Proposed Official HEAVY RAIN Trophy Guide

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- Time Consuming (Trophies with this icon may take a long period of time)

- Very Easy (No gamer should have trouble)
- Easy (Requires slight skill)
- Moderate (Requires skill)
- Hard (Requires a higher standard of skill)
- Very Hard (Requires a lot of skill)

If you dont want to spoil your fun dont read this guide.
Decided not to put Spoiler tags at each trophy because then, the whole guide would need to be one big spoiler, and that wouldnt look any good.

- If you are going only for the trophies, I suggest lowest difficulty. If you want a challange, and be annoyed sometimes, take the max
- The trophies pop up when you see go to another chapter (you see a hero's face then), so don't worry when it doesn't pop up after you did what you had to do.

Unlock all trophies


Happy Birthday
Prologue – Complete the drawing + Set the table + Play with kids

Your first trophy to get is very easy but might be tricky. After you're done with your toilet and are dressed up, go down to your work room. Sit there and start working on your project. You have to keep working on it using pens and ereasers until he signs up on it, then the work is done.
After your wife comes, she will ask you to put the plates on the table, which is very easy to do. The plates can be found next to the table. Take them out and put them on the table, remember not to fail with it. After that you can go play with your kids. First you spin Jason, and then you run with Shaun on your back. DO NOT PUT HIM DOWN. Keep running with him until the game makes you put him down. After that, fight with plastic swords with Jason.

Interactive Drama
Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama

You will get this trophy automatically after you finished the "prologue". So after Jason dies and after you see the opening credits.

Good Father
Father and Son – Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood

All you have to do is fallow the shedule in the kitchen (next to the window).
The shedule is as follows:
4.30 PM - Snacks
6.00 PM - Homework
7.00 PM - Dinner
8.00 PM - Bedtime
You have a clock in the living room and in the kitchen so just look that up and follow the shedule. To give him the snack take an apple (at the window in the kitchen). Then order him to do his homework (help him with it), at 7 give him chicken (pizza isnt healthy!) and at 8 take him to bed. You will have to find his teddy bear, which you can find in the bathroom.

White Knight
Sleazy Place – Beat Troy

After talking with Lauren you will get an asthma attack. Use the inhaler. You will see a dude going into Lauren's room, follow him. You will start a fight with him. Just win the fight making as few mistakes as you can (quite easy to do).

Private Eye
Sleazy Place – Lead Lauren to talk about her son

While talking with Lauren you have to convince her to talk bout her son.
In the dialogue choose the options: compassionate and after that trick.

FBI Investigator
Crime Scene – Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene

You have to find all the clues in this mission, quite easy, but make sure you wont miss any:
Outside the tent with the body:
- Blood on the rails and on the fence
- The orchid in the air
- Footprints that lead on the highway (remember to go up there)
- Tire tracks up at the highway
In the tent with the body:
- Here simply use every option you can, the head, body, hand, legs.

Good Friends
The Park – Play two games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy

Another easy as pie trophy. Simply get near a "toy" in the park and you will have the option to play with Shaun. Play 2 of the 3 games you can play with him, and afterwards go to the candy stand and buy him some candy.

Got to Remember
Welcome, Norman! – Remember the time it was at the park and what Shaun was wearing

When Blake and Jayden are asking you questions, answer them correctly:
- 4:15 PM
- Baige Coat
- Green pants

Hassan's Shop – Persuade the Robber to leave

Answer the Robber as fast as you can choosing the correct answers, if you wait with the answer too long it wont work. Choose the answers: calm, name, affective, help, nothing serious, killer. After a few of these the option "drop weapon" will show up. Use it then and the Robber will leave.

Paparazzi – Leave home without being spotted by the journalists

Go out using the garden door, turn left and go throught your neighbour's garden, then simply go to your car and get in it (when you get near the car do it asap or the paparazzi will spot you).

Lexington Station – Knock down at least 50 passers-by

When Ethan falls into a trance and sees everything in grey-purple, and every passenger he hits drops down, simply walk at people so they drop down, look for places where are lots of them, easy to get.

Lucky Locker
Lexington Station – Find the correct locker on first try

The correct locker is locker 3 in the 18th area. Easy to get there, you can always look at the ticket to check again.

Nathaniel – Shoot Nathaniel

When Nathaniel starts pointing with the gun at Blake simply hit to shoot him.

Self Control
Nathaniel – Do not shoot Nathaniel

When Nathaniel starts pointing with the gun at Blake dont hit , simply talk to him, you will arrest him after.

Baby Master
Suicide Baby – Make no mistakes taking care of the baby

A funny task. You have to take care of Emily, just do what you have to do. Hold R1 till you change her, then go to the kitchen and heat up the bottle, then feed her. Let her burp, then rock her a bit and put her into bed (VERY easy on lowest difficulty, somehow tricky on highest).

The Bear – Choose the perfect path on the highway

Hardest trophy in the game - for me at least.You have to ride the highway choosing the perfect road without making any mistakes.
When you have the option to choose where you want to go, then simply do so:
-And then right till the end.
Remember, you cannot fail in the sequences between the options where to ride.
At the first part with the police, at the tunnel, remember to tilt the controller gently so your car doesnt hit the police car!

Good Driver
The Bear – Complete the Bear Trial successfully

Simply choose to take the trial and win it without making many mistakes.

Cat & Mouse
Covered Market – Beat Korda in the cold storage

Follow him succesfully into the cold room. He will attack you, just win the fight and arrest him.

Tough Guy
Kramer's Party – Defeat Gordi's bodyguard

After you've spoken with Gordi, win the fight with his bodyguards, easy as pie.

The Butterfly – Give up or fail the Butterfly Trial

Simply enter the "Coward!" door on the left or lose while taking the trial.

The Butterfly – Complete the Butterfly Trial successfully

Succesfully finish the trial, quite hard on every difficulty.

Good Cop
Shrink and Punches – Stop Blake from hitting Dupre

When he starts hitting Dupre simply get near him and push him, or try to persuade him that he's breaking the law.

Bad Cop
Shrink and Punches – Do not stop Blake from hitting Dupre

Just enjoy and watch as Blake punches the doctor

Gold Finger
The Lizard – Cut off your finger using axe, knife or pliers & disinfect or cauterize the wound

Get the knife on your desk (in the wall in the kitchen), from the bathroom get the thing to desinfect your finger, and the metal piece next to the table. Heat the metal piece. Put them all on your desk, sit there, breath a few times, and say that you don't want to cut it off. He will force you to do it. After cutting it off with the knife, use the desinfectant on it and then burn it with the metal piece so the finger doesn't bleed anymore.

The Lizard – Cut your finger using a saw or scissors

Take the saw from the ground in the living room, breathe a few times and say that you don't want to cut it off. You will cut it off. Then simply take the new clue and leave the room.

Fugitive – Manage to escape Blake in the subway station

Just run to the station, then pass the rails, and enter the train.

Hands Up!
Fugitive or On the Loose – Get arrested by Blake

This trophy can be gained in both missions: Fugitive and On the Loose. Just get arrested by the cops. In Fugitive after Madison pushes the trunk to the window just wait, and in On the Loose don't call Ethan with Madison and wait.

Ludwig von
Jayden Blues – Play the piano without a wrong note

To get this chapter Ethan has to escape Jayden in Fugitive, simply play the piano correctly, dont fail in any sequence.

Jayden Blues – Resist Triptocaine

After playing the piano, you will get an attack. To resist it, it's the best to grab the tripo bottle from the desk and throw it into the toilet.

Wise Guy
Under Arrest – Switch the camera off in the surveillance room before saving Ethan

To get this chapter, Ethan has to get caught in either Fugitive or On the Loose. When you decide to rescue him just go into the room where you get the raincoat and you tell the guard to take a break, then go to the camera and switch it off.

I'm a Killer…
The Shark – Kill the Drug Dealer

After the sequence where you run away from him just shoot him (in the child's room where he begs for mercy).

I'm not a Killer!
The Shark – Do not kill the Drug Dealer

Do not kill the drug dealer in the child's room after the sequence where you run away from him.

Smart Girl
The Doc – Do not drink the Doc's beverage

When the doctor offers you a drink, refuse. He will give it to you anyway. When he asks if you are drinking also say NO.

Queen of Ropes
The Doc – Escape before the Doc returns

After the Doc catches you and goes to open the door, untie yourself, legs first, and then follow the sequences. Don't die - escape the doc and kill him.

Goodbye Mad Jack
Survive the fight against Mad Jack

After getting clues from his garage (needed for the Nerd trophy!), when you go out Mad Jack attacks you. Win the fight, but after you are about to arrest him you will get a tripocaine attack. The sequence starts with pressing . Aimply fail this sequence. Mad Jack will put you inside a car that's about to get curshed. Win another sequence, and then win the fight with Mad Jack. This will kill Mad Jack, but will give you the trophy.

The Chef
Eureka – Prepare a good omelette on time

Another funny trophy with Shelby. Make a good omlette. While making it, he will tell you when its done. When he does turn off the fire and put the omlette on a plate.

I'm not Scared!
Twins - Follow your brother without making any mistakes

Here you cannot fail EVEN ONE sequence, when you do them all correctly you win the trophy

Pride Saved
Sexy Girl – Take off no more than one item of clothing during the strip-tease

When Poco orders you to dance for him just take off one part of clothing (open your shirt or take off your skirt) and then use the lamp to knock him down.

On the Loose – Do not forgive Madison

After the sex scene with Madison and finding out she's a reporter, don't forgive her.

Lover Boy
On the Loose – Forgive Madison

Opposite to Unforgiven trophy, forgive Madison after the sex scene.

Escape Master
On the Loose – Escape the police at the motel

After Madison gets near the place where you booked your stay in the hotel, she will see the police. After that go to the phone and call Ethan (room number 207). Run away from the police, and then choose to jump.

Swimming Instructor
Trapped – Save Lauren underwater

To save Lauren simply untie her hands before breaking up the window.

Invincible Scott
Face to Face – Do not get shot in Kramer's villa

In Kramer's villa just don't fail any sequence, very hard on highest difficulty, very easy on lowest (you have to press only and sometimes).

Kind Hearted :star1:
Face to Face – Give Kramer his medicine

After Kramer has his heart attack, give him his medicine. It can be found in his desk.

The Rat – Drink the poison

Drink the poison in the Rat chapter, easy as it sounds.

Clever Dad
The Rat – Work out where Shaun is held

To get this trophy you have to fail at least one trial (best to not fail any at first playthrough and then load The Rat and not drink the poison). Then using the GPS, you have to find the right location. The correct location is the one that's the closest to the water.

Cold as Ice
Killer's Place – Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge

After you get captured by The Killer in his house, knock on one wall, then take the wierd device that's on his desk and smash the wall (the one at the door on the left). Walk through the killer's house, go to the kitchen and hide in the fridge.

Simple Mind
The Old Warehouse – Save the Origami Killer before he falls, with Jayden or Madison

When The Killer is about to fall help him get up.

So Close…
The Old Warehouse – Reach the end with all characters… and fail

Reach the Old Warehouse with Jayden, Madison and Ethan, how to do it:
Ethan - finish all the trials, or finish a few and guess the location or get a call from Madison.
Jayden: With all the clues find the location of the killer's hideout or get a call from Madison.
Madison: Find the answer in the killer's laptop in the Killer's Place, the correct password is the name of the killer's origami dogs. After you've done it, you can call either Jayden or Ethan (if either of them failed) or go there without calling them.
To lose:
- Madison is stopped by the police and doesnt warn Ethan
- Jayden gets killed by the Killer
- Ethan saves Shaun and gets out of the Warehouse, there the police kill him.


Quite self-explanitory I guess

Four Heroes
Complete the story with four characters alive

Just don't die with Madison, Ethan, or Jayden. The fourth hero is Shaun, not Shelby, so Shelby can die.

Trial Master
Succeeded in all Ethan's trials

Get all the clues by successfully finishing all the trials (Bear, Butterfly, Lizard, Shark, Rat). Ride the highway, pass the glass and electricity, cut off your finger, kill the drug dealer, and drink the poison.

Find all clues using ARI (Crime Scene + Mad Jack + Fish Tank) and find the Origami Killer

You have to find all the clues with Jayden in the Crime Scene chapter (look at FBI Investigator trophy), all the clues in the Garage in Mad Jack chapter, and all the clues in Paco's room in Fish Tank chapter. Easy to do. In those places just put on your glasses and tap R1 with every few steps and look at everything that pops up. Very hard to miss any.

Saved the Kid
Save Shaun

You can save Shaun with either Ethan, Jayden or Madison to get this trophy.

Perfect Crime
Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + kill Madison and Jayden + Origami Killer free

Tricky trophy. To get it you have to:
- Clean Manfred's shop of evidence, the things you have to clean are (don't enter the bathroom there):
* Telephone in Manfred's office
* Telephone in the shop (on the desk)
* Magnifying glass
* The whiskey bottle
* The whiskey cups
* The ballerina figure Lauren was playing with
* The glass cabinet that Lauren sits on at the beginning
* The door handle
- Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die
* In Hassan's shop let the robber kill him, simply wait till the robber goes away
* In Trapped let Lauren drown by not helping her untie her hand
* Dont give Kramer his Medicine
- Kill Madison and Jayden
* Madison can die in The Doc or Killer's House, while its best to kill Jayden in the Old Warehouse.

All Endings
See all endings

To make the endings record, you have to replay the chapters that allow you to save. If you don't, the epilogues won't show up on your chapter select. The chapters you need are:
*Ethan's Grave - Ethan dies.
*A New Start - Ethan survives and is not arrested, Madison is rejected (or dies), Shaun is saved.
*A New Life - Ethan survives and is not arrested, Madison is forgiven (and alive), Shaun is saved.
*Origami Blues - Ethan survives and is not arrested, Madison dies or is rejected, Shaun dies (you cannot find the Warehouse).
*Tears In the Rain - Ethan lives, Madison lives (Ethan forgives her), Shaun dies (you cannot find the Warehouse).
*Helpless - Ethan is arrested (To get arrested you have to get caught by the police 2 times, after the Lizard and at the motel, otherwise you won't stay in jail) and Shaun dies.
*Innocent - Ethan is arrested, Madison or Jayden saves Shaun
*Dead Heroine - Madison dies.
*Heroine - Madison is rejected by Ethan and saves Shaun, defeats the Origami killer.
*Square One - Ethan, Jayden and Shaun die, Madison never finds the old warehouse.
*Uploaded - Jayden dies
*Resignation - Jayden gives up, Shaun is saved by Madison or Ethan
*Case Closed - Jayden arrives at the Old Warheouse and kills The Origami Killer.
*Smoking Mirror - Jayden gives up, Madison and Ethan fail or die, Shaun dies.
*Origami's Grave - Origami Killer got killed
*A Mother's Revenge - Shelby survives and Lauren survives
*Unpunished - Shelby survives, Lauren is dead
*News Report - This will show up no matter what you do =P

The bold is the name of the ending and after is what conditions have to be met for it to appear. There are multiple endings shown at a time so don't worry, you don't have to play the game 18 times =P. Simply load the chapter that will help you get the ending and play to the end. Remember to always allow the game to save the data, or the endings won't show up on your chapters list.

Hope this guide helps some of you get the missing trophies, and I hope no-one will spoil his fun or will try to run past the game just to get all trophies, because it isn't worth it! The game is so amazing that you should finish it at least 2 times.

Thanks to:
vertigu9219 - for finding a mistake I did in the Goodbye Mad Jack trophy
MissXara - for spelling and grammar check. You rock girl \m/
Saya - for fixing the descriptions, checking my spelling and grammar, and fixing my english! You rock \m/

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