Have been looking into these products over the past couple of days and I've just ordered the parts to build myself a XIM. I'm not really much of an online gamer, mainly down to the fact that my brain and hands just can't deal with analog sticks for aiming. From what I've read, the XIM seems to be the most accurate solution for using a keyboard/mouse on a PS3, although it does have it's drawbacks;
1. You need a PC/laptop to run the software
2. It takes time to map buttons/tweak the software to get it to run as desired
3. You need to build it yourself, or spend $89.99 + p&p to get one from the US

Anyone else using XIM or similar? What are your thoughts?

I know this is risky business asking questions about this type of peripheral. A lot of hardcore pad users tend to think that keyboard/mouse is cheating. Personally I don't. I want to get into online gaming, but I'm totally crap with a pad and get my ass handed to me every single time. If a keyboard/mouse set up brings me upto par with good pad users then I'll be a happy bunny.

Will post pictures/review once I build and test the unit...