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Thread: Buzz!: Quiz TV Trophy Guide

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    Buzz!: Quiz TV Trophy Guide Official Buzz!: Quiz TV Trophy Guide
    Written by DuggyEG

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    Buzz's New Best Friend
    All trophies unlocked
    Buzz!: Quiz TV is quite a simple game to platinum as far as the trophy requirements are. But obviously you do need to know a fair bit of trivia to get the questions right and win games. Some of the trophies don't even require that, just that you participate in a lot of games, so in that sense this could take quite a while to platinum.

    But it is a lot of fun so enjoy yourself!
    Socialite Gold
    Play 50 multiplayer games
    Straight forward really. Take part in 50 multi-player games. If your a party person, put it on when theres a few folks around and you'll be surprised how quickly 50 games go by!!

    If however your only playing this game for the trophies. Then simply turn on 2 buzzers and control them both yourself.
    Socialite Silver
    Play 20 multiplayer games
    You'll pick this trophy up on the way to getting "Socialite Gold" (above), so follow those tips. As I mentioned you do NOT need to use all 4 buzzers.
    Socialite Bronze
    Play 5 multiplayer games
    Same as the above two trophies really. Again if your just wanting to zip though and get the trophies, set up 2 buzzers and control them yourself.
    Sofa Surfer Gold
    Play 40 Sofa vs. Sofa games
    The key word here is "PLAY" not "WIN". Just keep going into online mode and playing games. You'll pick this up on the way to achieving the "Sofa Subjugator Gold" trophy aswell if you use the tip for that trophy.
    Sofa Surfer Silver
    Play 15 Sofa vs. Sofa games
    Like above but less games, so you'll pick it up going for the "Sofa Surfer Gold" trophy. Again if you follow the tip for "Sofa Subjugator" you will pick this trophy up.
    Sofa Surfer Bronze
    Play one Sofa vs. Sofa game
    Once you finish your first game online you'll pick this trophy up. As I've mentioned above you don't need to win the match just play it.
    MyBuzz! Enthusiast Gold
    Play 50 MyBuzz! games
    If you simply select MyBuzz! whenever you see it you'll pick this up in no time. MyBuzz! games are only one round so its very quick.
    MyBuzz! Enthusiast Silver
    Play 20 MyBuzz! games
    Go after the Gold trophy and you'll get this one with it along the way.
    Member's name
    MyBuzz! Enthusiast Bronze
    Play one MyBuzz! game
    Play your first MyBuzz! game and you'll be awarded this trophy after completing it.
    Lonesome and Loving It Gold
    Play 50 singleplayer games
    My advice if you just want to achieve the trophy, is select MyBuzz! quizzes in single player rather than others. This is because in a normal game you go through 3 rounds. However MyBuzz! games are only 1 round thus faster.
    Lonesome and Loving It Silver
    Play 20 singleplayer games
    Same as above, if you run through MyBuzz! quizzes you'll get this trophy quicker.
    Lonesome and Loving It Bronze
    Play 5 singleplayer games
    You'll get this trophy very early on after playing the game. If you want to do it quicker, again use the MyBuzz! quizzes.
    The Barnard Award Gold
    Score over 5000 points in a singleplayer game
    This is quite tricky really. 5000 points in 3 rounds is quite difficult. I suggest becoming incredibly familiar with a select topic. Then using that when going for the trophy. You'll need to get 280/290 points on EVERY question to be able to achieve this.
    The Barnard Award Silver
    Score over 3000 points in a singleplayer game
    As above if you use a specific subject your confident with you should get this trophy much easier. It's not near as difiicult as the Gold trophy though so don't worry you should get it relatively quick.
    The Barnard Award Bronze
    Score over 1500 points in a singleplayer game
    Very simple trophy this one. You can definately get it by selecting a specific subject. But if you manage to get the Gold or Silver trophies you should already have it!
    Sofa Subjugator Gold
    Win 50 Sofa vs. Sofa games
    Here's the alternative to the "Sofa Surfer" trophies. You now must WIN all these games. The easiest way, is to go here, Buzz!: Quiz TV Forum, and find yourself a boosting partner to help out. Then when you go into Online play, select "With friends". This means your playing against your own friends.
    Sofa Subjugator Silver
    Win 20 Sofa vs. Sofa games
    Again if you go to the Buzz!: Quiz TV Forum, and find yourself a boosting partner, then select "with friends" when going online.
    Sofa Subjugator Bronze
    Win 5 Sofa vs. Sofa games
    Again, get hold of a boosting partner and you'll get it easily. Otherwise, I suggest you get smart!
    He's On Fire!
    Amatuer Quiz Master
    Casting Agent
    Flawless Round
    Channel Hopper
    Lightning Reactions

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    Copyright © 2000 - Present and iEntry. All rights reserved.
    This Guide cannot be republished without the consent of
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