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Thread: F1 2010 Trophy Guide

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    F1 2010 Trophy Guide

    F1 2010 Trophy Guide
    Written by kjkg

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    Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


    Trophy Difficulty: Hard
    Offline Trophies: 44
    Online Trophies: 5
    Minimum number of play throughs: 7 seasons in one career
    Number of miss-able trophies: 0
    Known glitched trophies: 0 (win a race online isn't glitched, it has to be in grand prix mode)

    Congratulations. You've completed F1 2010
    Same as all other platinum trophies. Get all these trophies. You will have to be a skilled driver to get this, so good luck.

    Rocking the boat
    You have finished ahead of your senior team-mate in your first season with a new team
    This is season long, not just one race. And as the trophy says, it has to be with a new team. So if you find you are near the end of your career, and still don't have it, change to another team and ensure that you beat him.

    Practice makes perfect
    You have taken part in all 3 practice sessions over a race weekend
    Choose a long weekend in the grand prix settings or the career settings. Enter practice and do a lap, setting a time. Choose return to garage, and then go to event information. Now select practice and choose skip to P2. Complete a lap, and do the same again, this time choosing P3. One more lap, and the trophy is yours.

    Rookie Driver
    You have completed your first career race
    Very simple. The game from the outset points you towards doing career mode, so just choose a team from the three on offer (HRT, Lotus and Virgin) and get racing. Just be sure to take that car over the finish line.

    Face the press
    You have complete your first interview with the media
    Bit misguiding as you don't get it the first time you face the press (when you choose your name and team). You get to face the press if you come in the top three, or have an eventful race. (take out your team mate, beat your team mate, its doesn't always seem to happen however)

    Seeking Performance
    You have successfully complete an R&D test
    R&D tests are found in the practice sections of a long weekend. When you are starting practice, go to the Engineer and look for the R&D section. In it, you will be set a challenge, such as do a lap in under x amount of time, or perform a pit in under x amount of time. There is one of these for all 3 practices. Complete any one of them to get the trophy.

    Hot Property
    Congratulations! You have won a lucrative contract with a higher placed team
    Keep doing well and eventually your agent will let you know other teams want you as their driver. If you accept one of these contracts, you get the trophy.

    Excellent. You have achieved a one-two with your team mate in a career race
    Harder than you would expect since you have to rely on the AI to help you out here. It would be very lucky if you got this early on in your career due to the poor quality of your team/team mate. So just work your way through a career and racing for better teams. The likes of McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull will be teams that are likely to have your team mate coming in the top 2.

    Clean License
    Nicely driven. You have completed a race without an incident
    Easier than it sounds. If you start on pole you will find this easier. Just stay in front and don’t go off the track.

    Speed demon
    You have driven your Formula 1 car above 220 mph / 353 kph
    Best track to get this is definitely Monza. It’s an extremely fast track with minimal sharp corners. In career, your starter car doesn't have a chance in hell of getting this, as it tops out at about 175mph. So if you want this quick, go to Grand Prix, and choose a Red Bull or McLaren. With some good cornering at the last corner (parabolica) you should get good exit speed, and hit the 220mph mark. You also, during your career, get upgrades on your car improving all round quality. Keep getting those upgrades and you will be hitting the highest speeds soon enough.

    Well protected
    You have completed a single player race using only the cockpit view
    To change the view, in race press until you only get as view of the cockpit and race a full race. It doesn't seem to unlock in time trial or online, so go to a grand prix. You don't have to do qualifying to get this, just a race. You also don't have to win. It might take some getting used to, but is a great way to race.

    Silver Arrow
    You have won the German Grand Prix in single player driving for Mercedes
    Easily done. Go to Grand prix, and select the Hockenheimring in Germany. Choose Mercedes race team, and start racing. It isn't the most interesting course in the game, but doesn't have many difficult sections. It can be done on any difficulty setting.

    Rain Meister
    You won a single player Grand Prix of 20% distance or higher in heavy rain.
    You can get this by setting up your own Grand Prix and changing the race settings to wet. It is very difficult to race in these conditions. Just be easy on the throttle, and brake early. Don't accelerate hard round the corners.

    Against all odds
    You won a single player race after starting in last place
    This isn't too bad if you have a decent amount of skill in the game. Best thing to do if you want it early, is set the difficulty to Easy, go to a course you are familiar with, and choose one of the best teams. Choose to start the race without Qualifying and you will be back of the grid. By the first corner, it's perfectly normal to have gained a good 10 - 15 places already.

    It's a set-up
    You successfully won a race using a car set-up which you’ve created by the player
    In Grand Prix mode, go to the computer screen and go to car setup. Choose any of the body parts and change something. The slightest of changes will result in the trophy as long as you win.

    I ain't afraid of no ghost
    You've posted a time in Time Trial mode
    Choose time trial, any course you fancy a bit of practice about, and start racing. Don't cut a corner as your time won't be registered and you will need to go around again.

    2nd chance
    You have used the Flashback feature and gone on to win the race
    If you are playing on any difficulty other than expert you get a set number of "flashbacks", which are basically rewinds. To get this press and rewind to a part you want to start from and press . Very easy way of rectifying a mistake.

    You have completed your first season in Formula
    There are 19 races to be complete. Just keep going, and try and score high. If you win, then you will get a few more trophies than just this one. So aim high.

    Well Drilled
    Slick!! You performed a perfectly timed pit stop.
    This came to me and I’m not quite sure how to be honest. I wasn't aware of getting it. Just break before you turn in to the pits. If you are on medium or easy difficulty, it will give you a line.

    Semi auto
    You completed a race using manual gears
    Manual gears are automatically on if you race in hard or expert difficulty. Get used to the gear changes, and use your ears (not your eyes) to know when to shift up and down. Remember that you are only in gear 1 & 2 for a split second.

    The magic number
    You've won 3 career races
    If you are challenging for the championship, this is bound to come sooner rather than later. It can be done over cross seasons, not just on one season.

    Impress the boss
    You've exceeded a career objective
    You get a career objective at the start of every season. They tend to follow the rule of "finish higher than XX position". They are not too difficult, and are perfectly achievable.

    Attracting attention
    You've won a race while under offer of a new contract
    You get this by winning when there are contract offers on the table. If the agent comes to you and says there is a new contract on offer, ignore it. Go and win your next race, and this trophy will appear.

    The big one
    You've met the requirements of a Championship leading team
    As you race through the season, teams start to show their interest. They will start to say their demands of what they expect of you in your current team, before making the switch. If you race consistently well, and move up the teams, eventually the big teams will show an interest. When the current leaders of the constructor’s championship show an interest, aim to achieve their goals and you will get this. Note, you don't have to join them, just have met their requirements.

    Team Leader
    You've taken the number 1 driver position within a team
    If you race well, and consistently better than your team mate, you will have the chance of becoming the number 1 driver for your team. So impress and you will be given that accolade.

    Built to succeed
    Win the Constructors title
    Actually this can be a real pain, especially early on. Even if you’re scoring high consistently, if your team mate is doing crap, your team will not be getting the most points. You might find this is impossible to get until you start racing with a better team mate.

    Crushing Victory
    Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season
    A harsh trophy. You have to be in a better position by the end of the race in all 19 races. This means no slip ups, or crashes. A lot easier to go for in the lower end cars, since your team mate will only get better as you move up the ranks.

    You can cheat and restart the race if you realise your not going to beat him at any point.

    Win from pole position 41 times
    This is a reference to M. Schumacher pretty unbelievable feat of winning 41 times from pole. This isn't really hard, just very time consuming. It doesn't have to be done in one career. It can be done in Grand Prixs and online Grand Prixs, but the best place to go for it is the career as you work for the other trophies.

    Made perfect
    Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions
    This can be done in the same manner as "practice makes perfect" but instead of only doing one lap, do a few to make sure you post the best time possible. You can speed time up to 30x the amount in the computer screen in your garage. That’s a safer option than just skipping to the next practice session, as you can monitor how your time compares.

    Pole Position
    Place first on the grid
    Even on Medium difficulty, this should be easy to get. Just go to either career or Grand Prix and get safely through the first 2 qualifiers (come better than 18th, and better than 11th) then go all out for Pole. For anyone unaware (doubt there are many) you get pole by having the fastest lap time, not the fastest overall time.

    Podium finish
    Finish in the top 3
    Not too hard. The AI can be a bit crazy and you will see some of the better drivers getting taken out of the running early a lot. So just drive safe and don't take risks, and you should get this no bother. Go for first to get the "Top Step" trophy. They will both unlock if you get first.

    Top Step
    Win your first race
    This is bound to come sooner rather than later. It's achievable on any difficulty so if you are struggling, don't hesitate to change it to the hardest level and go for that win. It is much easier to achieve from pole so go for the trophy "Pole Position" at the same time.

    Take pole and win at Monaco
    Doesn't matter what team you are in. But it has to be single player. Just qualify top and go on to win possibly the most famous F1 course in the world. (make sure not to cut too many corners, or you will get disqualified)

    World Champion
    Win the World Championship
    Easy to explain. Just come top of the championship. Do this in Career mode. If you're playing o Easy difficulty you will probably get this in your first season, but I recommend playing on Hard or Expert and just getting it later in your Career.

    World Champion - Expert
    Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting
    Not for the faint hearted. This will be the biggest challenge in the game for you. Expert takes off all driving aids, including manual gears. Practice makes perfect so keep practicing and get used to driving the car like this.

    Double World Champion
    Win a second World Championship
    No difference here than "World Champion" but it does have to be done in the same career, so choose a 7 year career to give yourself a chance.

    Triple World Champion
    Win a third World Drivers Championship
    No difference here than "World Champion" and "Double World Champion" but it does have to be done in the same career, so choose a 7 year career to give yourself a chance.

    Strength of character
    You've selected the most challenging Championship Rival
    Part of the way through the season you get to choose via a press conference who your rival is. If you choose the leader of the championship and are higher on the leaderboards than this person by the end of a season you unlock this trophy

    You have won at Monza driving for Ferrari in a single player race
    You can go to Grand Prix and straight away select Monza and Ferrari. If you do it on easy settings you will get this no problem. Just remember, Monza is an extremely fast course, so enjoy the speed!

    Taking it online
    You have beaten the rest to win your first online ranked Grand Prix
    NOTE This can only be achieved in Grand Prix mode online. Sprint will not get you this trophy. Practice practice practice. And get lucky! You will get this when going for level 50, but it won’t be handed to you, you will have to earn it.

    Perfect 10
    You've achiever online ranking level 10
    Level 10 wont take too long. Just keep racing.

    Grand Prixs are the best for XP, but sadly not many people do them. Sprints are good for quick races and you get some decent Xp for them. Pole position is OK, but can be tedious, and a lot of people drop out of Endurance, which can be really irritating.

    Online is broken into 4 modes.
    Sprint - 3 lap races in equal cars with the grid randomly selected.
    Endurance - 20% of full race, with at least one pit stop.
    Pole position - 20 minutes to set the fastest lap of the round.
    Grand Prix - This involves 15 minutes to determine Qualifying, then a 7 lap race with one pit.

    You gain XP in different ways.
    Come in top 10 - The higher you get the more experience you get.
    Have a clean lap - Don't crash or cut corners.
    Finish a lap - For every lap you complete you get more XP.
    Qualifying - Perform a flying lap.

    NOTE - If you quit out a race, you don't get any of the XP you had earned in that race.

    You don't lose XP for performing badly, so it’s just a matter of time and decent racing to level up.

    2 and 5
    You've achiever online ranking level 25
    Level 25 will take some amount of driving. Obviously the more you win, the quicker you will rank up, so just keep plugging away at it. You will get there.

    Nifty 50
    You've achiever online ranking level 50
    This isn't exactly hard, but will take along time to get. Again, as before the more you win the quicker you rank up, so aim for those wins.

    A true gent
    You completed a multiplayer race without making contact with an opponent
    This isn't too bad. You can hang back and just stay away from all other competitors. Or you can just blitz everyone and never have anyone in front of you causing problems. Be warned, once the winner is over the race, you only have 2minutes 30 to complete the race. It can be done in any online game mode.

    Full house
    You were fastest in practice, qualified on pole and finished first in a single player event
    You have to have the fastest time over all 3 practices. Not 3 fast laps, but the fastest overall time. The rest is fairly self explanatory.

    You finished the season ahead of your Championship Rival
    Part of the way through the season you get to choose via a press conference who your rival is. If you are higher on the leaderboards than this person by the end of a season you unlock this trophy.

    Commitment is the key
    You have completed 7 full seasons
    133 races. Any position. An easy trophy, but a long one. I recommend taking your time at the start, try getting all the other offline trophies while you go for this. Once you have them, start rushing it if you want. Just jump straight to a race and go for it. I wouldn't recommend doing bad though, incase you get dropped from your team. You will get another team, but it’s just boring!!

    Clean sweep
    You qualified in pole position with the fastest time in each sector in a single player game
    This can be done on any difficulty. If you go for career this will come, just make sure to take part in the qualifying and it helps to try practice so you have a good understanding of the circuit. Obviously, the better the car the easier it is too, but it’s doable on low end cars. I got it in a Lotus.

    Consistency is the key
    You scored points in each race of a season
    You have to come in the top 10 for points. So to do this over all 19 races isn't awful but requires careful attention. You can't crash out at all. You can use the same trick/cheat as "Crushing Victory" where as if you know you aren't going to score, you can restart the race.

    True racer
    You've won a single player race without using driver aids
    Expert will take all the aids of automatically for you. Be warned, you have to be skilled to have a chance. This trophy is only achievable in Grand Prix or Career mode. Make sure you are used to changing up and down the gears fluently, and it helps to be in one of the top end cars.

    Legal Notice

    Copyright © 2000 - Present and iEntry. All rights reserved.

    This Guide cannot be republished without the consent of
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