Official Mega Man 10 Trophy Guide
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- Time Consuming (Trophies with this icon may take a long period of time)
- Very Easy (No gamer should have trouble)
- Easy (Requires slight skill)
- Moderate (Requires skill)
- Hard (Requires a higher standard of skill)
- Very Hard (Requires a lot of skill)


Mega Man 10 is the sequel to last year's Mega Man 9, which was Capcom's attempt at reviving the original Mega Man franchise by returning the series to its retro bit roots. It's 8-bit classic action platforming at its best. This also comes at the price of being old school Nintendo difficult, and the trophies are no exception to this.

- Boss Order: Sheep Man / Pump Man / Solar Man / Chill Man / Nitro Man / Commando Man / Blade Man / Strike Man
- Collect every tank and extra life you see but be conservative about the health powerups as you may need to back track a bit to use them if you're out of tanks or enemies just aren't dropping what you need.
- Know your character's strengths and weaknesses. Proto Man will take much more damage then Mega Man, but packs a bigger punch and a useful slide ability.
- Rush the Robodog is your friend. Some tight spots with spikes or pitfalls cough be crossed with ease with the use of the handy dandy Rush Jet.
- Purchase the Energy Balancer. It may cost 100 screws, but it will allow you to charge all your weapons instea dof just the one you have out when you pick up energy power ups.


Trophy Difficulty: 10/10 (if you're a seasoned Mega Man player, the difficulty will be more around 8/10)
Offline Trophies: All obtainable offline
Online Trophies: All obtainable online
Minimum number of play throughs: 3
Miss-able trophies?: None if you took time to look at the list.
Known glitched trophies: None

Clear the game once.
This is by far the easiest trophy, as all you have to do is beat the game. This can be done on Easy or Normal mode (you'll have to unlock Hard so it won't be on that mode). You can get this as Mega Man or Proto Man. It will not pop up until after you have seen the cutscenes and the credits roll.

Clear the game in under an hour.
This is best done on easy mode with either character. You will want to ignore as many enemies as possible and to understand the strategies against the bosses in order to do everything in under an hour on this game. Shooting for not dying too much if at all will also help to prevent back tracking. You will want to aim for this after you make yourself familiar with the levels, specifically Wiley's Castle levels. Could also be done when you're gunning for MR. PERFECT.

Clear the game on HARD.
You must beat the game on normal to unlock hard mode. Beating the game on hard will take a lot of time, skill, and dedication. Sadly there are very few useful tips to give. It would be wise to play through a few times on easier modes to understand the levels layouts. This is just one of the many 'pull your hair out' trophies, but it is doable with a little patience and cautious saves.

Make it to a boss room without getting damaged.
The easiest levels to do this in are Pump Man or Sheep Man's stages on Easy mode. If you get hit you might as well start the stage over unless you're going for the near impossible MR. PERFECT trophy. This can work for any level, even Wiley's Castle, however difficult it would be there. This is another one of the 'easier' trophies to obtain.

Make it to a boss room without getting damaged.
When you get a chance to go to Dr. Light's shop there is an item you can purchase called the Book Of Hairstyles for 20 screws. The item will allow you to play through stages without your helmet on, taking more damage in the process. If you die once or buy the item again at the shop you will put your helmet back on and have to get it again. You can not obtain this trophy through cumulative use. Basically, you must go through 8 bosses (yes, Wiley's Castle does count when you fight the robot masters again) being able to take more damage then normal and not die. Good luck.

Defeat 1000 enemies.
This is the only trophy on this list that IS cumulative (so long as you don't keep restarting a new game and never saving). You will get this after a very long and dedicated amount of time playing mega Man 10. You could take advantage of unlimited time in levels and just kill respawning enemies, but that is probably the more tedious and boring choice of the two.

Defeat one of every type of enemy.
Destroy every enemy you see. It is easy to overlook some. The trucks from Nitro Man's stage can be taken out with Commando Missiles or Chill Spikes. The sand robots can be defeated with Thunder Wool easily. Enemies that deflect your mega buster (such as the little springs) can usually be beaten with the Chill Spikes weapon. The birds that drop egg bombs are also easy to miss in Chill Man's stage. Bosses do count for this. There are no secret enemies or those out of the way for you to find, so pretty much presist in killing every type you see. Remember, some enemies look similar but have different color palettes and DO count as a different type of enemy.

Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon.
This isn't all that difficult, especially not on Easy mode. Just use your Mega Buster to defeat each boss. This will require a bit more precision and patience since your Mega Buster has no unique advantage over any of the bosses.

Clear the game without using any energy, mystery, or weapon tanks.
This can be a test for many casual players. While possible, on the later levels Energy and Weapon Tanks are a must in order to survive through some of the boss battles, especially against Dr. Wiley. Just resist the urge to use them and persist at all cost through each level and you will get this trophy after the credits roll.

Clear the game without continuing.
Do not run out of lives. If you see a 1Up, go for it if you know you need it. Don't get too cocky, even on Easy mode this game can through a few curve balls your way. Don't forget you can buy extra lives at the store for only 20 screws.

Clear the game without dying.
Unless you're gunning for MR.PERFECT at the same time as this, you will want to stock on Energy Tanks and Mystery Tanks before anything else. Keeping yourself alive on Easy against enemies isn't very difficult, but faling to your death and instant death spikes are not your friends here. Save before each level you do and aim for that perfect no death run, or even for...

Clear the game without getting damaged.
Yes. You read that correct. Beat this game without getting touched even once. This trophy should earn a trophy for being one of the hardest trophies ever conceived. Insult to injury, yes, this is a SILVER trophy, not GOLD. There isn't much to say other then to master this game's controls and patterns and save between each level that you perfect. Oh yes, and play as Proto Man (the new DLC that just came out for players to play as Bass is also highly recommended, since he doesn't affect the earning of trophies). His slide and his shield will be invaluable during this trophy run. Good luck, you will need it like no other.

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