Worms 2: Armageddon Trophy Guide
Written by Ryan_P27

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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


Trophy Difficulty: Moderate
Offline Trophies: 13
Online Trophies: 14
Minimum number of play throughs: 1
Number of miss-able trophies: 0
Known glitched trophies: Teacher's Pet, Mine Gott! and Mine All Mine!

Worms Elite
Easy, just unlock all the other trophies!
This game is not that hard to platinum, the hardest parts are the few online trophies which can be easly boosted and also a couple of the single player mission in the campaign are a bit tricky but are still doable.

Any way up
Cause 69 damage to an enemy Worm.
The best way to inflict 69 points of damage to an enemy worm is to use the dynamite which inflicts 65 points of damage on its own but if the worm falls off a ledge or if the worm is standing next to a green explosive barrel you can get the extra 4 points of damage to unlock the trophy no problem.

Six Pest
Kill 6 enemy worms in a single turn.
You will get the chance to kill 6 worms in one turn really easaly on mission 30 of the single player campaign because you get to use the Armageddon weapon. If you need help for mission 30 refer to the campaign guide at the bottom.

Prod for Victory
Win a game by using the Prod.
To win a game useing prod you need to prod the last enemy worm in to the water to kill it. The diffuculty with this is that the prod only pushes them a very small amount so the enemy worm needs to be on the very edge of the land for it to fall off and die.

I'll Try Anything Once
Use every weapon and utility in the game once.
This trophy is realy easy because if you go on training and then on firing range 3 you can use every weapon and utility there and get the trophy.

Drop Your Load
Kill a worm in a Ranked Match by dropping a weapon from the Jet-Pack or Ninja Rope.
It was the first online trophy that I got, the easiest way to get it is to use the jet pack to hover above an enemy that is next to the edge of the map or that has allready been weakend and drop dynamite next to them. Then land away from where you droped the dynamite so your worm doesn't lose any of its health.

Happy Shopper
Collect more than 10 Weapon Crates in a single Ranked Match.
This is a realy easy trophy if you play the online game mode Crazy Crates, which drops about 4 crates each turn so by the end of the game you will have picked up a lot more than the 10 crates needed.

Six Dollar Worm
We can rebuild him! Collectt 6 Health Crates with one worm during a Ranked Match.
Again this is best done in the Crazy Creates game mode. What you will need to do is go for all the health crates you can with the same worm its best to use the jet pack and ninja rope to get the health crates as you can also attack other worms on your turn.

Martyn's Missus
Spend more than 2000 cash unlocking items in the shop.
To get 2000 cash you will need to complete all 30 single player campaign missions and then buy everything thats in the store which totals 2000 coins.

Teacher's Pet
Complete all tutorials.
All you have to do is complete tutorials 1, 2 and 3 they are very easy to do.This trophy glitched for me not sure why but the only reason I can think of is that I completed the 3 tutorials on the trial version and when I completed them again after I bought the full game and the trophy didn't unlock. If this glitch happens to you, you will have to wait till its the last trophy you need and then delete your game data/save data and redo the tutorials.

Name and Fame
Name a team and choose hats, speech-banks, gravestones and victory dances for them.
Its the first trophy you should get as its the first thing the game gets you to do. Just customise every aspect of your team to your own liking.

Mine Gott!
Detonate at least 3 Mines during one turn in a Ranked Match.
This trophy is glitched because you need to detonate 4 not 3 mines for the trophy to unlock so it best to do this trophy at the same time as Mine All Mine! so refer to that trophy for help.

Get Your Lob On
Win a Playstation Network game using just the Grenade.
This is a hard trophy to do if you aren't realy good with Grenades I can't give you many tips on how to use the Grenade as im not very good with them either. So this is probally best to boost and as you don't have to do it in a ranked game its easier to play with your freinds. The quickest way to get the trophy is to damage one of your boost partners worms then get them to surrender the game and you will have the trophy.

In Your Own Time
Win a Ranked Match by being the last surviving worm not killed by the rising water in Sudde Death.
For this trophy you will have to play a full 15 minute game so it goes to sudden death. Once it goes to sudden death all worms health goes down to 1 but you can get health crates to make it go up, you will need to get as high as you can on the map so one of your worms doesn't drown. To get this trophy only your worm has to survive the water rising while all the others die but your worms must die before your opponents last worm because other wise you might have two surviving worms and no trophy.

Cheeky Flocker
Deploy 25 Sheep in any ranked games.
You get sheep in every game mode whether its from the start or from crates so just use them every time you get the chance. They are really good weapons anyway as they do 65 damage so try not to just waste them.

Oldest Swinger inTown
Use the ninja rope 1000 times.
All you have to do is shoot the ninja rope 1000 times not swing from it so if yo go in to the firing range and put a girder above you. Then just aim at the girder with your ninja rope and keep pressing for about 8 minutes to get your trophy.

Wind Assisted
Win a Ranked Match using only the Bazookas.
Similar to the Get Your Lob on trophy you will find it very hard to achive but the only diference is this has to be a ranked online match. So again just damage one of the enemy worms with a bazooka and then get them to surrender and you should have your trophy.

Fire Starter
Use the fire weapons 200 times.
You can get this trophy in the firing range as you have unlimited weapons, the weapons you can use are the Fire Punch, Petrol Bomb and the Neplam Strike. If you are going to use the firing range to get this trophy I would do it after you've completed the single player campaign and got quite a few online trophies other wise you will be waisting some of your time.

Ded-Eye Dick
Inflict maximum damge on an enemy worm with a weapon during a Ranked Match.
You only need to inflict the maximum amount of damage that the weapon does so its really easy to achive I used the Dynamite which causes a maximum of 65 points of damage.

Mine's a Drink
Knock an enemy worm into the water using only a Mine in a Ranked Match.
This is a fairly easy trophy just place a mine next to an enemy worm that is near the lands edge, the mine needs to be on the side of the worm which is further inland so the worm flys into the water and you get your silver trophy.

Going Solo
Complete the Single Player Campaign.
The single player campaign is made up of 35 missions that you have to complete and the last 5 you will have to buy from the shop. The campaign isn't that hard just a few levels are challenging to complete but I have writen a guide for the few hard mission which is at the bottom of the page.

Mine All Mine!
Detonate at least 5 Mines during one turn in a Ranked Match.
For this trophy you need to detenate 6 mines insted of the stated 5 because thats the only way to unlock the trophy. So first of all you need to collect the extra amount of mines that you need from crates so its best to do itin the online game mode Crazy Crates, the best way to place the mines down is to drop them from a ledge on top of each other so you dont set them off accidently and can easly set them off at the same time. Again this is best to boost.

Collateral Damage
Inflict more than 150 damage on a single enemy worm by detonating at least one barrel.
This is a really easy gold trophy as you will almost definetly get it on mission 30 of the single player campaign, refer to the campaign guide for help on mission 30.

Ranked Master
Achieve 17 wins in each of the following ranked game modes: Standard, Pro, Crazy Crates and Fort.
Depending how good you are at worms will be the factor that makes this trophy hard or easy for you but either way you've got to play at least 68 games. If your boosting it then whoever is going to lose the game can just surrender by using the white flag and you will register a win but im affraid if someone quits the game before it finishes you wont get credited with the win. So its best to make a note of what games you've won on which game modes.

One Good Turn...
Inflict maximum damage on an enemy worm the turn after they've inflicted maximum damage on one of your worms during a Ranked Match.
This trophy is very similar to the Ded-Eye Dick trophy but it relies on your oponent inflicting maximum damage with a weapon on you and then you doing the same back to them. Its still very easy to achive, I got the trophy on my first online game.

Armageddon Good At This!
Win a Ranked Match by being the last worm standing after deploying Armageddon.
Your best chance of getting an Armageddon weapon is if you play the online game mode Crazy Crates because the only way to get an Armageddon online is in a crate. If you get an Armageddon weapon the best chance of surviving it is to use the Pneumatic Dril to get deep under ground with one of your worms. You will still have to be lucky if it kills ALL other worms as well but if your boosting it you can kill all worms apart from one of your boost partners and your own and make sure your under ground and your opponent is on the edge of the land or already weak.

Donkey Dodger
Survive the enemy deploying a Concrete Donkey in a Ranked Match and go on to win the round.
If you keep playing the online game mode Crazy Crates then eventuly your opponent will get a Concrete Donkey, if your oponent does get a Concrete Donkey just hope that he only manges to kill one of your worms with it so you still have a chance of winning. If your trying to boost this you will just have to get every crate that you possibly can (thats you and your boost partner) and who ever finds a Concrete Donkey first doesn't get the trophy. Then when you try to get the trophy for the person who didn't get it first time you just let the person who didn't find the Concrete Donkey collect crates but the other person can build bridges with the girders to make it easier for the other person to collect crates.

Single Player Mission Guide

Mission 3- for this mission all you have to do is make your worm face the left and then place your mine down, you will then land on the other mine and then on the teleporter. Mission complete

Mission 8-
for this mission you have to guide a mine with the aid of magnets and a girder to an enemy worm to kill it. First of all you need to teleport to the layer of land above the magnet that is already placed down for you, you then need to put the grinder in line with the layer that the magnet is on at a slight angle and in the middle of the big football thing and the magnet. You then need to use the magnet you have got by equipping it the pressing to change it to pull the mine towards you, then stand slightly to the left of the magnet that is below you and press . If everything is set up correctly the mine will get pulled towards you and then away from you, bounce of the girder go in between the two pieces of land and bounce till it blows up and either kills the enemy worm in one or injures it. If it did the second you will need to use your last teleport to get next to that enemy worm and use your fire punch which does 30 points of damage. By the way this mission is really hard so good luck.

Mission 21- for this one you need to fly the supper sheep all the way to the right from your starting point and then up so you hit the mine and target from underneath. The mine should then bounce all the way along and into the hole were the enemy worm is located if the mine is bouncing to high or whatever place the 2 girders that you have in suitable positions to guide the mine in to the hole.

Mission 30- from the start move your worm to the left and jump down on to the blue crate to get the drill (your worm will die its suppose to). Then with your second worm jump down to the left but land next to the turret so it falls off the edge when you die an blow up, after that with your last remaining worm jump down to the right and collect the crate which contains a ninja rope. Now for the hard part you need to abseil down the side of the big cheese moon and you need to keep swinging to the left but you will have to be careful and keep the rope really short so you don’t touch the water. Once you’ve made your way along and up to collect the crate, you’re going to want to stay on the same side that the crate was on and use your drill to dig down. Once your drill has stopped it’s time to use the all powerful Armageddon weapon, just watch the fireworks and you will have completed this mission.

Mission 32- for this mission you have to get one worm from one side of the map to the other in 5 minutes, think it’s easy? You’re wrong. It’s hard because after 2 minutes the enemy worm starts using airstrikes on you plus you have to jump and climb up a castle has annoyingly place mines. You have two worms to complete this with but you only want to use one worm to get to the other side so your spare worm is there to stay close to your first worm and to try and put a girder above him once the time exceeds 2 minutes otherwise he will get owned by the airstrikes. The first move you want to make is to back flip on to the second roof with the mine on then set it off and if you can set the mine off which is above it and get into the crevice in between the two mines. After this you will have to put down a girder to get on to the next roof, then you will want to climb onto it and get onto the chimney that is on the other side of the roof and jump over the two mines (you will probably set off the second one which doesn’t matter) and then quickly back flip on to the next window. You’ve now done the hardest bit after that it’s simply jump down the rest of the castle and bush and use your fire punch on the enemy worm to knock it into the sea. If you do it with in the 2 minutes then you won’t have to worry about airstrikes but if you only have one airstrike used against you then you should be able to complete it. Anymore and you will probably fail and have to start again.

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