Official SBK09 Superbike World Championship Trophy Guide
Written by DuggyEG

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NOTE: Whenever you think you have achieved a trophy but it hasn't given it to you. Make sure you go through the painfully long saving times to save all your progress and then re-start your PS3. When it loads back up it should give you the trophies. And with the online trophies, you must make sure before you turn off the PS3 that you quit out right back to the main menu and have it all save before you re-start the PS3.

You are the best!
All trophies collected
You need to achieve all the trophies available in the game. Including the online trophies. If played solid for a couple of weeks, and boosting the online trophies. You should have this platinum no problem.
Be a Rookie
Win your first race
Make sure you win your first race basically. Easiest thing to do is set the difficulty to easy and start at the front of the grid. Pretty hard to not achieve it
Simulation Wizard
Win a race in extreme simulation mode with opponents at Professional or Real level
This is definitely one of the hardest trophies to get on the game. I recommend using N.Haga of the Ducati Xerox team and running on the Salt Lake City track as the corners are much more sweeping than most others. Go into training first and spend some time getting used to how the bike handles in the extreme setting. Before you attempt the race itself be comfortable in lapping at about 1.52/1.53 around the track and be sure you understand your braking points and how to handle the bike through the corners and transitions.

When you attempt a race go for amateur first then work up to professional. Set the laps to 1 and make sure your starting at the front of the grid. Remember that false starts are on so be sure not to jump the lights.
Who needs wheels?
Win performing at least 10 seconds of wheelies and win the race
Pick a track with a really long start/finish straight. Set the difficulty to easy (just in case you over cook the wheelies), then set the laps on about 9/10. By the end of it you’ll be able to achieve this trophy and “Prancing Pony” (See Below)

To perform a wheelie simply pull down on the right analog stick. This shifts your riders weight to the back of the bike, lifting it into the air. Just don't hold back for 2 long whilst being too vertical or else the rider will fall and the time won't count!!
King of Assen
Win a race at assen with less than a 3" gap at Professional or Real level
If you haven’t tried it on either of these levels I suggest setting the laps to 50/60%, maybe 100%. Then start from the front. Just remember that its LESS than a 3 second gap you need. Otherwise if you get into the groove you may well shoot off and end up 7/8 seconds ahead without realising. If you want to check during the race how far ahead you are of 2nd place tap the button and a little table will show on the left hand side of the screen displaying the time from the previous rider.

I did this trophy in conjunction with “Back to my first love”. I set the laps on 100% began at the back and made my way through the pack getting used to how the riders reacted.
Tires are expensive
Win a race with tyre wear activated and with minimum tyre waste
Pick a quick track and set it on 1 lap. With the opponents on easy you shouldn’t have any trouble with this trophy. Just make sure you don’t start sliding the bike everywhere and increasing the tyre wear on the back wheel!!
Back to my first love
Win a race at least at Professional difficulty level using Maxi Biaggi and his Aprilia
As I mentioned above I did this in conjunction with "King of Assen". If you simply select Max Biaggi in the Aprilia team and attempt that trophy, you shouldn't have any problems getting either of these trophies. Starting from the front helps obviously, but if you do decide to attempt the "King of Assen" trophy aswell, just remember you need to finish less than 3 seconds from 2nd place.

Milestone Best Friend
Win a race at Misano Adriatico using Luca Scassa
As long as you select Scassa when you complete the “Italian miracle” trophy you’ll pick this up no problem. Set the laps to 1 and you'll be fine.
Telemetry expert
Compare two telemetries
During a qualifying or practice session go out for a couple of laps and go back in to the pits. Go to “Engineer” then “Telemetry”. You’ll be able to view the telemetry there but what you want is “Save Telemetry”. Go back out again to the track. When you go back in and go to the “Telemetry” section again. You’ll be able to load your previous data into the 2nd slot. Scroll along them and zoom in and out and you’ll that nice rewarding sound
Somebody will be quite angry now
Win a race with a gap less than 1” from second place
Well I got this quite by accident really I messed up on the last corner of Donington and managed to steal the win. Set the laps to quite low and the difficulty to professional and you’ll be able to get it though.

If you choose to try it you could slow down to ward the end looking back and try and judge the timing to be able to do it that way. But personally I don’t trust myself to do it that way
Despite bad luck
Win a race with a highly damaged bike
Pick any bike you fancy (or do in conjunction with one of your championships trophies) pull a wheel right back till ya fall off, then do it again. Then win the race. Just bear in mind that you will need a couple of laps to win it
Impossible Comeback
Win a quick race starting from last position at professional difficulty level

I suggest doing this with the “Back to my first love” trophy. The Aprilia is a good quick bike more than capable. Just give yourself a good few laps as suggested before
I pwn nOObs
Perform a 360 burnout and win an on-line quick race
See GREEN NOTE below
Italy rules the world
Win with all the Italian riders
I went through every team and track in quick race to get the “Teamwork” and “Pure ruler” trophies and so as I went through the teams I simply selected the Italian riders to get this trophy too
Win a race performing at least 2 360’s

Select a decent amount of laps and start at the beginning. If you have the setting on easy it also helps. Simply pull up and stop the hold the front brake and accelerate whilst steering left/right. Do a good few turns to make sure that you get it. Then for good measure on the last lap do it again
I’m the Wizard
Win a race at Monza using Michel Fabrizio
Again as your doing the “Teamwork”/”Pure ruler” trophies, using the Xerox Ducati team use Fabrizio around Monza
Damage a Team Sterilgarda bike till it is unusable
Very simple…VERY FUN!! Simply Pick Shane Byrn and Team Sterilgarda and smash the bike up by crashing.
Dorifuto Kingu
Win a race performing at least 10 seconds of skids
Now this trophy takes a bit of doing. I suggest setting the laps to about 50/60% or higher, the difficulty to easy and the realism settings to advanced. You’ll find that the bike is much happier to slide about with this realism setting. If you set the laps long enough and then wheel along the straights, you should be able to get this trophy as well as the “Who needs wheels?”, “Living on the edge” and “Prancing pony” trophies

Using these settings to actually get the bike skidding, simply brake hard going into the corner to get the speed and revs down, then accellerate hard and quickly coming out the other side you'll see the back wheel step out to the side skidding away from you its just a matter of controlling it from there.
The pirate lands in America
Win a race with Biaggi at Salt Lake City
Pretty self explanatory really
Straight out of the factory
Win a race at Imloa using a Ducati Xerox
Again self explanatory
Mr. Crocodile under the water
Win a rainy race using Troy Corser
Set the laps a little longer and the difficulty to easy unless you’ve done this type of race before because the bikes are completely different
Living on the edge
Perform10 seconds of wheelies and 10 seconds of skids in any game mode
A little easier this one as you could just go out in training for half an hour and your likely to get it. However as I mentioned in previous trophies, if you set the difficulty to easy then the laps quite high, on a track with a nice long straight you shouldn’t have any problem achieving any of these trophies
Out of time
Win a race with a 10 second gap or more from second place
If you won your first race for the Be a rookie trophy odds are you got his. If not then simply put the laps quite high and start from the front on easy difficulty
The only way to make someone read them
Watch all credits
Go into the Extras menu and select Credits. I left them running and put the tele on for half an hour gives you a break from all this accomplishment and gets you a little more at the same time
Transmission Wizard
Win a race using manual transmission with opponents at Professional or Real level
Spend a couple of races on your favourite track to get used to where you should be shifting with manual transmission. Then whenever you feel competent enough to go for it. Put it on Professional level and have a go what’s the worst that could happen!?!

If it doesn’t work out for you straight away. Try dropping it back down to rookie and working up through amateur first
Win at least one race with each of the SBK teams
If you do this along with the “Pure ruler” trophy you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get through this. Simply start with Xerox Ducati and work through them one by one
Mr. Superpole
Achieve at least 10 Superpoles in the same championship
Now, MVP4_LIFE had a bit of trouble being awarded this trophy even after completing 4/5 championships and achieving Pole position on every race during them. I've never known anyone else to have that problem but just be aware that there may be a glitch with trophy.

The safest way to get this trophy is during Qualifying 1, get the fastest lap, then FORWARD time by pressing , don't go into session and select the next session because it won't count!! Keep getting the fastest lap in each Qualifying and then in all 3 rounds of Superpole to achieve pole position.

As I mentioned don't select the next session, just keep pressing :triangle to forward the time instead.
Pure ruler, out of the box
Win on all tracks online
See GREEN NOTE below
Italian miracle
Win a championship with Pedercini team
For this, and the “I’m the Star”, trophies I set the laps to 1 on easy. I didn’t do any of the qualifying and just jumped straight to the races then when second in the standings can’t catch me just skipped the remaining races altogether. If you want to skip to the races and look at the championship standings just simply go to “track” when your in the pits
The SBK kamikaze
Win at least one race with all the Japanese riders

As your going through “Pure ruler” and “Teamwork” use the Japanese riders where applicable
The Prancing Pony
Perform 60 seconds of wheelies and finish at least fourth

If you took my advice from the “living on the edge” and “Who needs wheels?” trophies then you will probably have this.

If not, then simply put the difficulty at easy and the laps quite high and pick a track with some nice long straights you’ll get it no time
I’m the Star
Win a championship using the team Suzuki Alstare
Use the same principle as the “Italian miracle” trophy
Bronze Medal
Win at least a bronze medal in all scenarios
Obviously make sure you achieve at least a bronze on all the scenarios in the Challenges mode. I aimed for gold/platinum whilst doing these and therefore achieved this trophy as well as “Silver Medal” (below) and “Gold Medal” trophies
Silver Medal
Win at least a silver medal in all scenariose
Same as above really

Tight Rope Walker
Finish 10 races in a row without falling
Make sure you don’t fall off and you’ll be fine!!
The Championship is on the line
Win an on-line Championship
See GREEN NOTE below
Winning Streak
Win at least 10 races in a row
You’ll pick this up doing the “Pure ruler”/”Teamwork” trophies if you do them all in the row. Just make sure that the settings on easy and your guaranteed to win it really by this point
Pure ruler
Win on all tracks
Set the laps down to 1, difficulty on easy and start at the front on the grid you won’t have any problems doing this.

Or obviously as your playing through the championship make sure you win all the races and you'll pick the trophy up too.
Win at least 5 races at Donington

Very straight forward. Set the laps down to 1 and just keep going in and winning there
How cool are my trophies?
Complete the CUPS board
Win on all the tracks in championship mode to achieve all the individual track cups and the championship cup. Break all the track lap records to achieve the Training Cup. Finally achieve ALL platinum medals in challenge mode to unlock the Challenges Cup, this includes Time Trials and Specials

I imagine that most people are struggling with the “Riding in the rain” scenario. The only advice I can give is the last two hairpins cut in over the grass very close to the walls, the chicane before them cut across as tight as you can to try get across the grass and straight back onto the straight. Also a couple of corners before the long straight down to the Dunlop bridge cut them too. By the start of the second lap you want to be about 5th/6th and on the second to last hairpin when you come out the other side you want to be in 3rd position for platinum
Gold Medal
Win at least a gold medal in all scenarios
Straight forward read above for help with the “Riding in the Rain” scenario
Rainbow decks
Win all the cards of the game decks
Win both races in Weekend Mode on each track (26), break all the track records in Time Trial Mode (13), get Platinum on all Challenges (20), the win 3 Championships (6), this gives you the total of all 65 cards.

With having to win 3 championships, do the "I'm a Star" and "Italion Miracle" trophys which takes care of 2 championships, then you have one left over for your own choice of personal favourite

GREEN NOTE: For all the online trophies, if you can't be bothered (like me) to try and do them properly send me a message on PSN (Andro-Taz) and I'll give you a boost

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