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Thread: Cowbear

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  1. MarqueeMarque
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    Trying to roll up the Cowbear in Katamari Forever???1

    Come here and vent your frustration!1

    fsdlknkljafn;aklsjnfka;sjfnka;fjsbnk;asfjba;ksjfbk as;jfk ckj.,ld nv mdf bml sdgvb cb:veryangry2::veryangry2::veryangry2_o
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    I got him last night. He took me just under 2 hours to get! Many attempts! My advice would be to go to YouTube and search for CowBear. One of the videos shows a great path through the level to get to the required size to capture the cowbear. I would however capture him by the pitstop where the F1 cars are.
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