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Thread: Anyone using XIM/FragFX/FRAGnSTEIN?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martd View Post
    Hi Riggs

    Did you ever get this working?
    Any info would be very gratefully received.


    In a word; no. It's all setup ok, my soldering job is fine and the software reports an update rate of 58/sec with no errors so you'd think it'd work ok, but no.
    Having asked on the XIM forum the only possible problem they can see is that I'm using a Mac to run the software. However, I'm running it through WindowsXP (via Bootcamp), which has apparently been confirmed as a working option, just not in my case. I'm currently waiting for one of my housemates to get a new laptop so I can borrow it and test further.

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    Hi Riggs,

    Do you have any further update on this or are you still to do more testing?

    Also, out of interest, which version of the XIM software did you use?

    -- Neuro
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