Official Blast Factor Trophy Guide

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- Time Consuming (Trophies with this icon may take a long period of time)
- Very Easy (No gamer should have trouble)
- Easy (Requires slight skill)
- Moderate (Requires skill)
- Hard (Requires a higher standard of skill)
- Very Hard (Requires a lot of skill)

Junior Researcher
Complete BF Specimen 1
You must beat the first Specimen in Basic Research to unlock this trophy. This is not too bad as the difficulty of the game starts off fairly straightforward. Don’t worry, this doesn’t last long!
Graduate Researcher
Complete BF Specimen 4
You must beat the fourth Specimen in Basic Research to unlock this trophy. Things start to get a lot harder here. Make sure that you make use of your Repulsor (, , or ) and the tip function (tip the controller to either side quite firmly). These will make your life a lot easier. You should also be able to recognise the different types of enemies you will now be facing. The purple ones will be drawn towards your Repulsor, so be careful.
Head Researcher
Complete BR Specimen 7
You must beat the seventh and final Specimen in Basic Research to unlock this trophy. Now we’re getting tricky. This is simply more of the same, but considerably harder. Remember all of the tricks from earlier levels. The green enemies get drawn in towards you if you tip the bowl, so the best way to deal with them is to use the Repulsor. The Back AR’s can be a real pain, so take care when they are on the field. Always look out for power-ups as they always are beneficial. Also, if you are struggling with the later cells, you can always take the ‘easy’ Cell route by deliberately taking your time on the earlier levels.
Advanced Junior Researcher
Complete AR Specimen 1
You must beat the first Specimen in Advanced Research to unlock this trophy. Again, this isn’t too bad. The Specimen layout is a little different from before and the Boss(es) are quite a bit tougher, but it doesn’t start too badly.
Advanced Graduate Researcher
Complete AR Specimen 4
You must beat the fourth Specimen in Advanced Research to unlock this trophy. Much harder than Advanced Junior Researcher, but still not too bad. You can Continue as often as you like, so don’t be afraid to learn the layout of the cells. Remember, all of the enemies you will face always spawn in exactly the same location as the last time you played the Cell, so if you are struggling with a particular Cell, you can repeat it until you can clear it.
Advanced Head Researcher
Complete AR Specimen 7
You must beat the seventh and final Specimen in Advanced Research to unlock this trophy. This is a pretty hard trophy to get. The levels are slightly trickier than in Basic Research and also the layout can be a bit annoying, with 5 or 6 Cells to pass before you get a checkpoint. Plus you now have to deal with blue Platelets, which can be a nightmare. However, even though they get attracted towards you after both a tip and after using the Repulsor, they DO have a weakness: they are not completely immune to the Repulsor. While the purple Platelets do not get deflected from their course at all if you use the Repulsor, the blue ones do, so if you try to ease the pressure with the Repulsor, you will actually get some breathing space. Just not much. The Bosses can be hard, but clever use of the Repulsor and tip will see you through, that and the fact that they are very predictable.
Get x100 chain multiplier
You must get your multiplier up to 100x to unlock this trophy. This is a trophy that you may well get by accident as you play through normally. Essentially, you must destroy 100 enemies with one shot. While this sounds a bit far retched, it isn’t too bad. Most enemies that are destroyed will create a small explosion when they die which can kill others that are in close proximity. A good thing to try is to tip the bowl a lot. This will put most of the enemies on screen into the same corner of the bowl, making for an easy chain. For a specific place to get this, see the Death Wish II guide.
Finish a Survival Cell without dying
You must finish any Survival Cell without dying to unlock this trophy. See Ultimate Survivor guide.
Ultimate Survivor
Finish all Survival Cells without dying
You must finish all Survival Cells without dying to unlock this trophy. The third Cell in all of the Advanced Specimens is a Survival Cell. These Cells feature very intense and very hard waves of enemies that are all too easy to die on. You are only allowed one attempt at them and if you fail (die), you progress to the next Cell on the ‘easy’ branch and if you get past all the waves without dying, you get access to the ‘hard’ Cells. You do not need to beat all of these Cells on one playthrough, so if you really can’t do a particular Survival Cell, you can carry on with the game and come back to it on a later playthrough. All of the waves happen exactly the same way each time you attempt the Cell and this is the key to success, you have to learn the Cell’s progression so that you know exactly what is coming next so that you can react accordingly and also so that you know when it is safe to use either the Repulsor or the tip function. Make the most of the brief period of slow-motion you get after you use the Repulsor to try and clear a path through the enemies if you need to, this can make the difference between failure and success. If you fail a Cell and wish to try again without having to play all the way through again, simply lose all of your lives in the next cell and play through until Cell 3 again.
Complete a Specimen without dying
You must clear all Cells in any Specimen without dying to unlock this trophy. This isn’t too bad and you may well get this one without actively trying for it. The best Specimen to attempt this in is Specimen 1 in Basic Research and just concentrate on not dying for the whole Specimen.
Complete 3 consecutive Specimens without dying
You must complete 3 Specimens in a row on any mode without dying to unlock this trophy. This isn’t too bad. I would recommend doing this on Hybrid mode as the first 3 Specimens you will have to play will be the first one from both modes and the second one from the Advanced mode. However, the Bosses on Advanced mode can be pretty hard to pass without dying, so you may have better luck just taking on the Basic Research mode instead and just trying to beat the first three Specimens in it. It isn’t too bad on this mode, just try not to take any risks and use the Repulsor quite a lot. This will almost certainly get you over 10 lives by the way, so if you haven’t got the Life Is Good trophy, you might find that you will get these at the same.
Mix It Up -
Complete Hybrid mode
You need to beat Hybrid mode to unlock this trophy. Hybrid mode simply consists of the first six of the Specimens from Basic Research and all of the Specimens in Advanced Research, so there are 13 Specimens in total. Simply play through the entire thing on normal speed to get this trophy and make sure that give yourself plenty of time to do this, (at least 1.5 hours), as you can’t save mid-session and it WILL take a while.
Death Wish
Complete a Boss Cell without using the Repulsor
You must defeat any Boss without using the Repulsor to unlock this trophy. The easiest Boss to do this on is the on in Specimen 1 of Basic Research. Simply keep your hands off of the shoulder buttons and you’ll get this no problem. It doesn’t matter if you tip the bowl or kill the enemies or die even, just don’t Repulse!
Death Wish II
Complete a Survival Cell without using the Repulsor
You must complete any Survival Cell without dying and without using the Repulsor to unlock this trophy. This is tough. Personally I think that Specimen 2 is the one to go for with for this, but either 1 or 3 can be done as well. You have to know exactly where the next set of enemies will be spawning and you have to know how to deal with them. Keep your fingers away from the shoulder buttons at all times, as it’s all too easy to push one out of instinct. If you have to face enemies that you would normally beat by using the Repulsor, you need to either use other enemies to kill them, or a bomb. Even if you know the Cell you choose perfectly, it will still be a while before you get this one, it takes a bit of luck.
Death Wish III
Complete a Boss without destroying any enemies
You must defeat any Boss without destroying any other enemies to unlock this trophy. Pretty straightforward. Start up Basic Research mode and play until you reach the Boss. Now, to beat him without killing enemies simply requires you to keep all of the enemies away from you, so getting tipping! Just wait for the Boss to create some new enemies, tip them out of the way and then shoot when the Boss is clear of enemies. It doesn’t matter if you die, just don’t kill any enemies. Also you can use the Repulsor if you like as it won’t kill any enemies. It is very easy to kill one of the enemies by mistake and without even noticing, so don't be too put off if you think that you did it but then weren't rewarded with the trophy. A nice thing to note is that there is a maximum amount of enemies that the Boss can create, so once this has been reached, it can’t get any worse. Also, when you finally do kill the Boss, all of the enemies that are on the screen will die at once and this will count as a chain, so if there are more than 100 enemies on the screen when the Boss dies, this will give you a chain of 100x, which is exactly what you need for the Chain-Tastic trophy. Just a thought.
Friends Forever
Finish BF in Co-Op (any mode)
You must clear any mode in co-op (2, 3 or 4 players) to unlock this trophy. Bear in mind that there is no online co-op for this game, so ideally, you know someone (or maybe even more than one) who is good at this game that is willing to help out. If you do, then just load up Basic Research on co-op and breeze through the game. It will be easier than before. However, if you don’t have any friends who can help out, then there is still a way, you have to play the game yourself in co-op mode. This is incredibly hard as you have to share lives with your co-op partner and if there is no-one else playing then you will drain lives quicker than you can blink. This boils down to you needing to beat the entire game on one life. Not too bad at first, but the later levels get very tough indeed. You will also lose the benefit of the slow motion effect of the Repulsor so good luck to all those who attempt to get trophy in this fashion. This is definately a five-star trophy if you attempt it by yourself.
Doing The Dishes
Flip 10 Big Tip enemies with one tip
You must successfully flip over 10 of the Big Tip enemies with only one use of the tip function to unlock this trophy. The best time to get this in Basic Research, Specimen 2, Cell 5. The very last wave of enemies is precisely 10 Big Tips and they are by themselves and all spawn on the same side of the bowl. Simply wait for them all to spawn and then tilt the SixAxis to one side. Job done!
Chain Gang
Destroy 5 Big Chains with one shot
You must destroy 5 or more Big Chains with only one shot to unlock this trophy. Big Chains are the annoying ones that can only be killed by being engulfed in an explosion resulting from the destruction of a nearby enemy and that produce small groups of the Platelet-type enemies. You know, they look like metal starfish. This is another trophy that you might get by accident, especially on the later levels. In fact, it is only really on the later levels that they appear in groups large enough to actually get the trophy at all (the first chance is Specimen 6, Cell 3 in BR). There is a very specific place where you can very easily get this trophy. It is Basic Research mode, Specimen 7, Cell 3. The last wave of enemies is a group of eight(!) of these bad boys and they start off really closely grouped together. Wait until one of them spits out the smaller guys and take your shot.
Tough Guy
Complete all hard Cells in any mode
You must successfully complete all the ‘hard’ Cells in any mode to unlock this trophy. This doesn’t need to be achieved in one playthrough, so you can check your progress in the menu screen. In Basic Research mode, when you progress to the next Cell after beating the one you are currently in, you will either go up or down to the next. To go up a Cell, you must beat the previous one under the challenge time and also do it without dying. This will take you to the harder route of Cells. If you don’t manage either of these tasks, you go down to the easier route. To reach the hardest Cells then, you need to do this two Cells in a row. It doesn’t matter if you then die when you are in the Cell before the bonus or the Boss, as long as you beat it. In Advanced Research, it is a similar system, but different enough to be worth a mention. You must beat the first Cell in every Specimen without dying in order to access the first of the ‘hard’ Cells and then you must successfully navigate the Survival Cell to access the final series of ‘hard’ Cells. In this mode, there are no time restraints. In both cases the ‘hard’ Cells are, as you expect, harder than the easier Cells, but never by too much. It is often getting to the Cells that will prove to be the real challenge. This can be fairly time consuming to get them all so be aware of which ones you are missing from your set before you begin any playthroughs. Either Basic or Advanced is achievable but personally I prefer Basic for this challenge, as it removes the frustrations of the Survival Cells, but you do then have the timer to consider, so it is really up to you. If you do attempt this in Basic Research, you should be aware that the timer, while not appearing on screen, still gives a little clue as to how close you are to over-running the challenge time. At the start of a Cell, the border of the Cell will be glowing a light blue colour. At two points during the course of the Cell it will flash red. The first time it flashes, it is letting you know that you have 5 seconds left and the second time you have 2. If you take too long, the border will stop glowing and this means that, even if you haven't died, you will still be going to the easy Cells.
Attention To Detail
Complete all Cells in any mode
You must successfully complete all of the Cells in any mode to unlock this trophy. Similar in a sense to Tough Guy, you need to take a note of which Cells you are missing before you start any game. You may also have to deliberately die in order to access any ‘easy’ or ‘medium’ Cells that you are missing. You can get multiple Cells in one playthrough as well, as long as you remember that you need to actually beat the Cell in question before allowing yourself to get a game over and opting to continue. Also be sure that if want to give up a run at any stage, then you need to let yourself get beaten so that the game will record the Cells that you have beaten in that run, rather than just choosing to quit. You will probably get both this and Tough Guy at the same time and again, it is a matter of personal preference as to which mode is easier. While Basic has more Cells to win, I would still recommend it over Advanced.
Speed Master
Finish Basic Research in 2xAT mode
You must complete the Basic Research mode while playing at 2xAT speed to unlock this trophy. The same as Head Researcher then, just quite a lot harder. I would definitely advise deliberately taking as many ‘easy’ Cells as possible during your attempts at this, as it is a very hard challenge indeed. If you have a mate who is good at this game, it may well be worth doing this in co-op. It still nets you the trophy (and Friends Forever if you haven’t already got it) and is also quite a bit easier. Bear in mind that the challenge times for the ‘hard’ routes are accordingly adjusted downwards as the levels will take less time to complete.
Advanced Speed Master
Finish Advanced Research in 2xAT mode
You must complete the Advanced Research mode while playing at 2xAT speed to unlock this trophy. Quite possibly the hardest of the lot here. I wouldn’t advise attempting this before you have completed the game on normal speed at least once as there a few surprises waiting for you down the line. Good luck.
The Cleaner
Clear a Cell using the Super Repulsor
You must destroy the last enemy in any Cell using the Super Repulsor power-up to unlock this trophy. This is best done in Advanced Research mode, in Specimen 1, Cell 6, one of these power-ups appears just before the last wave of enemies appears. Simply set it off and stop shooting, job done.
Dodge 10 Repulsed Back AR’s at the same time
You must attract 10 or more Back AR’s towards you with the Repulsor and then successfully avoid all of them to unlock this trophy. This one can be quite tricky to pull off and can only be done late on in either mode. When you know that you have 10 or more of the Back AR’s circling around you (they are the purple fish type things that you can only kill after they have been repulsed and then turn briefly a darker colour) press R1 and then TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SLO-MO to find a good route out of the incoming circle. You have to not only avoid the ones coming towards you, but also remember that there will be a group coming at you from behind. Also remember that you slightly deflect them out of your by shooting at them. A good Cell to try this in is Specimen 4, Cell 2 (hard) in Advanced Research mode. However, this Cell can get quite manic, so an alternative would be Cell 4 (easy) in the same Specimen.
Life Is Good
Get 10 lives
You must have 10 or more lives at once to unlock this trophy. Not too hard. The best way is obviously not to die until you get 10 lives. This is the quickest way of getting to ten and it will have happened before the game gets too hard. If you can survive for nearly 3 Specimens, you should be at 10 lives. I would recommend trying to get this at the same time as the Immortal trophy and, like Immortal, is best done on Hybrid mode.