room. You will have an option to go left or right. I initially went left, but could never get it. So I went right, which for me was much easier. You have to look everywhere, even down on the grounds below you. You will eventually come to another lift and some other rooms. When outside, just snipe everyone near the artillery guns and blow them up.

Right, now you think it’s an easy trip back and that all the men are dead. Well you are wrong, although it’s easier, there are still quite a few men at certain points. Make your way back outside and you will have a ride waiting for you.

Lorry Escape
Complete Truck Ride to Airfield
Story based trophy – This level is another hard level, you will be in a car and have to destroy vehicles with a panzerfaust and defend a bridge at one point. Take your time aiming with the Panzerfaust and also determine whether you can kill the men in some cars by youself, saving Panzerfaust ammo for the harder cars. When protecting the bridge, snipe straight away as they like to move a lot to get to the front of the bridge. My advice in this level, take your time, crouch in the car and shoot all in the cars as someone will be waiting to put an RPG in your face.

Wheels Up
Complete Airfield Escape (Day)
Story based trophy – This one is slightly easier, but depends on your strategy. Crouch in the car for the first part of the ride and try and kill the enemies in the car quickly. Once you have parked, look for the guy straight in front of you that will come out a door and also the 5 enemies that will be on the balcony. Sneakily take them out one at a time, then get ready to take down the suicide planes. When the cycle of the planes stop, aim straight for the balcony and take out the enemies as they come. Then rinse and repeat for the rest of the level.

Dam the Tallboys
Complete Battleship Tirpitz
Story based trophy – Another solo mission that is difficult and this time your on a ship. The close quarters worked in my favour as I work better in that surrounding. You will have to blow up some quarters. My tip would be to use the doors and shields and shoot from there when the enemies spawn. Also what worked for me is if you storm forward, it doesn’t give them time to get their starting position and it’s much easier to kill them. Try a few tactics, creep and shoot when you see an inch of their body. There are a few tricky parts, stick to cover and watch your back as they come from every nook and cranny.

Cold Day in Russia
Complete Volga River, Stalingrad (Day)
Story based trophy – This mission is really easy when you know how to do it. I spent an hour doing this mission because I didn’t pay attention. The hardest part is making it to your sniping friend and avoiding the gunfire without a weapon. Once you are with your friend, he will instruct you where to run and when to run. Don’t try and go before he tells you to run. Run after he tells you too and you shouldn’t get hit.

Meat Grinder
Complete Red Square, Stalingrad (Day)
Story based trophy – My advice for this level is firstly, run in the middle to the cover, try and not get hit at all, crouch if needed. If you can pick up a gun, do so. When you start facing enemies, let your buddy go in front. When you’re travelling upstairs, watch the windows as enemies will be trying to gun you down. The next part of the mission is quite easy, kill the commanders, there are 5, some are on the stairs, but are hard to see. Then you will have to go through different sections and gunfights, keep to cover and pick off enemies, your teammates are having trouble with.

Death Tracks
Complete Trainstation (Day)
Story based trophy – In this next mission, it is best to help your teammates as much as possible as they can and will die throughout the level, which would leave you by yourself. Use the sniper rifle in this mission a lot.

Sewer Rats
Complete Stalingrad Sewers (Day)
Story based trophy – I really enjoyed this level as I like close quarter gunfights. Be careful of a few enemies coming up from above. You will run into some teammates halfway through, which will help out.

Ring the Tank
Complete Pavlov’s House (Day)
Story based trophy – Again a very hard level, although not the worst in my opinion. You will first have to take out a couple of snipers. When the guy is drawing them out, just press: l2: and it should auto aim on to them, you can normally see them anyway. When you are fighting to get into the house, shoot the people from right to left and bare in mind that some enemies do spawn, so make sure that portion has finished spawning before continuing. When you have entered the house (on the right side I suggest), give it until about a minute as some enemies try and come to the floor your on, but your men will deal with them. Take out the enemies in the basement and then go up the stairs up where you entered the house, check the corridor and run into the room, take out any men and your buddies will help you to clear the floor. Then for the next two I would suggest throwing grenades to snare out enemies and go very slowly. It does take a few tries. Once they are all cleared, you will have to take out two tanks. My advice is to run straight for the first gun and take out the tank straight away, otherwise they will bomb up the building and hurt you bad. Use the same technique with the second. A few people had problems with the tanks, I personally did it in 5 tries on Veteran. After that it will start a 4-5 minutes countdown, the easiest method for this is from the 2nd gun on the third floor, go into the hallway and find a room with a giant hole in the floor. Jump to the other side and lay prone, some enemies might come and say hello, but just take care of them. This spot will also protect you from any tank bombings. When the timer goes away, wait until your buddies come along and take out the remaining enemies. Stressful eh!

The Worker’s War
Complete Warsaw, Factory (Day)
Story based trophy – Again in this mission, your teammates can and will die. So stay in cover, sneak round corners and don’t let your buddies take too much gunfire. This mission isn’t too hard.

The People’s Battle
Complete Warsaw Railyards (Day)
Story based trophy – This is straight after the previous mission and the same technique applies. There will be a point when you fight quite a lot of enemies and then a tank. Once you’ve blown up the tank, you will most likely be alone. Lay prone in front of the tank and take out enemies in the warehouse from there, they will not be able to hit you at all , sneak in and take anybody out that wasn’t visible before. Just a few more enemies after that, then you will meet your friends and that’s the mission done.

Steel on Target
Complete Oder River Country (Day)
Story based trophy – For this mission, you are in a tank. Finally a mission you don’t have to run around in. Let your friends go in front and take out the enemy tanks from as far away as you can. Just keep hitting them till you see an explosion. This mission just requires you to be slow and make sure all enemies are destroyed before you get closer.

Glorious Liberation
Complete Oder River Town (Day)
Story based trophy – Another tank mission, but slightly harder. You are in a town and you have to deal with tanks, but also sneaky enemies with Panzerfausts/RPG’s. There is a man in the house as soon as you start going forward. Try and take out the annoying RPG’s as soon as you can. As for the tanks, shoot them from afar as usual.

Old Glory
Complete the American Missions
Story based trophy – You will get this as soon as you have completed the final American Mission, which is “Exfil”

Union Jack
Complete the British Missions
Story based trophy – You will get this as soon as you have completed the final British mission, which is “Dam the Tallboys”

Victory Banner
Complete the Russian Missions
Story based trophy – You will get this as soon as you have completed the final Russian mission, which is “Glorious Liberation”

Tank Breaker
Finish Hurtgen
Story based trophy – This is the final American mission. This mission is quite easy, just let your buddies do the work and then at the end when you have to destroy two tanks, use the Panzerfausts in the bunkers rather than the Flak Gun, which you are advised.

Rocket’s Red Glare
Finish Rocket
Story based trophy – This is the final British mission. This mission is quite long and was personally my hardest mission. For the first part, follow your friend and use the sniper rifle. You will eventually meet up with some buddies, but be aware they can die. Watch out for machine gun nests, they really messed with me. Try and take them out from afar, although be careful as they will fire at you. You will come to a point where you have to blow up some rockets. Make sure all enemies and nest are killed. Head to the nest on the left, you will trigger some enemies from the right, use your sniper rifle and your friend will help you. Then head onto the roof of the nearest bunker. In the bunker to the right, kill the man waiting in the window with the machine gun and your friend should kill the one that you will be standing on. When you get to the stairs to the two bunkers. Wait for 5-6 enemies to appear, I’d suggest chucking up grenades around to help you. It’s easier to wait for them to appear at the bottom of the stairs. You then have to clear the bunker on the left. Take your time and watch your back. Throw a grenade before you go into a different corridor or area etc. When you finally get to the stairs and you turn on the rocket fuel, check behind as I kept finding a rogue man killing me. After that it’s a breeze, well done if you find this mission easy.

Flag over Reichstag
Finish Berlin
Story based Trophy – This is the final Russian mission. Use your sniper rifle and stay in cover, your buddies will do all the work. After blowing up the first flak gun, kill all the enemies near the tank. Once a man runs out and the tank is shooting at him. Run to the left of the tank and blow it up with explosives. You will need to destroy two more flak guns and then just wait. Your tank will come and start blowing stuff up. When you think it’s finished carry on, but check your corners. You will end up at the final part with the massive building, just sit and wait and your tanks will take out all the enemies. Enter the building, kill some enemies and then you will put your flag up. Game finished

War Hero
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty to get this trophy. I have to say it is the hardest trophy in the game to get. My main tips are:

Let your team mates, do most of the work when possible, even if it takes a bit longer.
Take your time, if you rush into battles like me, then you will die a lot.
Hug walls and wait for enemies to run around the corner, so you are ready for them. When hugging walls, go around every corner slowly and as soon as you see a inkling of a person, shoot from there. If you are not fully in vision, they will not shoot as you. This saved me in a lot of missions.

Hard Charger
Complete the game on Hardened difficulty
Completing the game on Hardened is tons much easier than Veteran as you will have health pick ups, although enemies can still take a lot of damage. Some missions can be troublesome, just take your time.

Complete the game on Regular difficulty
This trophy will be awarded when you complete the game on Regular difficulty. Funny how the trophy is called ‘Veteran’

Complete a mission without dying or loading a checkpoint
This trophy is really easy, start a new game on Regular and finish the training mission really quickly. Play the next mission and race through it, of course without dying and you will have it at the end. I would recommend working for “Pea Shooter” and “Bulletproof” aswell.

Complete a mission without taking any damage
To get this trophy, you need to complete a mission without taking any damage at all, it doesn’t matter if you have full life at the end of the mission, you have to make sure no one has shot you. The easiest mission to do this on is the mission after Training on Regular difficulty.

Pea Shooter
Complete a mission using only a pistol and no melee attacks
For this trophy, complete the first mission after training on Regular. If you run out of bullets, let your team mates do the work and follow them. You can die and still obtain this trophy.

Golden Club
Complete a mission using only melee attacks
As the title says, complete a mission using only melee attacks. Again the best mission is the first one after the Training mission. The only people you need to melee is the first one and the two men in the bunker after you have picked up the beacon. After that, let your team mates take out everyone else and just follow them and melee anyone who stands in your way. Make sure you don’t fire any of your guns, keep your finger away from the button.

Get kills using a pistol, rifle, submachine gun, and grenade in a mission without dying
This trophy sounds much harder than it is and you should get it as you play through the game. Use the same level as mentioned above, kill the first enemy with melee, the next two kill with the pistol and rifle. Then through the level, pick up a submachine gun, kill an enemy with that and then kill any nazi with a grenade for the trophy. It will pop up straight away, you do not need to complete the level to get the trophy.

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