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Thread: NFS: Undercover Trophy Guide

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    NFS: Undercover Trophy Guide

    NFS: Undercover Trophy Guide

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    Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title


    Trophy Difficulty: 4
    Offline Trophies: 41
    Online Trophies: 10
    Minimum number of play throughs: 1
    Number of miss-able trophies: 0
    Known glitched trophies: 0

    Platinum Trophy
    Unlock all other trophies
    Nothing new here, get all the other trophies.

    Community Member
    Create or use an existing account to sign into EA Nation
    Chances are you might have an account already. If not, then create an account by pressing at the main menu. Set up an account and voila. Just make sure to play when logged into the PSN

    Active Community Member
    Participated in any Community Day. Visit for more info.
    As far as I could tell, you just have to play online for this. I think most days (if not all) are Community days.

    Won a Multiplayer Ranked Game
    Cops N' Robbers is your best bet. Even if you have no skill at all, since it's a team game, you can still win.

    Cat and Mouse Virus
    Infected with the Cops N’ Robbers virus by another player in a Cops and Robbers event.
    Simple. By now, the majority of people have the "virus", so just enter a C N' R game and by the end of it, you should have this trophy.

    Crossing the Line
    Win a Ranked Multiplayer Cops N' Robbers event
    Same strategy as First! trophy. You can get this with minimal effort, aslong as you have some decent players in your team.

    First of Many
    Win a Ranked Multiplayer event against 7 human players
    Not as bad as it sounds. If you enter a Cops N' Robbers game, and stay in it, you are going to get few times where you are against 7 others. It is in teams of 4 so if your team wins, you get the trophy. Just stick it out

    Learners Permit
    Acquire your first car in Career Mode
    Comes early on in your career, where you get handed a free car to drive.

    Zack Trap
    Complete the Zack sequence in "The Trap" mission.
    This is story related. It comes early on when you are to take out Zack. You have to just him him a few times. He is very easy.

    Bowling with Hector
    Complete the Hector sequence in the mission "Kingpin"
    This involves "taking out" Hector. They are particularly easy. You just have to hit him hard several times. The fact he seems to slow down when he gets far away makes it pretty easy. He has people keeping a lookout, but not once did those guys bother me.

    To Protect and Serve
    Complete the Carmen sequence in the mission "Rematch"
    This is a slighty more challanging mission than the previous 2. You have to follw Carmen, who subsequently gets attacked by two thugs. You have to take the two of them out without losing Carmen. It isn't hard, just always attack the car that is closest to Carmen at the time.

    Nickel and Dimes
    Complete the Nickel sequence in mission "Payback"
    Story related. Same as previous take outs. Just hit this guy alot. You should have a beast of a car by now. He is in a dodge, so no real trouble.

    2 Birds, 1 Stone
    Complete the mission "Double Trouble"
    Story related. This is another "take out" but involves 2 main characters from the story, hence the trophy name. Rose isnt hard, but the second mystery character can be a bit of a pain. Still, take your time and hit them hard and you should be getting this in no time.

    Meet Zack
    Face off against Zack in "Rush Hour"
    This comes early when you are challanged by Zack to a highway battle. Just avoid any cars and USE brake. Its amazing how many people dont bother with that. He will not completwe the race without having some sort of crash so you should beat him if you take your time

    Meet Carmen
    Face off against Carmen in "The Game"
    This is fairly easy. You should have a decent car by now with some pretty good upgrades. It is just an outrun, which means get infront and stay there. Not challanging in the slightest.

    Meet Hector
    Face off against Hector in "Versus"
    This is a complete walk in the park. By now you will have a pretty decent car. Hector also seems to have a magnet for cars as he crashes alot. Avoid his carnage and stay on the road for an easy trophy.

    Meet Nickel
    Face off against Nickel in "Road Rage"
    I got this around wheelman 10 and found it pretty tough. Its a highway battle. Nickel is in a dodge, and I only had a pishy supra. But stick in and you can do it at this level.

    Meet Rose
    Face off against Rose in "Rollercoaster"
    This is achieved around the 80% mark of your career (it tells you at the loading profile section). Its a basic race against Rose who is in a Porsche 911 GT2, so its pretty nippy. Good things she is balls at driving. No reason you should struggle with this. She is most likely to crash early on. You should note that you get brake failure near the end, so just let go of accelerator before the last corner and you should be able to breeze round the corner no problem.

    5 Finger Discount
    Complete all Hot Car Missions
    Hot Car Missions are when you drive a car that is not yours. It tends to be that you have stolen them. When you unlock 4 jobs all at once for G-Mac you know you are almost there. Just do those 4 and you will get the trophy and a nice new car!

    Apprentice Mechanic
    Customize a car in Career mode.
    This is easily achieved early on. All you have to do is make one change to your car in a shop. Either visual or mechanical counts. As visual does nothing for your car, I recommend only ever doing upgrades to your car to improve it.

    Freeze! Hold it right there!
    Take a Photo and upload it to
    Just press and choose photo mode. Take a picture, quality doesn't matter, and it will upload to the site.

    Gold Coast to Ocean
    Dominate the Gold Coast to Ocean event
    There is nothing tricky about this sprint. There is also no major shortcuts. Stick to the road and you will be laughing.

    East Fasulo Bridge
    Dominate the East Fasulo Bridge event
    I struggled a bit when I first unlocked this to dominate. But after the career finished I went back in a bugatti and it was very easy to do. Just a simple sprint.

    Pine Creek & Douglas
    Dominate the Pine Creek & Douglas event
    The only problem you are going to have here is making sure your car doesn't fly off the ground after the dirt track section. Other than that, take the last wide hairpin sharp to get the shortcut and this race is easy as pie.

    South Canyon Hwy
    Dominate the South Canyon Hwy event
    Pretty easy. Just make sure to take all the shortcuts EXCEPT the last one. Its the big ramp/ jump on the left of the final straight. If you hit this fast you hit an invisible wall in the sky which causes you to lose control when you land. It's not a shortcut.

    East 1-5
    Dominate the East I-5 event
    I did this in a stock BMW CLS. Crashed once and still dominated by more than 5 seconds. Not a hard sprint.

    Bay Drive & Harbor
    Dominate the Bay Drive & Harbor event
    Dominating this sprint isn't the hard part. I found that winning the race was quite tough. If you keep your eye on the mini map and also get used to the track you should be fine. But you need a fast car, as the other cars take the hairpins extremely quick compared to you.

    Tri-City Run
    Dominate the Tri-City Run event
    This checkpoint is very VERY long compared to the others. It has 12 gates and to dominate, needs to be beaten in just under 6minutes 20. To completew it is easy, but you should really have a damn good car to attempt to dominate this one.

    North River Expressway
    Dominate the North River Expressway event
    First time round, I never got this checkpoint dominated. So I went back post game and done it in the Bugatti. Made it fairly straight forward

    Window Shopper
    Discovered all 3 Pro Shops in Career
    This is story related. You will unlock the shops throughout your careed. The last one unlocks about 85% into your career. It also brings the best cars in the game so get saving that cash

    Chase or be Chased
    Win all the Highway Battles in Career
    This is a bit of a pain to get. The difficulty curve gets very steep after the original few races. The advantage is that Bugatti can give you a real edge over your opponents. Plus if you keep trying, the AI are bound to make a mistake eventually, the trick is for you not to make a mistake at the same time.

    Lose the Eye in the Sky
    Escape from a helicopter in a succesfully completed pursuit. (Must be Career level 8 or greater)
    This will probably come without trying. there is a mission called "Grand theft 5.0" that you steal a police car. You pretty much start with a helicopter on your tail, so just lose it and complete the mission to get the trophy.

    Path of Destruction
    isable 10 Police Cars in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career
    Later on in cost to state, this become normal. So don't purposely go out to get it, you will most likely get it near the end of your career. Just make sure you use the orange triangles and try group as many cops together.

    Get out of the way!
    Avoid 5 Road Blocks in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career
    This means in one pursuit. Not over the whole career. It isn't too difficult but having a fast car and a helicopter on your tail helps. Just try to look for cops until you know you have avoided 5 road blocks. You do have to escape at the end. I got it on a cop takeout mission, much later on in the game.

    Most Wanted
    Sucessfully complete 50 Pursuits
    This is fairly simple. Basically it means any time you have police on your back, lose them and it counts towards the 50. If by the time you have dominated all events, you still have not got this trophy, take a very fast car with only one bar of heat, find some cops and drive away. You will escape in under 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat.

    Purchase or win any 5 cars for your garage.
    This means you have to have 5 cars in your garage all at the same time. SO if you dont get rid of any of your cars the whole game, you should get this trophy from the pink slip cars. If you do and need the car, just buy a cheap car to make up the numbers.

    Keys to the City
    Unlock Port Crescent in Career
    Story related. It comes later on in the game. About wheelman level 12. Nothing exciting, just some more jobs to chip away at.

    Branching out
    Unlock Sunset Hills in Career
    Same as key to the city, but comes slightly later on. Nothing remotely interesting with it.

    Finish the Career Story
    Final story mission. Its yet another take out. There is a slight twist, the police get involved. However, they really don't make it much harder for you plus they eventually get called off to leave you to fight it out in peace.

    Dominate 100% of Career by beating all the track records.
    Not exactly hard, just takes a bit of time. Try and win as much as early as possible, but don't worry about it too much. Wait until you have the Bugatti or Zonda and go to the map screen. Press once and you can see what races you have are still to complete. Any in gold are still to be completed.
    NOTE: They do NOT have to be dominated! Just complete.

    Hired Goons
    Takeout all the Goons in Career
    You get another few jobs after "2birds,1 stone". Some of these are the same old, hit the guy until he his flipped. Not hard to do. Just a few of them and its done.

    Unstoppable Force
    Avoid 50 Road Blocks in Career
    I got this near the very end of my career. Im not sure if it is missable outwith the final jobs, so I had to rate it 3 stars as it could be difficult if that is the case.

    Wasting Tax Dollars
    Get $100,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit and evade
    This can be done in a "Cost to State" mission or just free roaming. It is a bit of a challange, but only because the cops are so bad at following you. Just try to always aim for road blocks, watch out for spikes, and drive slowly if your getting away. By far the quickest way to rack up cash is by taking the cops out, so always aim for the orange triangles on the mini map.

    Spiked Punch
    Avoid a spike strip in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career
    Not exactly hard, but won't be accesible until later. I never saw any spikes until about wheelman level 14, so don't panic if you haven't seen any. Plus, be aware. They sometimes dont appear until you are yards away from them, so they can catch you off guard.

    Lose the Fuzz
    Sucessfully complete 5 Pursuits
    Same as "Most Wanted" but only 5 have to be evaded. You should get this early on in the career.

    Disable 100 Police vehicles.
    Disabling cops is fairly easy. There are 3 ways as far as I can tell to do this. One is ram them alot, and eventually their car dies. This is the hardest and most time consuming way. The other is ram them side on to flip them. As soon as they are on their roof they are disabled. The final and easiest way is when getting chased by a cop, look for an orange triangle on the map. These are "take out" points. Hit the weak part of these structures, and something will spill onto the road, disabling any cars nearby. They do not have to be on your tail to be disabled. The game is extremely generous to you with these take outs!

    Finish 119 Multiplayer Races in any position
    There is two ways to get this. One is a bit cheap, but done alot online. The trick is to go into a Cops N' Robbers game and leave the game idle. As long as the host keeps playing, you will rack up alot of races. Plus, you can still get wins towards the "Among The Best" trophy, as it is a team game.

    The other way is to just keep playing games legit. The online isn't too dead, and has a surprisingly decent framerate. Just keep chipping away and this will come with time.

    Nothing Stock
    Discovered all 3 Tuning Shops in Career
    This is story related. It comes around wheelman level 11. Its pretty handy to get that extra performance out of your car.

    Own the Road
    Dominate 25 events in Career
    Before all events (except most jobs) if you look at the race details it will say a time in which to complete it for domination. Dominating an event gives you more money and better skill boosts. The better your car the easier it is to dominate an earlier event. Getting 25 is a walk in the park though and you will get this before you've completed all the jobs.

    Love Thy Tires
    Avoid 12 Spike Strips total in Career pursuits
    This is cumulative, which makes it very easy. Just listen to the radio chatter when approaching a road block and the woman should announce what side the spikes are on. Also, slow down so you can see them, as the game glitches sometimes and they dont appear until too late.

    Among the Best
    Won 25 Ranked Multiplayer events
    Use the same advice as "Notorious". You should, after 119 races have managed 25 wins, but if not, remember that Cops N' Robbers is a very easy way to pick up some wins.

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