Righty then, I've now got all the bits I need so should hopefully have it build by monday (off to my dads tomorrow to use his soldering iron/multimeter!)

Venom PS2->PS3 (USB) adaptor;

PS2 cable (ripped from a faulty PS2 pad);

Silicon Labs Toolstick USB development kit;

...and a gutted PS2 pad (for use as an enclosure). I've glued all the buttons/sticks in place just to make it look cooler!

I just hope I can get the software to run on a Mac (WinXP via VirtualBox). Don't really want to use Bootcamp...I removed it a month or two ago when I figured I could just use VirtualBox for the few times I actually needed to run Windows.

Anyhoo, expect an update on monday with piccys of the completed setup and a brief review with my initial tests...