Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown Trophy Guide
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Platinum Path/Custom Roadmap title

There is no quick way to achieve the 100% on this game. You have to play through the entire "Story Mode" and "Time Trial Mode", each having 60 levels.
You have to play through "Party Games" and "FrenzyFest" for the related trophies too.


Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Offline Trophies: 12
Online Trophies: 0
Minimum number of play throughs: 1 Story mode + 1 Time Trial Mode + Mop Up (Party Games + FrenzyFest)
Number of miss-able trophies: 5 - Barracuda Belly + Flippin Good Time + Well Defended + Mega Frenzy + School Teacher
Known glitched trophies: 0

Well Fed Fish
Awarded for eating 5000 fish
Pretty easy, and its a cumulative trophy. All the fish that you eat in the Story Mode as well as Time Attack mode counts towars this trophy. You can see the progress of how many fishes you have eaten at the end of every stage on the "Food Bank", when the summary shows up.

I personally had eaten more than 14000 fishes by the time i finished both modes, which might indicate as to how easy this trophy is

Life of the Party
Complete in Party Games to accumulate 1000 Party Points
A very easy and quick trophy but you need 2 controllers for this one. Just go in "Multiplayer", choose "Party Games" option and win any 10 matches that you choose with controller 1. You get 100 points for winning every match, so 10 games are needed to be won for this trophy.

Its a pretty fun mode with many varied matches, so you might even enjoy playing it. Bear in mind though, that the wins have to be with Controller 1 otherwise it wont count towards the trophy.

Barracuda Bully
Awarded for biting a Barracuda's tail four times
This large gray ugly fish appears several times during the entire playthrough, so you have several opportunities to get this trophy. This fish first appears on Stage 10. A large yellow icon with an exclamation point will appear on any part of the screen, which indicates the place where the barracuda will be coming from.

There will be a red circular icon on the Barracuda tail, which indicates its weak point. All you have to do is bite this tail 4 times, in order, to shrink the Barracuda and attain the trophy. Just take slight care on timing of your bite, and this trophy is very easy.

To make things easier, you can even die while doing this and continue biting the Barracuda' tail. The 4 bites needed for getting this trophy doesnt get interrupted due to dying.
An even easier method is to collect the "Shield" power which you get later on in the game, and then do this trophy, cant get anymore easier!

Flippin' Good Time
Awarded for completing a Quadruple Flip
This trophy can only be done on stages where there is a surface on top of the water. You need to go on the top of the water and press in order to jump out of the water. Once airborne, press further 4 times in order to do a quadruple flip (which means rotating 4 times whilst airborne) and land perfectly. If upon landing you get a message on screen saying "Belly Flop", it indicates you didnt do the jump cleanly.

Easiest way to do this is to take the lightning bolt power up, which means you can move around fast. Then go and jump over the water, which would give you twice the height, in turn, making the 4 rotations ridiculously easy. Hold on your controller in order to level your fish before landing.
Easily achieved on level 15.

Well Defended
Awarded for accumulating 3 simultaneous fish shields
You start getting the Shield power-up from level 28. Its a fish covered in a bubble and is almost rainbow-coloured. Once you get a shieldpower up, you will see this rainbow-coloured fish on your tail. You need to collect 3 of these in a row without loosing one. This power-up is basically an extra life because it protects you from a fish-bite, which normally would have killed you. It can be attained at any level with shield powers in, but i find level 30 and 43 as the easiest to achieve this.

Full Tank
Awarded for unlocking all Fish Upgrades
Unmissable trophy, you will get it on level 38 when you play through Story Mode or Time Attack mode.

Fast Food
Awarded for chomping through Time Attack!
As the description indicates, you will get this when you complete level 60 in Time Attack mode. This mode is a bit more easier than Story mode, as you have unlimited lives in this mode. All you need to do is complete the stage before the time at the bottom of the screen finishes.

Be patient, you dont need to hurry too much as the time given is ample enough. Plus you get time bubbles constantly, try to collect these as it will help you for tougher stages or make up for wasted time when u die. At the end of every stage, additional time is added to your existing saved time...so you do accumulate plenty of time to complete this mode.

Frenzyfest Master
Awarded for coming first in a Frenzyfest
Easy trophy, but needs 2 controllers. Go in "Multiplayer" and choose "Frenzyfest", within it choose 3 mini games. Leave the second controller aside, play any 3 mini-games and win atleast 2 of them with the first controller, which leads you to attain this trophy.

Mega Frenzy
Awarded for reaching the maximum FRENZY multiplier in a single player game
Another easy trophy and its a silver one. Can be attained in level 1 itself. You will see a "FRENZY" meter on top of the screen. When you constantly eat other fish, this meter goes up. Your goal is to keep eating for this level to go up 5 times. If you are too slow in consuming fish, then this level will go down. But dont hurry too much either, as the frenzy level doesnt go down very quickly.

Everytime you level up, a male voice will shout (this is an ascending order of shouts with each FRENZY level up) - "Feeding Frenzy", then "Double Frenzy", "Triple Frenzy", "Super Frenzy" and lastly "Mega Frenzy" which is when you recieve your trophy.
Eat the "FF" bubbles to quickly level up the FRENZY meter, if you are having trouble with this trophy.

School Teacher
Awarded for consuming 500 schools or swarms
This trophy will probably be attained by you on your second full playthrough of the game (this can be Time Trial or Story Mode, depending on which one you did first). You will get the power to "Suck in" fish on Level 9 and you do this by pressing

A "school" is a group of 7-8 small fish while a "swarm" is a group of 7-8 flies above the water. Whenever you consume a whole group of 7-8 fish/insects, you will see a text across the screen - "School Bonus"/"Swarm Bonus". You have to attain this 500 times for the trophy, thus, try to suck in groups whenever you have a chance.

Sometimes 1-2 fish/insects get missed, but you can catch them later and still get the "School/Swarm Bonus". Keep replaying Level 12, if you dont have the trophy after attaining the other 11 trophies and eventually it will unlock. There are no statistics to inform you as to how many schools/swarms you have eaten.

Fish Upgrade
Awarded for your first fish upgrade
As mentioned in the trophy above, you will get this trophy in level 9 when you get your first fish upgrade - the power to "suck in" fish. This is an unmissable trophy, you can get it in either Story mode or Time trial.

The Intruder
Awarded for defeating the Intruder
Unmissable trophy, but is believed to be attainable only in Story Mode. You fight the intruder in the later stages of the game, and you do so 4 times. When you finally defeat The Intruder on Stage 60, you will recieve the trophy.

The Intruder is a big green fish that takes up half of the screen size. Similar to the Barracuda, you need to bite the Intruder' antenna. There will be mines on the screen, you need to bite the Intruder' tail, in order, for him to come and attack you. Go behind a mine, so that the Intruder comes towards you and clash onto a mine. He will then release 5 "magic mushrooms". You need a total of 20 "magic mushrooms" to defeat the Intruder.

Some things to remember when dealing with the Intruder:
- Take your time with the Intruder, you can let him pass if you are not ready for him, he wont attack you unless you have bit his tail.
- You dont need to collect all 5 "magic mushrooms" that he releases, you just need total of 20.
- If there arent any mines on the screen, then wait for them as they will appear in a few seconds.
- If you die whilst defeating the Intruder, his remaining life still remains the same...thus, making it easy for you if you have many lives.

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